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Puppy!Sam Picspam #160 (Supernatural)

Got another one of these all set to go...

Episode #8x11: LARP and the Real Girl

Bigger picspam this time, over 120 pics. Had some fun with this one.

1. Hiya, Puppy... aww, he's shrouded in darkness. Come into the light, boy!

2. That's better... wow, I guess we really tired him out during Fangirl Time last night...

3. “We've happened upon the biggest PuppyTreats stash ever found, Dean... and we have no means to take it with us... *iz frustrated*”'

4. *bitchface of frustration*

5. *glances at Dean with the PuppyEyes™ of shame*

6. “Why, yes. I DO remember 'fun', Dean. Every night, during Fangirl Time.” Ooh. You tell 'em, Puppy ;)

7. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

8. Puppy is somewhat embarrassed by Garth's crush on him and Dean

9. “It's bad enough that he flirts with us, but I think he's also been dipping into my PuppyTreats stash...”

10. So THAT'S where the missing Facial Shrugs from last episode went! *tsk* Dean...

11. Hee... it's a partially shrouded bitchface :D

12. Uh oh, he's a little out of practice... instead of the FBI ID, he flashed the 'Dr. Love Puppy' one

13. “'Sup, Sheriff? Anything for which Agent Kewt Puppy and his partner Agent Hottie McHotHot can be of service? *PuppyEyes™*”

14. It's the stern NowBehave,YaHear?PuppyEyes™

15. Oh look, the Heh!I'mTooCoolForThisRoom!PuppySmirk

16. *runs fingers through amazing fluffy PuppyHair*

17. Heh, never the wrong time for a fangirl visit ;)

18. “...But now I have a more important question: were any PuppyTreats harmed?”

19. Sheriff: “Seriously? WTF kind of agent are you?!” Puppy: “.....”

20. “You will RESPECT Agent Kewt Puppy. Dig? *PuppyEyes™ of authority*”

21. Agent Puppy is hawt and he knows it

22. Agent Puppy now indicates that he'd like to be scratched on the neck :)

23. “Agent Kewt Puppy has had a long 20 minutes day investigating. Can I have a good scratching, pweeease??”

24. Bitchface/Smirk combo

25. I think Agent Puppy needs that tie loosened a bit, don't you?

26. Lance's crying makes Agent Puppy uncomfortable. *gently kisses six five forehead*

27. *has strong desire to pull the PuppyHair out from underneath that collar and muss it up*

28. “Moondoor, eh? Would your game happen to have a cute, fun-loving, yet handsome and valiant long-haired puppy character? *iz suddenly interested for some reason*”

29. Apparently not, and Lance says there's never going to be one. Bitchface time

30. Duckface!Puppy!

31. “Well can't you MAKE room in it for such a warm, cuddly, hawt character?? *begs with PuppyEyes™*”

32. They have a website? Puppy mentally starts making plans to email them anonymously with his character suggestion

33. Puppy listens attentively to Lance's character description, making note to give his puppy character some mystic powers as well...

34. Fangirl Alert ;)

35. Eep... look at those enthralled PuppyEyes™!

36. It's the IToldYouSo!KewtPuppyFace&LipBite :D

37. Bit o' Flyin' PuppyHair :)

38. Yup, let's check out the Moondoor site... but first let's see if PetSmart's having any PuppyTreats specials...

39. “Huh, interesting... But they'd be a lot more interesting with a cute & hawt puppy character.”

40. OMIGAWD!Puppy recognizes that Charlie girl who tried to help him hack into the PetSmart website!

41. “Oh noes, now Lance is dead! Bet this woulda been avoided if this cute & hawt puppy character existed and could save the day..” Okay enough, Puppy ;)

42. Oh no, is the EVOL SUPERGLUE fangirl trying to attack the PuppyHair again??

43. “Ya think Charlie will take a break from all this LARPing to help me crack the PetSmart website again, Dean?” Dean: “......”

44. All these LARPers make Puppy bitchface for some reason

45. ... And again!

46. “Meh... very cliched, bro. Mah cute&hawt puppy character would kick your ass any day...”

47. Seems Puppy is trying very hard not to laugh at this lame display...

48. And he's bitchfacing its lameness

49. “That's real kewt, darlin'. But Agent Puppy here is the real thing... see these babies? *flashes PuppyEyes™* They will kill you where you stand...”

50. “Hey!! Give me back mah PuppyCredentials!! *bitchface*”

51. *prissy bitchface*

52. Puppy fantasizes about being Queen Charlie's cute&hawt puppy... and all the days they will spend together hacking into PetSmart's website and getting lots and lots of free PuppyTreats...

53. “Dude! Get a move-on! The sooner we meet with her, the closer I come to cracking the website and getting all those free PuppyTreats!”

54. “Put the toy down, DEAN. *bitchface*” Calm down, Puppy – we already got a stash of PuppyTreats for you

55. “So! Got this character idea I wanted to run by you. Got a minute or two, or twenty?”

56. Another bitchface in the background... I guess Charlie turned him down?

57. Perfect time for a fangirl visit ;)

58. Grim bitchface while Dean gets a fangirl visit of his own

59. “So, what do you think? Is there room in Moondoor for a cute n' cuddly, yet hawt and valiant with long, flowing hair puppy?” Charlie: “Honestly Sam, it's original, I'll give it that, but ... I really dunno...”

60. “Please? I've even got character sketches and costume ideas and and... long flowy PuppyHair. Got a fan in here? I'll demonstrate...”

61. “Seriously, don't let the restrained PuppyHair look fool ya – it's all part of my FBI cover. Give me a few seconds and you'll see it in all its fluffy, tousled glory. It'll be perfect for the character, I swear!”

62. “Tell you what: I'll think about it. Get back to ya later. Oh! Had an idea myself... can you put it in a ponytail?”

63. “.....”

64. “But, but... Sir Puppy's hair must be flowing and free, it's what gives him his power, and I just had it cut the other day so it probably won't work, and-and...” Aw come on, Puppy, we think you'd look great with a ponytail :)

65. “What do you think, Dean? Could Sir Puppy rock a ponytail?” Dean: “.....”

66. “Well?? I asked you a question!” LOL, forget about it for now and just stick to the task at hand, okay Puppy?

67. “Fine! If I have to prove I have what it takes to make Sir Puppy a reality, I will!!” Ooh, can we fangirls be your fair maidens?? :)

68. Incredulous!Puppy as Dean expresses doubt

69. Time for another bitchface

70. “Oh ho, what's this? Might we be admitting that Sir Puppy would make a good addition to the kingdom?”

71. “Just you wait. You're gonna be so impressed, biatch.”

72. Puppy is actually embarrassed about his lack of knowledge regarding porn stars' names

73. Fangirl alert, just in time ;)

74. Missed us, huh, Puppy? *g*

75. “Okay, you guys do your thing and I'll dig into the PetSmart website---uh, these accidents.”

76. Puppy bitchfaces as he can't seem to find any free computers yet

77. “Alright! Here we go....”

78. Facial Shrug Alert! (finally!!!)

79. “Hai, Miss... would you happen to know your way around this here website? Any vulnerabilities, backdoors...?”

80. “By the way, I'm Sir Puppy Puppy Sam. Nice to meet ya.”

81. Why are you bitchfacing her, Puppy?

82. “So... uh... PetSmart website info if you've got it nao plz?”

83. “Come on... you wouldn't deny a kewt, hawt puppy with pretty flowy hair to fulfill his craving, would you? Huh? Huh?”

84. “What? Now they're saying they're doing a recall on all PuppyTreats on this site? No, this can't be happening...”

85. “You mean... you mean I went through all that trouble to try and hack into the site for NOTHING?”

86. “I think I'm actually gonna hyperventilate...” Aw take it easy, Puppy. I told you we have a stash for you here!”

87. “*sigh* Okay. *bitchfaces in disappointment anyway*”

88. “Now that that's over, I have some character ideas I'd like some feedback on.... now, this flowing PuppyHair is obviously an asset to my character's strength...”

89. “Oh, yah! I love it, you adorable Puppy! ... Can I braid it?”

90. “Uh....... ?”

91. Aw, PuppyDimple :D

92. And a sarcastic PuppySmirk

93. It's TeeHee!Puppy, amused by Dean's costume

94. “D'awwww!! You are just so precious, darlin'!”

95. “Anyhoo, got a few people interested in my Sir Puppy character... so I'm gonna go full steam ahead with it. *nods*”

96. Looking over the comments part of the survey, Puppy finds a couple of smartass ones... and bitchfaces them

97. “What can I say, Dean? Sir Puppy just seems to have this very likeable quality that speaks to people!”

98. Uh oh, Queen Charlie is gone! How is Puppy going to get the final authorization for his character? Time for a bitchface

99. Puppy bitchfaces these two guys for dithering so much and delaying their finding of Queen Charlie and his authorization to be Sir Puppy.

100. Looks like another fangirl is attending to Puppy back there ;)

101. Yesireeee!

102. “So it was YOU! You are the one who's against the creation of Sir Puppy!!”

103. “WTF?? Mai PuppyToy!!!”

104. “You will DIE, biatch.”

105. “I don't get you. You really think Sir Puppy would threaten your status at all? I mean, yeah, he's way better looking and will have all the maidens falling at his feet, but other than that...”

106. It's the I'mJudgingYou!Bitchface

107. Let's get a closeup of that...

108. Looks like that bitchface is gonna explode any second...

109. “Look, it doesn't have to be this way. Just admit that Sir Puppy is awesome and way cooler than you and more follicle-y endowed...”

110. OMG! Baltar for real threatens the PuppyHair with a big honkin' weapon! Flying PuppyHair as Puppy makes his escape

111. Puppy! Nooooo!!!!!

112. Noooooo :(

113. *phew* Ooh, nice tousled PuppyHair...

114. “So that's it, Sir Puppy is now an official character? You are a cool chick :) *is grateful*”

115. *iz gently smiling on the outside, but on the inside iz all bouncy and doing cartwheels*

116. *can't wait to get into costume*

117. Deadly PuppySmirk... *falls on floor*

118. Sir Puppy!!!! *flails*

119. PONYTAIL!!!!!!!!! *DIES*

120. Yes, I think Sir Puppy is a very good addition :D

121. That is all. *collapses*

Bitchface count: 19
Facial Shrugs: 1

So it's obvious there's no way I'm going to be able to get all these posted before season 9 starts. *sigh* When it does I'll probably be posting that season along with the rest of season 8. Hope you guys don't mind. Again I would have had them all posted way earlier if all that annoying RL crap never occurred. Hopefully things will be better for season 9 postings though.
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