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I think I did something to my back in physical therapy on Monday. On the weekend I had this soreness in my upper right back, around my shoulder blade. I thought maybe I'd overworked it that Friday in PT. It eased up some but I told the therapist on Monday about it, that it was still there. He massaged it, pretty hard, so that a few times I was wincing in pain. But he said he broke up the knots so it should be okay. I felt okay, but then started feeling a little sore Mon. night. Yesterday morning I woke up in a fair amount of pain, so bad I couldn't even drive and had to take off from work. It even made my arm lock up at a certain point. I just sat around and took it easy. Advil helped somewhat, as did this new cream I tried... I can't remember the name of it, but it's almost like Theragesic or Icy Hot. Mostly for arthritis but also for joint and muscle pain. I felt a lot better after using it.

Today it's also better. But I decided to cancel my PT appointment for today, to give myself some time to rest. The receptionist told me that sometimes when the therapist does a massage he can be very aggressive and I know one girl told me when he'd given her one, she ended up with some bruises. So I guess it's a combination of his massage and then some of the exercise I did afterwards (for this one exercise for my upper back, I'm supposed to grab a long rubber type band that's attached to the door, pull back and down with my arm).

It's also that time of the month for me, and even before the accident I'd get muscle aches. Hopefully that will ease up in the next day or two. I have a Christmas party to attend tonight... held by some business colleagues at a catering hall type place (which I hear they use for weddings sometimes). Looks like I should be okay for that.

So, fandom break... Because I am in a really snarky mood now, and remembering some past conversations on here about other SG shippers and being inducted into The Club *grin*... Here are a couple of things. The first I made myself at some website, I think. The second, I found the image somewhere on the net, can't remember where and I manipped it a bit.

(click on thumbnail for full size)

This one shows a typical anti-S/D shipper from and other sites who delight in sending those flaming reviews.

Yeah, I need to cut down on the snark today... heh.
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