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Puppy!Sam Picspam #161 (Supernatural)

Finally got this one all done...

Episode #8x12: As Time Goes By

Shorter picspam this time, just over 85 pics. Hope you like.

1. Hiya, Puppy... ooh, nice view... but can we move that shirt up juuuuuust a little? ;)

2. WTF?Puppy with a bit of Flying PuppyHair

3. *nibbles PuppyNeck and twirls flippy bits around fingers*

4. “Uh, no, I'm not John Winchester. But I am his equally kewt and hawt son, Puppy Sam.”

5. Some Flying PuppyHair as he helps Dean subdue the mysterious stranger

6. Ooh, it's the STFUAndLetMeTalk,Biatch!Bitchface

7. “You DARE to drop in on us like this... and you don't even bring any PuppyTreats??”

8. Keeping his bitchface aimed on the guy like a laser

9. Uh oh, now this stranger has badmouthed the PuppyHair! “Alright, you asked for it, biatch!! *supreme bitchface*”

10. OMIGAWD!Puppy

11. Hmm, blurry bitchface as the stranger fails to escape

12. “Big brother, can I knock his block off? I'm getting' mighty tired of these thinly veiled PuppyHair insults...”

13. “Oh noes, Dean! All that rumbling and shaking... the floor could open up and mai secret stash of PuppyTreats could get swallowed up! Eep...”

14. Aw, poor Puppy feels threatened by the suddenly appearing, bloodied redhead... *protects him*

15. Puppy! Nooooo!!

16. Once again, Pamela was right... *ogles*

17. Poor stunned Puppy :( *pets*

18. Redhead was a demon?? The PuppyEyes™ are shocked

19. “Um gotta go... I hear some more PuppyTreats calling me!” *runs out with bonus Flying PuppyHair*

20. Fangirl Alert! ;)

21. “Meh...watching Mystery Man toss his cookies is killing my appetite... sorry PuppyTreats, maybe later...”

22. Hm... a nauseated bitchface?

23. Whoa. Turns out Mystery Man is Grampa W. DUNDUNDUN!Puppy

24. Uh oh, looks like a naughty fangirl has grabbed ahold of the PuppyHair and plastered it into submission. *glares*

25. Even Dean has noticed. “I know, Dean. And I know I should've found a way to outsmart them by now...”

26. The PuppyEyes™ are at a total loss as to why this rogue fangirl is so obsessed with making the PuppyHair look yucky

27. Puppy bitchfaces the fact that this diner doesn't have the PuppyTreats he wanted

28. “The PuppyEyes™ are pleased to meet you, Grampa! See how pleased they are??”

29. “Heh... sorry about the way I look. A rouge fangirl sabatoged my hair.”

30. Not hesitating to show Grampa he knows the “gimme paw” trick :)

31. Ooh, bitchface for big brother's rudeness

32. Oops, Puppy wasn't expecting this particular fangirl visitation underneath the table ;)

33. Now Puppy wants a kissy. Happy to be of service, boy!

34. “Now, you're from 1958. How much do PuppyTreats cost back then? I bet a few cents, right? If I give you some money, could you...?” Oh boy, one track mind again, lol

35. MenOfHUH??Puppy

36. “'Scuse me? Who you callin' Ape!Puppy??”

37. YaddaYaddaYaddaOhJustShutYourTrap!Puppy

38. He starts to bitchface, but lo and behold a fangirl interrupts

39. Seriously,WhatIsYourDeal,Sweetheart?Puppy

40. The ForeheadCrinkles are having a little hard time believing Grampa W's spiel

41. The giant puppy in the background wonders if this shop might carry any PuppyTreats

42. The PuppyEyes™ admire the colorful décor

43. He's using their PuppyEyes™ X-Ray Vision to see if he can find any hidden spots in the wall where PuppyTreats may be hidden.. *tsk* now you just look desperate, Puppy

44. Grampa's obvious ignorance of modern technology makes Puppy bitchface

45. Facial Shrug Alert!

46. Grr... evil shadows hiding the PuppyKewtness!!

47. Undertaker!Puppy finds something interesting

48. “Uh, Grampy? Could you please stop whistling that Casablanca song? It's really starting to irritate...”

49. He's reading the 1951 edition of “The Care and Feeding of Puppies” that Grampa brought with him. “Hey Dean, you might wanna take a look at this.....”

50. *plays with PuppyHair*

51. Fangirl Alert! ;)

52. Facial Shrug #2!

53. *slurps*

54. Grampa asks about his fate. “Yep. You bite it, biatch. *nods* *grim bitchface*”

55. *stares*

56. *nibbles PuppyNeck* “Don't worry, it's just mah fangirls. *iz smug*”

57. “What was that? Did I detect a sound of jealousy from you, Grampy?”

58. Awww, NightyNight!Puppy... got room in that bed for us?? ;D

59. Oh look, it's the Puppy Wake-Up Call! Man, I need to get one of those....

60. “That biatch ditched us, and I think he dipped into my no-longer-sooper-sekrit PuppyTreats stash!!”

61. Dang, that t-shirt fits really well... need some help taking it off, Puppy?

62. “Dean, come on! We have to find him! So much is at stake. I mean... STOLEN PUPPYTREATS!!!”

63. “Luckily I have my PetSmart Preferred Member ID number memorized...” *cracks open laptop and begins ordering refills*

64. Hey waaaaaaaait... this is FooledYouGood!Puppy... as in Puppy from season 5's “Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid”!!

65. See??

66. “Please help, sir? PuppyTreats are at stake... yummy, gooey, delicious PuppyTreats...”

67. “Pleeeeeeease? You can't say no to these PuppyEyes™, can you?”

68. *ded*

69. “You mean... you mean this box contains a key for the PuppyTreats motherlode??? *can't even fathom*”

70. *goes into PuppyTreats nirvana*

71. “You are so kind for giving me this, Mister. I will forever be grateful. *nods, then glomps*”

72. *has huge urge to brush the PuppyHair, put barettes in it and braid it*

73. “'Scuse me, ma'am? Why the sudden hostility toward the Kewt Puppy?”

74. Puppy! Nooooo :(

75. Awww.... Hostage!Puppy

76. Lil bitchface for Abbadon

77. Yay! Come back to us, Puppy! Nice Flying PuppyHair :)

78. “Sowwy, Grampy... I know now that you didn't dip into my PuppyTreats stash... I counted them and they're all there...”

79. Oh no, a trap! Puppy's hoping they can break through it with the power of the PuppyEyes™

80. Fangirl Alert ;)

81. Ooh, it's an apoplectic bitchface :D

82. Puppy: “Oh icky eww, severed AbbadonHead...”

83. “Oh noes, Grampy is dying... *wibble*”

84. “Dean, hold me?” Aw, we'll hold you too, Puppy!

85. *hugs them both*

86. *one more huggy* :)

Bitchface count: 10
Facial Shrugs: 2

That's it. Hopefully I'll be able to post the next one tomorrow. Got a question, should I download the season 9 episodes and make caps from them, or should I play it safe and keep making caps from my own DVD recordings? Any advice would be awesome.

Off to watch Sleepy Hollow. Night everyone.
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