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Puppy!Sam Picspam #162 (Supernatural)

Meant to get this posted earlier but I had a lot of things come up...

Episode #8x13: Everybody Hates Hitler

Just over 90 pics in this one. Yup, we're still on season 8. I'm going to finish it before starting on season 9 so it makes more sense. Again I'm sorry I got so behind in these.

1. Hi, Puppy... “Dean, lookit the size of this bomb shelter... think how many PuppyTreats would fit in here!” *tsk* One track mind...

2. Puppy is literally in awe and trying to calculate that number in his head, lol

3. Fangirl alert ;)

4. “Oh, did you say something, big brother? Sorry...wasn't paying attention”

5. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

6. Puppy's inner geek rushes out upon discovering all the cool, geeky gadgets

7. “Sonofabiatch! Just look at all the endless possibilities for hiding PuppyTreats stashes!”

8. “And-and all the fangirl hideouts! *is thinking of slumber parties with fangirls now*”

9. *entangles fingers in the Flying PuppyHair*

10. “Eep... I've died and gone to PuppyTreats/Fangirl Heaven!”

11. Researchy!Puppy makes himself right at home :)

12. Puppy learns there is a marvelous shower in the bunker... ooh, yet another possibility for fangirl activities

13. WhoYouCallin'Geek,Girlfriend?!Puppy

14. *looks at floor plans and contemplates list of activities for when fangirls visit* “Hmm, so there's the shower, record player for romantic interludes.....”

15. Looks like the festivities are beginning already! Fangirl under the table ;)

16. Heh, it's the PuppyTreatsNao??PuppyEyes™

17. “Dead Guy robe”?? LOL, Snarky!Puppy

18. Still trying to hack into PetSmart's website, eh?

19. Another fangirl under the table!

20. “Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, Dean.”

21. Dean's a bit distracted, so our boy uses the PuppyEyes™ to command his attention

22. LOL, silly absent-minded Puppy with his hair stuck in his shirt collar... *pulls it out and strokes it*

23. Do you seriously do this on purpose Puppy... oh, my... *fans self*

24. Hey again, Puppy! Can spot that PuppyHair a mile away ;)

25. *watches the PuppyHair bounce n' behave and feels faint*

26. OMG, YuppieStudent!Puppy!! Ooh, my...

27. *has hard time remaining coherent*

28. Oh my... feeling weak-kneed...

29. Info is needed, so out come the PuppyEyes™ to work up some persuasion

30. He spots a potential fangirl and so ups the PuppyKewtness

31. *lovesick sigh*

32. *nibbles PuppyNeck, unbuttons shirt*

33. Seriously, Puppy, can you dress like this more often?

34. “So, Dean, the fangirls and I are gonna have a little somethin' somethin' back at the bunker. Just wanted to make sure it was okay and didn't conflict with anything you might have goin' on...”

35. WTFGayThing??Puppy

36. “Anyhoo, don't be spooked if you happen to find a lot of ... bath stuff in the shower. You know, bath salts, essential oils, aromatherapy, massage stuff... hair conditioner...”

37. Wow, it got dark quick. It's also very quiet... Too quiet. The PuppyEyes™ are on high alert

38. PuppyTongue!

39. Puppy. Because he's worth it.

40. “ZOMG! An even bigger puppy than me!!”

41. “Gotta make sure the PuppyTreats are safe!!” Um, shouldn't you be worrying about other things right now?

42. “Grr. I smell PuppyTreats. I want 'em and I want 'em NOW!”

43. “NO ONE threatens my big brother or PuppyTreats! Feel mah wrath!! *attempts Puppy-Fu*”

44. “*Gasp* OMIGAWD, I hurt the big puppy! But he's not reacting... uh, could I have mai PuppyToy back now?”

45. Puppy! Noooooo!

46. Nooooooo :(

47. But wait, the big puppy's master to the rescue! The PuppyEyes™ are beyond relieved

48. “Seriously, who would attack such a nice, kewt Puppy like myself?”

49. “Can we call a truce? I'll even share some of my PuppyTreats with you... a small amount anyway. But not the fangirls – they're all mine.” Dean: *sigh*

50. Facial Shrug Alert!

51. That PuppyNeck's just asking for another nibblin' ;)

52. “No really, I have a lot of PuppyTreats... maybe a few will help smooth some ruffled feathers?”

53. Confuzzled!Puppy tilts his head as all kewt puppies do whenever they're confuzzled

54. The PuppyEyes™ are so shocked, they've enlisted the ForeheadCrinkles' help to properly show their utter shock

55. “Grr! I'll take those PuppyTreats whenever you're ready...”

56. Puppy: “Well, I didn't know you wanted them *right now*... *bitchface*”

57. “I just... need a little time to get them all packaged and ready for you... *uses PuppyEyes™ and pretty PuppyHair as a distraction*”

58. “Is it working? Are you thoroughly distracted? Huh? Huh?”

59. *keeps looking at him with a wary bitchface*

60. And now a bitchface warning to Dean so he doesn't reveal too much info

61. “What's that? You'll take them on Wednesday? Just give me some time to gather them and wrap them up real nice for you, 'k? *PuppyEyes™*”

62. *stressed bitchface*

63. *cannot.... stop.....staring*

64. Where are you and your Flying PuppyHair taking off to, hon? *follows*

65. “Hm, wonder if there's any good books with PuppyTreats recipes...” Priorities, Puppy!

66. Puppy! Noooo!

67. That's a rather nasty spot, Puppy. Mind if we fangirls help? *snaps on nurse uniform*

68. The assailant shows his face and Puppy bares his teeth angrily

69. “Grrr... you're gonna have to answer to my harem of fangirls!!”

70. Noooooooo :(

71. *sobs*

72. Yay, Puppy's getting better! Thanks, giant puppy! *hugs him as best she can*

73. Eeewwww,IckyDeadGuyParts!Puppy

74. Hee... Thirsty!Puppy

75. “You SMOKED the giant puppy owner's manual? WTF? *puppy pout*”

76. “Puppy is sooooo side-eyeing you now, gurl.”

77. “*sigh* Dammit, whomever is in charge of the PetSmart website knows me well...” Again, priorities, Puppy...

78. “Ha ha!!! Take that, evil Nazi bastards!!” *attacks with Puppy-Fu and Flying PuppyHair*

79. He tries to disarm the large firearm by bitchfacing it

80. *plays with wayward strands of PuppyHair*

81. Hey, let go of Puppy!! *bares his teeth*

82. “You're a baaad boy, Aaron. How could you not be a responsible pet owner and get your big puppy his license?”

83. *angry PuppyPout/Sneer combination*

84. HowBoutYouScrewYourself,Biatch?!Puppy

85. *bitchface for emphasis*

86. “You are soooo going down for that, darlin'.”

87. Oooh, Rambo!Puppy

88. Mmmm, hot PuppySneer...

89. “So, ah got those PuppyTreats for him. Hope this will make amends? *holds up tiny zip-loc bag*”

90. “Awright! Turns out there are some pretty awesome PuppyTreats recipes right here!”

91. “What? Noise coming from the shower room? Oh, no, Dean, I didn't hear anything... *PuppyEyes™ of innocence*”

92. *plans fun night with fangirls*

Bitchface count: 5 (uh oh, you're slipping, Puppy...)
Facial Shrugs: 1

Hope to get the next one posted fairly soon too!
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