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SPN #9x02 Devil May Care (episode review)

Just some assorted thoughts on this one...

Um... So how exactly did Abbadon get resurrected? I'd have thought for sure the vessel was gone since she was burned in Sacrifice. Did I miss something? I thought I saw someone dragging her body in the beginning and doing something. I was distracted a little by the phone ringing (which was probably a solicitor... *snort*).

I am glad they finally addressed the issue of "is she/isn't she alive?" with Kevin's mom. After all, it wasn't really Crowley who told him that last season, right? It was a hallucination I thought, so we didn't know exactly what happened to her. Though who knows if Crowley is really telling the truth this time, either. Anything to get to Kevin. And the whole time I was thinking that Crowley wasn't really affected at all by the trial, until we see/hear all the stuff from the finale running through his head. Will be interesting to see how that all plays out.

I'm with Dean - this whole Zeke!Sam thing is going to take some getting used to. The way Jared was acting reminded me just a little bit of Samifer, at least in The End. And for the Stargate SG-1 fans, it made me think of the episode Holiday, where the dying Ma'chello used Daniel's body as a vessel... I keeping thinking of the way Michael Shanks played him, and I'm reminded of that, too. I do hope that Zeke is on the right side here, too.

I liked Dean telling Kevin that he's family. Poor kid though, the way Dean said that his mom would have to be dead to him even if she is still alive.

Hunter gal....wonder if she'll ever show up again. She reminded me of that girl Robin, the girl in Sam's mind after Cas broke his wall at the end of season 6 and she ended up being a girl that Soulless!Sam had killed.

I guess that's all I got for now. Oh, was thinking about something as I saw the promo for next week's ep (9x03), they didn't release any promo pics for it, did they? They usually release the promo pics for the next episode by this point, don't they? Guess they don't have any... *shrugs*
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