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SPN #9x03 I'm No Angel (episode review)

Here are some of my thoughts on tonight's episode...

Honestly, I wasn't all that impressed with this one. I didn't out-and-out despise it, but I just wasn't impressed. The angels are a bunch of schmucks, especially this Bartholomew guy. He doesn't really impress me that much as a bad guy, he's just kinda "meh". Well, now that I got that extremely unpopular opinion out of the way...

It's kinda weird how Sam doesn't even seem to notice anything immediately after Zeke takes a feeling as if he'd blacked out for a second, it's like he just continues how he was before, at least in that beginning scene. I guess it has to be done that way though. I wonder if Zeke has any influence on how Sam's hair looks too, cause for most of this episode (except for the angel interrogation scene and the very end at the bunker) it looked as if he'd dabbled with the superglue a little :P lol

I thought some of the Cas-as-human stuff was a bit too cheesy. And I pretty much had a feeling that April was not to be trusted. But geez, now Dean is basically keeping secrets from both Sam and Cas. Eep. Speaking of which, that scene where he and Sam were talking and Sam said that angels aren't supposed to possess people without their permission...did you see Dean's face when he said "Yup..."?

So now the bunker isn't impervious to these angels? Okay...guess it's bye bye Cas for now then?

Sorry, I wish I could say I loved this one, like I'm sure most of the people watching tonight, but it was just blah to me. I also felt like it didn't flow all that well until later on...not too sure why...

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