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SPN #9x04 Slumber Party (episode review)

Just a few assorted thoughts on this one...

So this was a filler episode. When I saw the first flashback and they were making Wizard of Oz references I was all set to gripe because the flashback was to 1935 and the movie didn't come out until a few years later, lol... But then I realized what was going on. So Dorothy was actually L Frank Baum's daughter, and this whole thing about Oz was real? And they just happened to have a key to it?

The whole part with the witch opening the door to Oz and cackling was sooooooooooo cheesy, I couldn't help laughing painfully at it.

Oh boy, so Dean actually yells "Zeke!" When Sam comes running after the witch kills Charlie (by the way, is it me or did she get killed quite easily there?). I know he did it in desperation and all, but Sam obviously heard him and then brought it up later. He's going to start thinking something's up. And Dean is of course being evasive. I guess we will see Sam's suspicion grow and he will confront him about it eventually? Wonder how long that will take...

Have to admit the in-joke about the Batman voices was pretty good.

In this week's hair report, Sam's is still iffy. There were scenes where it looked all nice and fluffy, but others where it looked pretty flat and stuck under his shirt collar. Just like the season 7 hair (minus the outrageous sideburns). Oh well, guess it's believable for the hunting life........

Crowley cracked me up in this one, especially when he demonstrated what the witch said to him. So now his "bollocks" takes the place of Bobby's "balls"?

So now Charlie is in Oz. 'Kay...Have to say that I'm glad they didn't fix her up in a relationship with Dorothy, because that's been done before and it'd just make her more of a one-note character.

This is probably weird but I think I liked this one a tad more than the last episode. Don't ask me why. I mean, I've never really been a big fan of Charlie and some of the stuff in this one seemed pretty cheesy, but....yeah can't put my finger on it.
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