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SPN #9x05 Dog Dean Afternoon (episode review)

Just a few things to say about this one...

So this was supposed to be the funny episode. Maybe my funny bone has been sprained or something, because I didn't find it rip-roaringly funny. Sure, it had its cute moments and there was a scene or two that I did find pretty funny, but I wasn't laughing till I choked.

This was basically Dr. Doolittle, SPN style. It's a matter of personal taste definitely, and I guess I've never been a huge fan of the whole "Look Who's Talking" thing with the talking babies or animals.

The stuff I did find cute and/or funny:

Dean's comments about the vegans and vegan bakery. No offense to anyone here who is vegan, but I have met some who were a lot like that, lol

The dog asking them to change the radio station. I'm with the dog on that one, lol. Never could stand that song. To quote one of my favorite shows Mystery Science Theater 3000: "What happens when you walk into a bar and say you want to hear 'I Want to Know What Love Is' by Foreigner?" "People vomit?" LOL

The pigeon crapping on the Impala and laughing at Dean. And of course Dean getting pissed and calling it a winged rat. LOL

That's about it.

That Monster of the Week guy... How icky, stuffing the cats down his throat and having all those other animal body parts. Though I am seriously glad they didn't show any dogs being killed. Am glad that that guy met his end by getting a taste of his own medicine and having those dogs maul him.

Oh, almost forgot the WEIRDEST part for me... Dean being attracted to the female poodle?? WT-ever-loving-F????

Sam's definitely getting more suspicious after Zeke healing him and Creepy Guy mentioning it. And of course Dean is still being evasive. Hoo boy, not gonna be good when the shit hits the fan....

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