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SPN #9x06 Heaven Can't Wait

I've got a nagging headache so that may influence me here, but here's my review.

IDK, maybe I need to watch it again but I wasn't all that enthralled with this one. We learned some stuff, sure, but the angels are being d!cks as usual and it kind of annoyed me that there were nearly 3 separate threads going here....Cas with his "date" and being upset still after falling; Dean dealing with the cases going on which was linked to Cas' thread as far as Ephraim goes; and then the Sam/Kevin/Crowley thread with Bonus Abbadon.

I'd also complain about Sam's hair and ask them to stop putting so much bacon grease in it, but I think it's a lost cause now...:( LOL

Anyway, Cas is mislead into thinking he's going on a date with his manager but turns out she needs him to babysit her infant daughter while she goes out on a date. Honestly, that truck that got in Dean's predictable to me that they were up to something.

Which brings me to Ephraim. Not only is he a d!ck but he's stupid, and/or really naive? He kills a girl who was upset that her boyfriend broke up with her in front of the other kids?? To him that was intense suffering? Seriously?

So the new stuff we learn is that the spell or whatever Metatron did is irreversible. And now Dean is being evasive with Cas about that. And of course he wouldn't let Sam work the case with him, presumably because of the Zeke thing...uh is Sam still concerned about this, hopefully?

Last thing...what was up with Crowley injecting himself with the syringes filled with Kevin's blood? Hmm...

That's all I got. Sorry it wasn't more positive, I just wasn't crazy about it.

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