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Puppy!Sam Picspam #164 (Supernatural)

Not to sound like a broken record, but I'd meant to post this one earlier too... then things like Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping delayed me, etc. Oh well, better late than never I guess. :)

Episode #8x15: Man's Best Friends With Benefits

Nice long picspam of over 125 pics. Hope that makes up somewhat for the lateness, lol...

1. Aw, there he is... Hi, Puppy!! Again, would recognize that hair anywhere ;)

2. “But dude, you don't understand. I have a PuppyTreats CRAVING. It's an emergency!”

3. “And I'm a growing puppy, I need nutrition!” Heh, I don't think that excuse works anymore, Puppy...

4. Puppy, your voice sounds a bit nasal... are you sicky? :( *prepares lemon tea*

5. Aw... *pets*

6. *and does a few... other things*

7. “Hai there, fangirls. He's leaving, you can have me all to yourselves now...”

8. “I heard that, man. Listen, you can't keep your fangirl trysts secret all the time...”

9. “Huh? Did you say something, big brother? *extra innocent PuppyEyes™*”

10. “♫O-kay, Dean, you can GO now♫... *tries ever so hard to stifle a bitchface*”

11. “Really, kewt Puppy will be absolutely fine. *nods* *ups PuppyKewtness*”

12. “'Scuse me? You REALLY want to stop me from getting ahold of those divine PuppyTreats ingredients??” Uh oh...

13. “I said I was gonna do it, SO I'M GONNA DO IT. *stern bitchface*”

14. “Got that? Are the PuppyEyes™ coming through loud and clear?”

15. “Yes! I thought he'd never leave! Just a sec, fangirls, I wanna do a little primping before we get started.” Awww, we'd be happy to help you primp, Puppy!

16. Hey look, it's the Tall Tales PuppyShirt again!

17. “Who's doing that knocking? A fangirl late to the party, perhaps?”

18. D'oh, he's done it again! *pulls rest of PuppyHair out from underneath PuppyShirt collar and runs hands through it*

19. “Hellooooooo? Mysterious fangirl, where are you?”

20. “....... Oh. Why look, it's another puppy. Would your human mom happen to be the mysterious fangirl?”

21. Puppy carefully scopes out the surrounding area to see if the pup's fangirl owner is hiding somewhere

22. Hm. Maybe the fangirl couldn't make it tonight and is giving him the other puppy for some companionship? Maybe a peace offering?

23. Perplexed!Puppy with a tiny Facial Shrug Alert!

24. “NO WAITWAITWAIT!!! Give me a second to salvage some of the PuppyTreats! *iz nervous that she will find his stash and devour it all*”

25. The Flying PuppyHair wonders what the hell just happened here...

26. Still under there??? Cheez, Puppy, how much PuppyHair do you actually have???????

27. “Hai, new PuppyFwiend! Gimme paw?”

28. D'awww, let's enjoy this lovely PuppyBonding moment...

29. *melts*

30. *gently fingers the shorn but still pretty flicky bits*

31. Suddenly.... “OMIGAWD! Big brother is back! Quick, fangirls, hide in the bathroom!!!! And bring mai new PuppyFwiend to keep you company!”

32. *hopes 'big brother' likes dobies*

33. Hee! Nervous!Puppy has his PuppyTail tucked safely between his legs

34. “'Kay, don't be mad, big brother. The truth is... we were having a little fangirl get together, when a mysterious fangirl who couldn't make it sent me a raincheck and sent me a little surprise instead...”

35. *turns the PuppyEyes™ up to an 11*

36. Awwww, kewt PuppyShrug and Facial Shrug #2!

37. Uh oh, now Puppy's startled piddling on the concrete

38. “You'll love my little PuppyFwiend, Dean, I know it! Let me just call her out here....”

39. “ZOMG... but she was an *actual* puppy... Huh, maybe this is a fangirl with... magical powers?? *contemplates*”

40. PuppyTongue!

41. Looks like she's not really interested in being a fangirl. Bitchface time

42. *unbuttons PuppyShirt further*

43. Hm, looks like Puppy's trying to tell us he'd like his neck scratched :)

44. Heh, some impromptu fangirl action there ;)

45. “.... Huh? Oh no, nothing's happening right now... carry on..... *iz incredibly awk-ward*”

46. “Sowwy bout that... Hey you know, I'm suddenly getting a craving for PuppyTreats... be right back.....”

47. “Now you say our pal James has turned into a big puppy lover? *iz all ears*”

48. Telepathic communication? Wow... Puppy secretly wonders if he can achieve such a thing with Dean to let him know when it's time to restock the PuppyTreats

49. “Gah. Listening to James and Portia bicker is sooooo tiresome... How I wish I was back in the motel room with the fangirls... and PuppyTreats.........”

50. “Oh look, here she comes disguised as mai new PuppyFwiend...”

51. “Uh, Hai. Did you know your girl gave me false hope making me think she was a new PuppyFwiend and/or Fangirl?” Heh, go easy on him, Puppy

52. “Now tell us what's what. And be honest. Don't make me use these.... *PuppyEyes™*”

53. “Interesting story... Though it's a little hard for me to concentrate right now... see, my neck is a bit itchy, would you mind...?” LOL, real subtle, Puppy.

54. “Yeah. Um. We're gonna have to chain you up so you don't kill anymore...... Sowwy.”

55. “Okay Dude, you can add these to your PuppyTreats stash. Happy?”

56. Underwhelmed!Puppy sez “Meh...”

57. *hopes Dean doesn't find the bath/shower/massage equipment especially for fangirl visits*

58. Facial Shrug #3!

59. Heh...What'sYourDeal,Darlin'?Puppy

60. *pulls that shirt collar down a lotttttttt more, unbuttons shirt*

61. Uh oh. Dean brings up the divine PuppyTreats trials again... here comes the bitchface

62. JustShuddupAboutThePuppyTreatsTrialsBiatch!Puppy

63. Aww, how could you not trust the Puppy, Dean? Look at those sad PuppyEyes™ :(

64. Think he needs a bit more calming down... feel better, Puppy? ;)

65. There's Agent Puppy with a bit o' Flying PuppyHair :D

66. “Nice to meet ya, Sheriff. Now if you could just give Agent Kewt Puppy a few deets on this case, I'd be most appreciative... *ups the PuppyKewtness*”

67. It's a pretty tense moment, so here come the fangirls ;)

68. *cards hands through the silky-looking PuppyHair*

69. “Wow, Sir, you look awfully familiar to me. Didn't you also used to be the father of Angela, that zombie girl we ganked back in season 2?”

70. “No, no, I could've sworn it was you... Ugh, PuppyMemory not operating like it should be.... I must need more PuppyTreats...”

71. “You wouldn't happen to know the location of the nearest PetSmart, would you?”

72. *licks PuppyDimple*

73. Why the bitchface? I guess the guy couldn't help him with the PuppyTreats query...

74. *stares in awe at that PuppyHair bouncing and behaving*

75. Ohhh, that PuppyNeck is just asking for a nibblin'

76. Whoa,TooMuchInfo!Puppy

77. “Thanks, hon. Now I'm gonna hurl.” Aw... *goes with him and prepares to hold his hair back*

78. Can't help getting an inward chuckle over Dean's reaction, though...

79. Confuzzled!Puppy tilts his head the way all puppies do whenever they get confuzzled

80. Agent Puppy and his *almost* perfectly coiffed PuppyHair (we fangirls may have tousled it a little before he left) are back

81. Because he's worth it ;)

82. D'awww. Who wouldn't want to be greeted by a kewt, smiling Puppy? :)

83. “No no, seriously, you totally WERE Angela's father! I know you ar---were.”

84. *stares*

85. “Really, you don't remember me? We were those 'friends' of Angela. I was with my brother? Short, bow-legged guy with a buzz cut? 'Course in those days, I kinda sorta had bangs... and my hair is a lot longer nowadays, though I did just get it cut, and...”

86. “But I still had the killer dimples... C'mon! Those must make you remember me! Huh? Huh??”

87. “............. No.”

88. *iz hurt*

89. Aw it's okay, Puppy... Anyone who doesn't remember you totally isn't worth it!!

90. Inconveniences like locked doors make Puppy bitchface

91. “Hiya. What did I miss? Any new PuppyTreats delivery?”

92. “No PuppyTreats delivery at all?? Maaaaaan!!” Puppy, you conveniently forget that we have a big stash for you anyway!

93. “I don't care. I wanted MORE. *bitchfaces Dean*”

94. Time to calm him with some more fangirl lovin' ;)

95. “Aw... but I kinda like bitchfacing you...”

96. “It's just so danged easy, Darlin'!”

97. “*nods*” *fangirls die from kewt*

98. “Hai, James. Looking for some kewt Puppy company? Or do you have enough of that?”

99. *nibbles PuppyNeck...again*

100. Fangirl alert ;)

101. The curious PuppyEyes™ want to know why Portia doesn't want James to let him and Dean experience some witchy magic

102. “*looks awkwardly at James' hand* I'm not sure I wanna do this anymore...” Aw don't worry, Puppy... if anything happens we fangirls will find a way to get you safe!

103. Random bitchface time, I guess

104. Just relax and think of Fangirl Time, Puppy

105. “Okaaaay.... I'm thinking of fangirls, and bath oils, and hair care products, and massages............. *totally relaxed*”

106. “Gah!! What a rude awakening!”

107. FlyCatchin'!Puppy

108. Puppy!! Noooooo!!! *glares at James*

109. *is torn between helping him up and enjoying the view*

110. “You picked the wrong Puppy to mess with, Buster!!”

111. Aww, not again :( *helps him up*

112. Oh noes!! Stay out of Puppy's brain, you bastard!!! *shakes fist*

113. *sobs at the memory*

114. *covers eyes*

115. *wants to pet so badly*

116. “Aw, mai PuppyFwiend/mistaken fangirl has come to the rescue! *iz eternally grateful*”

117. “Whoa, exploding witch! Cool!”

118. Aw, Puppy looks so tired... *prepares soothing bath*

119. “No? Aw... Okay, I understand... *iz still hurt deep down*”

120. *beams as she tells him she'll miss him*

121. Ooh, she disses Dean, so Puppy bitchfaces her on his behalf

122. *smiles in anticipation of the fangirl lovin' back inside the motel*

123. *stares one more time*

124. “I miss her already, Dean. *wibble*” Aw, it's okay, Puppy... come back into the motel room with us and we guarantee you'll forget all about her :D”

125. “Dang. Even though it was a little cramped in that room, the fangirls made good use of it...”

126. Suddenly.... “Cough cough...” Oh no, Puppy! You okay? :( *gets cough drops*

127. *sees blood* Noooooooooooo!!!! PUPPY!

Bitchface count: 9
Facial Shrugs: 3

That's it. Really hoping I'll have the next one ready to post earlier.
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