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SPN #9x07 Bad Boys (episode review)

Some stuff about this episode ...

Honestly? I liked this one, I really did. It was a MOTW type episode that seemed more like old times. Interesting stuff about the kid, and some nice brotherly stuff.

To any Stargate fans on my flist...did the guy in the teaser who got killed look familiar? He's Tom McBeath who played Colonel Maybourne in Stargate SG1! To the non-Stargate fans, he also played the father of Scott (one of the special kids who was killed) in SPN 2x10 Hunted.

This ep was set in Hurleyville, NY in the Catskills. Is that really the name of the town? I'm familiar with a town up that way called Hurley, but didn't know if there was a Hurleyville. Eh don't mind me, just being a little nitpicky, lol

Dean's being shady again in the beginning, the way he asks if "everyone" is okay with heading out there, saying that "everyone" means Sam. Sam better be thinking "WTF" big time...guess it's kinda annoying how they're dragging it out, but I guess they want the blowout to be huge when/if Sam finds out what's going on..... *cringes*

Okay, the kid who played Young! it just me, or does he seem to be more like a young John/JDM? At least looks-wise. I mean he wasn't bad, but...meh

I liked Robin.

Liked Dean's interaction with Timmy. Poor kid getting bullied like that. And sad story about his mom, what happened to her and how he pretty much hung onto her like that. I'm glad Dean was able to convince him to let go of her finally. Though that line of his...the "sometimes you have to do things for yourself even if it means hurting other people" line (or close to that anyway)....hmmm, foreshadowing or hinting at the whole thing with Sam in a way? Or am I just overthinking it?

I loved, loved, loved the brother stuff at the end. First the flashback to the Impala outside, the horn honking and young Sam looking out the window at Dean. And then back in the present when he and Sam talk outside the Impala and then inside when Sam thanks Dean for looking out for him and everything. Awwww. *melts*

ETA: I should probably say that I tried hard to ignore any WTF stuff implied by the flashbacks, retconning etc and just enjoy the rest of it. I'd read the synopsis when it was released and watched the sneak peek and it was bugging me about Dean getting sent there because he stole food etc and yeah, watching this the "virgin at 16" stuff I couldn't believe. I guess I just tried to ignore that stuff and be happy that it was to me a little break from some of the heavy myth arc stuff.

Okay, that's it. Hope I got that posted under the wire before anyone commented calling for my hanging, LOL (guess I'm being OTT but it seems lately that all the eps I'm not crazy about everyone else loves, and the ones I like everyone else hates)
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