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23 December 2007 @ 05:09 pm
Ark of Truth???  
Okay, so I was hanging out on Gateworld and apparently some people have seen Ark of Truth already. 

They've posted some comments about it that sadly make it even more unlikely that I'll purchase it.

Apparently there are two separate threads in the movie.  The "quest" one that features mostly Daniel, Tomin, Vala, Adria, and all the ascended stuff (Morgan, etc.).  The other one has something to do with a double agent or something along those lines on board the Odyssey, which mostly keeps Sam and Cam occupied.

From what I've heard it's a bit cliche.  I've also heard that Cam is the one to save the day at the end.  There's not a whole lot of D/V if any, and Tomin actually survives at the end.

For the most part, Sam and Teal'c are wallpaper again, or just aren't given anything interesting to do.  Oh, and something the Sam/Cam shippers will probably squeee over: supposedly at the very end, Sam makes macaroons for Cam and gives him a peck on the cheek.

So, um, yeah, not a whole lot I'm interested in here.  I may be betraying my fellow Daniel fangirls but team interaction is a big factor for my enjoyment, as well as not any visible ship in the movie.  Apparently Sam/Cam shippers get something and hardly anyone else does (except Vala/Tomin probably, and the D/V shippers will probably try to get ship out of something too).

I can only say I'm thankful that Coop's icky "Bori" vision has come to an end now.  But it annoys me how much they seem to be pairing off Sam and Cam.  Is it because they're both military or something like that?  I'm not against Sam/Cam friendship, really.  But I don't think it should be at the expense of Sam/Daniel and Sam/Teal'c (and Sam/Daniel/Teal'c) friendship. 

Bottom line: No team interaction, no Sam/Daniel, Daniel/Teal'c or Sam/Teal'c means I'm not even buying.  Let alone probably not watching.

So has anyone else seen this thing yet?  Anything you can tell me about it, preferably the team interaction and Sam/Daniel (as well as Sam/Daniel/Teal'c) interaction? Inquiring minds are begging to know. ;)
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Napoleonic Powermonger: CB TDFvaleria_sg_1 on December 23rd, 2007 11:00 pm (UTC)
I have't seen it (I wouldn't know how to find it anyway), but I feel pretty much the way you do about it.
jessm78: cam/valajessm78 on December 23rd, 2007 11:05 pm (UTC)
From what I heard it was leaked somehow and people have actually d/l it?

Sounds like there is no Cam/Vala interaction either. I think it's all just Cam with Sam.

But nice to know there's someone else who feels this way about it too.
Napoleonic Powermonger: Cam Valavaleria_sg_1 on December 23rd, 2007 11:08 pm (UTC)
Yep, I found a torrent but it doesn't work for me. I don't know where the others have gotten their copies. Not that I'm particularly interested. They've already killed Continuum for me with the whole Daniel thing. And the lack of CB, of course, and it really looks like AoT will be a disappointment as well. *shrugs* It's a good thing I'm basically out of this fandom.

*lunges for her Farscape dvds*
jessm78: cam/valajessm78 on December 23rd, 2007 11:26 pm (UTC)
Yeah I wasn't very interested in it in the first place. As for Continuum, I'm not too happy about the Daniel thing either. I'm going to take a wait and see attitude with it, but I'll probably not end up getting it.

*nods* I'm not as much of a crazed fangirl of SG as I once was.

Ah, Farscape :D
poundpuppy_29: pic#69138076poundpuppy_29 on December 24th, 2007 12:16 am (UTC)
What Daniel thing are you referring to in Continuum? I haven't seen it but I read reports from those who have thru email and from what I can see D&V are not shippy from what I have read their interactions are subtle. I am excited about both movies what has me concerned for CON is how Vala is used I really love the character but I know you don't always care for her.
jessm78jessm78 on December 24th, 2007 12:50 am (UTC)
I meant the whole thing about him getting frostbite and losing a leg... Nothing about D&V since I heard Vala won't be in it too much but the fact that Daniel loses a leg and stuff, I dunno how it's going to play out and everything.

Aw I know what you mean. :) I don't hate Vala but there were times when I had issues with the way she was portrayed.

I'm just not too enchanted with Ark of Truth from the things I've been hearing about it (nothing about D&V but about Sam and Cam being separated from the rest of the team). I am going to rely on others' opinions about Continuum but I hope it won't be too bad.

BTW I like your avatar. :)

Edited at 2007-12-24 12:50 am (UTC)
poundpuppy_29poundpuppy_29 on December 24th, 2007 01:00 am (UTC)
I know you don't hate her. I think you feel about her is how I feel about Jack at times small does is fine funny considering they are so much alike just don't have the love for him like others do. Oh I knew about that thing with Daniel I am skeptical and curious.
jessm78jessm78 on December 24th, 2007 01:08 am (UTC)
Good :D Yeah I guess that pretty much sums it up. There were times in the later seasons when Jack was a bit too silly for my tastes or he played dumb a bit too often. Although I loved the friendship he'd always had with Daniel (shame we didn't see it as much in later seasons except some in The Shroud which was nice).

Yeah I have to admit I'm a bit curious about it as well but I'm not too sure about it.
annikamalfoy: SDannikamalfoy on December 24th, 2007 06:26 pm (UTC)
I think part of the reason they're shipping Sam/Cam is so they can get Daniel/Vala together. Or maybe they just feel Sam should "love" her colonel. Granted Sam and Cam are the same rank, but Cam's still technically the leader of SG1. As for the movies I'm rather wary as well. I was looking forward to Continuum, because the premise sounded promising, especially from a Tala'c standpoint. Are you sure that Daniel's gonna lose a leg? 'Cause if he is that's stupid. I mean Daniel can't possibly be stupid enough to not dress for an Arctic winter. I lived in Alaska for like 15 years and I never got frostbite and it gets wicked cold up there. Hell I don't even think I got frost-nip.
Anyway back to the movies. It'll be nice to see some Vala/Tomin interaction, but they won't make up for the lack of team interaction. It seems to me that it's gone from Stargate: SG1 to Stargate: SG-ship. And why are they taking away so much from Sam and Teal'c? I wouldn't even be watching SG1 if it wasn't for Teal'c. The team is Jack, Daniel, Sam and Teal'c. Granted now Cam is in charge and they added Vala, but it's still all about the original team. If it wasn't for those four I bet a lot of people wouldn't be watching SG1. I think it'd be mostly the Farscape fans that followed Claudia. Now I have nothing against Claudia/Vala but... hmm I'm not sure I'm saying this right, but you get the point.
Your reviews (even without seeing it) make it less and less likely that I'll bother. Guess only time will tell. If SG1 was still running I'd suggest we all write and beg for team interaction. Original or new, but team regardless. All the team including Jack, truth be told. I think I derailed...
jessm78: groovyjessm78 on December 24th, 2007 07:51 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I am really beginning to think it's very possible. I mean, Coop loves D/V, and since Jack isn't involved in this silly storyline, who can he ship Sam with but Cam. It's like he can't write Sam without her being part of a ship and I think it's pretty sad. And more so because he used to write some very good eps back in the day: Torment of Tantalus, Singularity (*grin*), In the Line of Duty, and The Fifth Race especially. I guess he feels he can "spread his wings" now that he's a showrunner and not a mere writer. *rolls eyes*

Yep, from all the actor interviews I've read and other spoilers that were leaked, Daniel will lose a leg to frostbite. From what I've heard, while they're in the Antarctic the submarine gets flooded somehow. And I guess he gets soaked somehow. So he stays on the sub suffering while Sam, Jack and Cam are off doing something else. Apparently they wrote that especially for Daniel since MS couldn't join the rest of the cast near the North Pole because he was working on 24 at the time.

Yeah, I agree. The Vala/Tomin interaction sounds nice, but I don't think it could make up for lack of team, at least to me. Someone who's seen it told me that there is absolutely no Daniel/Sam, Daniel/Sam/Teal'c or Sam/Teal'c interaction whatsoever. There are probably people reading this who think I'm insane for such a thing being a big reason for me watching and enjoying, but I can't help it. Stargate started out being all about the team (well, mostly Jack and Daniel in the beginning, but all and all, it was a team show), and it's sad that it can't end being about the team.

Want to hear something weird? I was actually wracking my brain last night trying to figure out what is up with Coop's huge fear of having Sam and Daniel interact. Does he think it will cheese off the D/V or Sam/Cam shippers? Does he think it's stupid or boring? Because he seems to really go out of his way to avoid even showing that they're friends. It's like some weird irrational phobia. I know I obsess way too much over this stuff. But yeah, I don't blame you. I am really starting to wonder if it's worth it to check out. The Ori storyline alone doesn't interest me much at all.