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Ark of Truth???

Okay, so I was hanging out on Gateworld and apparently some people have seen Ark of Truth already. 

They've posted some comments about it that sadly make it even more unlikely that I'll purchase it.

Apparently there are two separate threads in the movie.  The "quest" one that features mostly Daniel, Tomin, Vala, Adria, and all the ascended stuff (Morgan, etc.).  The other one has something to do with a double agent or something along those lines on board the Odyssey, which mostly keeps Sam and Cam occupied.

From what I've heard it's a bit cliche.  I've also heard that Cam is the one to save the day at the end.  There's not a whole lot of D/V if any, and Tomin actually survives at the end.

For the most part, Sam and Teal'c are wallpaper again, or just aren't given anything interesting to do.  Oh, and something the Sam/Cam shippers will probably squeee over: supposedly at the very end, Sam makes macaroons for Cam and gives him a peck on the cheek.

So, um, yeah, not a whole lot I'm interested in here.  I may be betraying my fellow Daniel fangirls but team interaction is a big factor for my enjoyment, as well as not any visible ship in the movie.  Apparently Sam/Cam shippers get something and hardly anyone else does (except Vala/Tomin probably, and the D/V shippers will probably try to get ship out of something too).

I can only say I'm thankful that Coop's icky "Bori" vision has come to an end now.  But it annoys me how much they seem to be pairing off Sam and Cam.  Is it because they're both military or something like that?  I'm not against Sam/Cam friendship, really.  But I don't think it should be at the expense of Sam/Daniel and Sam/Teal'c (and Sam/Daniel/Teal'c) friendship. 

Bottom line: No team interaction, no Sam/Daniel, Daniel/Teal'c or Sam/Teal'c means I'm not even buying.  Let alone probably not watching.

So has anyone else seen this thing yet?  Anything you can tell me about it, preferably the team interaction and Sam/Daniel (as well as Sam/Daniel/Teal'c) interaction? Inquiring minds are begging to know. ;)
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