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SPN #9x08 Rock and a Hard Place (episode review)

Not too many thoughts on this one, but here they are...

The girl in the teaser looked familiar to me. For a while I thought she was the same one who played Eve back in season 6, but I doubt she is.

Oh boy, was Horndog!Dean in full force here. The scene where he and Sam sat in on the purity group's session and his whole spiel about sex....wowsa. Heh. Loved Sam clearing his throat there and did you notice he had his hands folded over his crotch? Aw. LOL. And his admitting that being with women never ended well, with Dean's "he's not lying." *sigh* No indeed.

I liked seeing Jody again. I like when Sam teams up with her. Speaking of which, am I the only one who noticed that Sam's hair looked especially fine in the scenes in the motel room with Jody? Nice and wavy and flicky and natural looking? As opposed to when he was dressed as a fed and was with Dean in the purity group where it was all flat and straight and greasy? Wonder if Jody performed a hair intervention, lol

The premise of this episode reminded me of both Scarecrow (with the god and sacrificing people) and Like A Virgin (for obvious reasons).

Kinda cringed when Vesta said Sam was barely held together inside. Oy. And of course he questions Dean later. And Zeke says Sam is not ready and it wouldn't be good to eject him yet. Though he says it won't be much longer that they have to do this. Um, is it possible that Zeke could be lying, or not telling the whole truth? I mean, I could see Sam not being healed enough with the way he was so tired in the opening scene, but could Zeke be lying about not having to do this much longer? Probably getting ahead of myself here, but do you think he might want to stay inside Sam for much longer than he'd need to? Thoughts that make me go hmmmmm.

Guess that's about all I got on this one. Not bad though I still liked last week's a bit better.
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