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03 December 2013 @ 10:21 pm
SPN #9x09 Holy Terror (episode review)  

First let me start off with what is probably a reeeeally unpopular opinion, but one I can't help having: I really don't give a crap about all this stupid angel infighting. Really, I don't. Big picture, we see two factions at least in a power struggle, that much is clear. But the scenes with the perky religious glee club singers killing the religious bikers?? Yawn. And killing the group around the campfire? Yawn again. Maybe it's because I just came off of those two old school eps that I quite liked. But still, I just don't care.

Cas is captured and tortured. He ends up smiting an angel named Theo? Was it his Grace that he took?

So the DUN DUN DUNNNN twist is that Zeke really is not Zeke! Honestly, I did have doubts about him here and there, so it wasn't a huge surprise. Maybe a little one but not a HOLY CRAP I didn't see that one coming!surprise. This guy is Gadriel apparently. And he wants to join Metatron? Oh. And yeah, Metatron has a hit on Kevin....

KEVIN!!! Nooooooooo!! :( When he kinda had doubts about that sigil thing working I knew something was going to happen. When Dean got 'Sam' in that room my heart started breaking. And it broke more when he finally confessed about what he did. Sam's reaction is totally understandable. And the punch? Well we learned that it wasn't actually Sam but honestly I think he would have reacted the same way. I really did think it was him up until NotZeke revealed it was really him.

And how scary did NotZeke appear when he slowly approached Kevin??

Dean's face after Kevin is killed and NotZeke walks away.... Oh my :(

So that's it till January. It appears that NotZeke aka Gadriel has Sam hostage? I won't say anything about the preview for the return but it is interesting how they may try to fix all this.

Last word... There were quite a few times where Sam's hair made me cringe. STOP OD'ING ON THE SUPERGLUE! Ya hear me, hair/makeup trailer?? Yeah there were scenes where it had that lovely flickyness as in the Metatron scenes and the scene with Dean at the end and I was like YAY, but stop with the helmet head already! Lol

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percysownerpercysowner on December 4th, 2013 04:11 am (UTC)
The real heart break for me is that the only thing Sam wanted when he was with Death was to not be brought back in any way that would hurt anyone. And now, his being alive caused Kevin's death. Heck, his BODY killed Kevin. I don't know how he accepts that or gets over the monumental betrayal of Dean giving him over to an angel.

I also wonder what "There is no more Sam" means. Is Gadriel lying? Has he merged with Sam? Has he obliterated Sam? How many times has Gadriel "played him convincingly"?
jessm78jessm78 on December 4th, 2013 04:35 am (UTC)
THIS. Oh my goodness, if/when Sam finds out that his body killed Kevin...poor guy will be devastated and I don't know how he'd accept it either.

I was wondering that too. I'd like to think he was lying, that Sam is in there somewhere but Gadriel has just taken him over and won't let him ever come forth. I was thinking also that he could have obliterated Sam even though I hate thinking that...*shudders* and you bring up a very good question - how long he has been doing this. I wonder if we'll ever find out.
caranfindelcaranfindel on December 6th, 2013 01:06 am (UTC)
The real heart break for me is that the only thing Sam wanted when he was with Death was to not be brought back in any way that would hurt anyone. And now, his being alive caused Kevin's death. Heck, his BODY killed Kevin.

Oh, I didn't even think about that aspect. That makes it even worse.
Liliaethliliaeth on December 4th, 2013 10:40 am (UTC)
Thank you. I thought I was the only one who is bored with the angelic faction crap this year...

I can't begin to say how happy I am in retrospect, that we didn't have to go through any of the heavenly infighting in s6.

It's like... I want to watch a story about Sam and Dean, not about a fight between people I don't really care about.

I do like Cas, but not enough that he could carry the show.

Only part of the ep that really had me care was Gadriel's murder of Kevin, and that's because Kevin was my fave male char after Dean and Sam.
caranfindelcaranfindel on December 6th, 2013 01:05 am (UTC)
Oh, you're far from alone. Many of us find the angel turf war boring as hell. No pun intended.
jessm78: Supernatural: AHBL Sam and Deanjessm78 on December 6th, 2013 01:40 am (UTC)
So glad to hear it's not just me.
Yellowbulma: Cow Boy Samyellowbulma on December 6th, 2013 06:43 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the late comment, we have had/still having awful weather here, power cut's etc. So final have power and everything up and running again.

The mid-season final was SO much better then last years one!!! What a difference a year makes!! \0/

My dear, I'm 100% with you on the Angel fighting crap. Don't care and it doesn't interest me at all. If the rest of this season focus's too much time on this I will be pissed and bored, not a good mix.

I had a feeling something was going to happen to Kevin, after seeing the promo but didn't think he would be killed. Poor guy and then there is poor Sam. Who when Sam is himself again he's going to feel so guilty even though he isn't to blame.

Didn't see the twist with Zeke not being Zeke that was pretty awesome.

BUT what I don't get is why did Gadriel come to Sam and Dean in the first place? His vessel seemed in good nick. I'm guessing he wanted to help/show he's good?!

Looking forward to next episode. It reminds me of Born Under A Bad Sign.(one of my all time fav ep's!!) Just worried Crowley will screw Sam and Dean over. =(