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Puppy!Sam Picspam #165 (Supernatural)

Guess what I finally have done, and as usual meant to post much earlier?

Episode #8x16: Remember the Titans

Exactly 100 pics in this one. Hope you like.

1. Hiya, Puppy... having a little drinkie-poo?

2. Thinking: “Dean's been gone a while.... oh noes, I hope he didn't discover the secret fangirl hideaway!”

3. Facial Shrug Alert!


5. I know it's not the right time, but.... *nibbles PuppyNeck*

6. *twirls flicky bits*

7. PUPPY!! Noooo :(

8. Fangirl alert ;)

9. Facial Shrug #2!

10. Facial Shrug #3!

11. *tsk* Bad Puppy lying to Dean about teh mystery illness!

12. “Seriously big brother, I'm fine! *kewt innocent Puppy act*”

13. “By the way, you didn't happen to look in a room that's down two flights of stairs, all the way down on the right, did you? *crosses PuppyPaws that the fangirl hideway is still intact*”

14. “Why? Oh... no reason......... *innocent PuppyEyes™*”

15. “Now I know the main interest here is the zombie story... but dude, you GOTTA check out this awesome coupon for PuppyTreats at PetSmart on the back page...”

16. “C'mon, you know you wanna.... *PuppyEyes™*”

17. Facial Shrug #4!

18. OMG, is that PuppyMop I see??? *yearns for a closer look*

19. D'oh! False alarm :( Oh well, Agent Puppy is still pretty...

20. Ah, it's the PuppyEyes™ method of interrogation

21. *gazes stupidly at the PuppyHair....*

22. *...reenacting a Vidal Sassoon commercial*

23. “Wait. Agent Kewt Puppy is mighty concerned about your safety, Sheriff. I's go and kill teh bad guy, 'k?”

24. *PuppyEyes™ of reassurance*

25. The sheriff telling Puppy how to do his job earns him a bitchface

26. *pets... just 'cause*

27. Puppy's getting a little antsy... he's got some fangirl time booked this evening

28. *stares at the Pretty*

29. Guy inside: “Whoa... two FBI agents, an insistent Ken Doll and a beligerent Puppy bitchfacing... WTF is going on??”

30. Poor Agent Puppy seems kinda freaked out by these latest developments... think he needs a bit of fangirl lovin' to calm him, what say you?

31. *begins with some PuppyNeck nibblin'*

32. “Now, there's fangirl time on the line, so you're gonna do what Agent Puppy asks, ya hear, Darlin'? *srs PuppyEyes™*”

33. Ooh, Puppy and his amazing Flying PuppyHair to the rescue! Eep, look out!!!

34. Awww... *helps him up*

35. “Guys? Can we really speed things up here? I mean... fangirl time and all....”

36. “Deeeeeeeeeeean, seriously, the fangirls are gonna be pissed if I don't get back there...”

37. “Aw, so Mr. Dead Guy has a mistress and a little puppy of his own? *suddenly puts fangirl time on back burner*”

38. *tsk* Looks like the evol superglue fangirl has tried to get ahold of the PuppyLocks :(

39. Fangirl under the table ;)

40. The ForeheadCrinkles are majorly surprised by Haley's deets

41. Looks like the PuppyHair rehabilitation is coming along nicely :)

42. “Hey. Did you know someone raided mai sekrit PuppyTreats stash? I wonder who that could have been....”

43. *bitchface*

44. *unbuttons PuppyShirt just a leeeeeettle more*

45. C'mon out, PuppyDimples, don't be shy!

46. Fangirl alert

47. Enjoying it, huh, Puppy? That's great to know :D

48. Gotta say, Prometheus is rockin' the PuppyMop ;)

49. “'Scuse me?” Oops, did I say that out loud? Heh...

50. Sorry, Puppy. We adored your PuppyMop but we love how you look now, too... *kisses six five forehead*

51. *licks PuppyDimple*

52. “Oh noes, does your little puppy have teh dying curse too? *worried PuppyEyes™*”

53. “You gonna be okay, little buddy? I'll give you some PuppyTreats if that'll help....”

54. Puppy decides to do an Elvis impersonation for some reason...

55. Dean deems the impersonation sucky. So he gets a bitchface

56. *still bitchfacing*

57. “Say it, Haley. Say I've got better PuppyHair than he does.” Dean: “Ah geez....”

58. Dean's not helping. Bitchface time

59. “But I's still a kewt Puppy, yes? *PuppyEyes™*”

60. We can't see it, but his tail is wagging :)

61. Aww, would you like to be scratched on your neck, Puppy? You would? Okay :)

62. *and does a few... other things*

63. “Here it is... 'Gourmet PuppyTreats Recipes, Volume 3'...” Uh, I really think you should save that for another time...

64. “Thanks, Dean... you just had to say that out loud, didn't you. Now I'm gonna puke...” Aww... *gets puke bucket*

65. “Please take pity on a poor, squicked-out Puppy? *PuppyEyes™*”

66. Legacy!Puppy doesn't know why Dean has to rub it in so much

67. “Are you as confuzzled as I, fangirls?”

68. “Huh! Well lookit this! Gentlemen (er, and Lady), I believe I have finally cracked the PetSmart website!!” Here we go again...

69. *iz incredibly smug*

70. Ooh, Gravedigger!Puppy sporting some impressive PuppyMop! Hah, take that, Prometheus!

71. Facial Shrug #5!

72. “Time for you to admit it... My PuppyHair PWNs yours, Darlin'!”

73. *nibbles*

74. “You think you're so hot, huh? *tries to intimidate Zeus with the powerful PuppyHair and PuppyEyes™*”

75. OMG Puppy, watch out!!!

76. Aw.... *helps him up*

77. *fingers the tousled PuppyHair*

78. Nooooo!!! *glares at Artemis*

79. WTFIsThisGuyBleatingOnAbout?Puppy

80. Artemis sets them free. So why the bitchface?

81. “Know why we're free, Dean? 'Cause she likes me. She has a thing for PuppyMops... and gorgeous, voluminous PuppyHair in general. *gloats*”

82. Dean: “Seriously, dude? You don't even have a PuppyMop anymore.” Puppy: “Doesn't matter. I had one at one time, and that's all that counts...”

83. Noooo!! Artemis, if his gloating irrated you that much, couldn't you have shown your displeasure in a better way?

84. Said through gritted PuppyTeeth: “Oh, I'm SO sorry, biatch...”

85. “Aahhh... Fangirls, how nice of you to show up... I really needed that... :D”

86. *in his happy place*

87. “See that, biatch?! That's mah cavalcade of fangirls... they are a force to be reckoned with!!”

88. Noooooooooo!!! Stop hurting teh Puppy!! :(

89. Hey, no touching of the PuppySkin with sharp, pointy objects!

90. Facial Shrug #6!

91. *twirls the amazing flickies around my fingers*

92. Zeus' death is like a train wreck... they know they shouldn't watch, yet they cannot turn away...

93. *pets*

94. “Hey, new lil PuppyFwiend, I'm so sowwy bout your estranged daddy...”

95. Awwww, he's offering to get some special PuppyTreats for the two of them! You're so sweet, Puppy :)

96. Aw, who on earth could turn down some yummy PuppyTreats with Puppy? He's pretty disappointed... it's okay Puppy, we'll gladly have some PuppyTreats with you!

97. *hugs*

98. Facial Shrug #7!

99. *caresses PuppyCheek*

100. Fangirl alert! Just a little taste of what's in store when you get back to fangirl palace, Puppy ;)

Bitchface count: 7
Facial Shrugs: 7

That's it for this one. I'm hoping it won't take me as long to post the next one.
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