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Puppy!Sam Picspam #166 (Supernatural)

Got this one done sooner than I expected, yay :)

#8x17: Goodbye, Stranger

105 pics in this one. Enjoy :)

1. Hey, where's Puppy?!!! “Howdy ho. It is I. Puppy Winchester shall be here momentarily, but I thought I should remind you who is the one true Bitchface Master...” Oh no, not again...

2. There he is! Hi, Researchy!Puppy! “He was here, wasn't he? And he mumbled something delusional about being the Bitchface champion, didn't he. *pouts*”

3. “'K. Think I've juuust about located the backdoor of that PetSmart website...”

4. “Whut? No no, I'm not doing anything unrelated to Men-of-Letters stuff. Not at all... *innocent PuppyEyes™*”

5. Nuh-Uh,IGotDis!Puppy

6. Oh noes, he's still TB!Puppy! :( Come on, Puppy, we fangirls know of a nice sanitorium resort up in the mountains where there is some nice, fresh air and possible Trials TB cures! Lots of seclusion and solitude...well, except for us of course ;)

7. *strokes PuppyBack soothingly*

8. (said in very tired voice) “Thanks for the TLC, fangirls. More, plz? *PuppyEyes™*”

9. How's that, Puppy? ;)

10. “Mmm, flat Yoo-Hoo... good stuff...”

11. Facial Shrug Alert!

12. *scratches Puppy on his neck*

13. UhHuh.Surrrrrre,Darlin'!Puppy

14. “So what say we get going on this case? Got me some fangirl time booked tonight, if ya know what I mean.. *waggles eyebrows*”

15. “No, I don't. Care to elaborate?”

16. “Well, see, what we plan to d-” Dean: “Alright alright! It was *sarcasm*, dude...”

17. “Admit it, dude. You're jealous as hell... *smug*”

18. *iz giddy in anticipation of fangirl time tonight*

19. “What can I say? It's just the kewtness (and hawtness) that is Puppy!”

20. *dies*

21. Puppy is slightly concerned with Dean's BustyAsianBeauties (of any decade) obsession

22. “Heh... yeah... pardon me while I go be majorly squicked out somewhere else....”

23. Agent Puppy is on the case, lookin' sharp and stylin' :)

24. Time for the disappearing ForeheadCrinkles! Now you see 'em...

25. ... Now you don't!

26. Ooh, careful that you don't hit the PuppyHead on those freaky looking thingies!

27. “Very nice H-O scale representation of your neighborhood, sir...” Hmm, is Puppy a closet model train enthusiast?

28. “*stares at it longingly* I WANT one!”

29. Facial Shrug #2!

30. “More deets, please. C'mon, you can tell Agent Puppy anything. He cares. Really, he does. *nods*”

31. *strokes the silky looking PuppyHair*

32. *loosens tie*

33. “Mind telling Agent Puppy how exactly you made this awesome train layout? *PuppyEyes™*”

34. *is in awe over the Vidal-Sassoon-commercial-worthy PuppyHair*

35. “Come on, Dean, it was the absolute coolest!! We need something like that. We have room in the bunker for a model train set!”

36. Dean isn't crazy about the idea. “OMIGAWD! You are, like, no fun whatsoever, biatch!”

37. “I am just in awe over your apparent suckitude!”

38. *bitchface*

39. “Hey, fangirls? Got the massage oils and bath products all ready? Good! I'm counting down the minutes!!”

40. Dean: “Hey, Sammy? Tell these stray fangirls to cool their heels and wait back at the bunker already?” Puppy: “*zoned out*........ Huh? Oh......”

41. “Hai, Ma'am. Agent Kewt Puppy here. Mah partner and I would like to ask you a few Q's if that's okay? *ups the PuppyKewtness*”

42. And now Agent Puppy asks for a neck scratching

43. Facial Shrug #3!

44. Puppy's actually kinda freaked out by the huge soup cans this woman is using for rollers

45. Facial Shrug #4!

46. Opening up some PuppyEyes™ whoop-ass on the Surprise!Demons

47. Puppy! Nooooo!

48. “I am saving your ass, Puppy Winchester. And donning a mighty bitchface while doing so. I needn't remind you who the Bitchface Master is.”

49. “WTF?”

50. “We ARE still engaging in the competitions, yes?”

51. “No no no, let me see if I can make you understand, Darlin'. I am the Bitchface Princess. No one comes close to me.”

52. “And don't even believe that you can beat THESE. *PuppyEyes™*”

53. “Do NOT utter such nonsense ever again, biatch! *PuppySneer*”

54. WTFLuciCrips??Puppy

55. Fangirl alert ;)

56. I'mJudgingYou.Puppy

57. Ooh, it's the GoAhead,MakeMyDay,Biatch!PuppyStance

58. Heh, why on earth would Soup Can Head lady have obsessive thoughts about Puppy? Jealous of the PuppyHair (which doesn't even NEED rollers), perhaps?

59. “'Scuse me, but the 'smutton chops' as you call them have been gone for a year now. Get glasses, sweetheart. *bitchface*”


61. “WTH was that?! Don't you leave while I'm bitchfacing you!”

62. *bitchface*

63. Puppy howls in frustration

64. Nice Flying PuppyHair, though

65. *bitchface parte deux*

66. Slackjawed!Puppy

67. Whoa, those are some intense PuppyEyes™

68. Tsk!Puppy finds Dean's nitpicking about Meg's hair rather petty

69. *twirls wayward strand of PuppyHair around finger*

70. Facial Shrug #5!

71. It's the ComeAgain?PuppyEyes™

72. “But enough about the map. See that H-O scale train model of the city? Aint it kewl??” Aw, you're so cute, Puppy...

73. Meg loves to pick on him, which just makes him bitchface even more

74. Random bitchface time, I guess

75. Heh, just another taste of what's to come later, Puppy! ;D

76. *stares at the PuppyHair blowing ever so slightly in the wind*

77. “What the frig?! I gotta stay out here with the demon biatch who insulted my love of model trains?! *incredulous PuppyEyes™*”

78. “Whut, you think that just 'cause I got a little case of Walking TB, I can't handle myself? *iz hurt*”

79. *bitchface*

80. Aw. :( *pets*

81. Ooh, Bitchface Deluxe as Dean gets more difficult

82. “Look, I'm fine! And these are still in primo shape!” (referring to PuppyEyes™)

83. “Whut? Now YOU doubt the integrity of the PuppyEyes™??” Uh, look who you're talking to, Puppy...

84. “I can take you on anytime...”

85. “This isn't over. *PuppyGlare of Death*”

86. “Aw gee, you're gonna let me have mai PuppyToy back? Well, isn't that nice of you...” Think you can dial back the sarcasm just a bit, Puppy...

87. Heh, he's graffiting “Pups rule, Crowley drools.” Meg actually approves.

88. “The trial crap? Well, let's just say that Puppy has a hankering for some *really* divine PuppyTreats... like, the best ANYone's ever tasted...”

89. Whoa, Meg's mention of his stint as Meg!Puppy raises an eyebrow

90. Time for another fangirl preview ;)

91. “So you spent last year with a puppy hater. That inner masochist runs deep, huh?”

92. “Leave me alone. She lured me with PuppyTreats.”

93. Uh oh, more demons... “Feel mah wrath, biatches!! *unleashes deadly bitchface*”

94. “I'm not done with you yet! *attempts Puppy-Fu*”

95. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

96. Again.. Because he's worth it ;)

97. “Why look, it's the annoying little man* again...” *Puppy's pet name for Crowley

98. Yep, he's warming up a killer bitchface

99. “Aw, that's awfully nice of you, Meg. I will forgive you for making fun of mai model trains hobby... *iz now deeply concerned about her fate*”

100. “So he's gone? You showed him that I am the rightful PuppyEyes™/Bitchface champion, right? Right??

101. “What a lonnnnng day. And still the fangirls await...”

102. “Oh, did I say that out loud? Oops...”

103. Yup, Puppy is way tired after all this.... *pets*

104. Feeling better, Puppy? There's a lot more where that came from :)

105. *goes to happy place until he gets back and fangirl time officially begins*

Bitchface count: 11
Facial Shrugs: 5

That's it for this one. I won't make any promises, but I hope to get the next one posted before Christmas. :)
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