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Puppy!Sam Picspam #167 (Supernatural)

Well I did it! Managed to get this one done and posted before Christmas :)

#8x18: Freaks and Geeks

Image-heavy, as in 100 pics. Hope you like.

Hi, Agent Kewt Puppy! Again, would recognize that hair anywhere ;)

2. “I don't believe it! There was a PetSmart over there and you DROVE RIGHT PAST IT!” Heh, give it up, Puppy

3. *bitchface*

4. *twirls flippy bit around fingers*

5. “Dean, you assume I'm not up to the job? Do you know how much that hurts Kewt Puppy? *makes sad PuppyFace*”

6. Aw, Puppy wants a kissy. Okay boy, if it'll make you feel better :)

7. Ooh, bitchface with PuppyTeeth bared... don't get to see that too often

8. Gurl,YourConcernIsSoPrecious!Puppy

9. Honestly, Puppy, why don't you take him up on that? If you sit this one out, it'll mean more fangirl time, after all....

10. A little preview of what you can expect ;)

11. Hm, I think he's considering it!

12. And now for some reason he's decided to engage in a staring contest with Dean...

13. “Alright, that does it. Fangirls, here I come.” Yay!!!!

14. Much later, after making sure his outfit is straightened out and he's back to looking presentable.... Hee, Puppy's so cute when he's looking all stern and official-like :)

15. Sheriff: “I didn't know FBI agents were allowed to have hair that long...” Agent Puppy: “Uh yeah, it's something pretty new... The Kewt & Hawt Puppy clause.”

16. Facial Shrug Alert!

17. Facial Shrug #2!

18. OMG, how could things possibly get crazier in this case? The PuppyEyes™ can't fathom it

19. Did they just see Chrissy on the surveillance video? Agent Kewt Puppy is concerned

20. He hopes the PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkles convey this concern well enough to the sheriff

21. “Yeah that's right darlin', hand over the footage and no one gets hurt...”

22. Ooh, nice bit o' Flying PuppyHair

23. “So, think we can head back to that PetSmart and buy PuppyTreats nao plz?”

24. *stares @ the Pretty*

25. “Oh yeah, why not? Meanie.” It's okay hon, we've got plenty of PuppyTreats back at fangirl palace :D

26. Upon finding Chrissy, Puppy bitchfaces nervously

27. Puppy is rather annoyed that he remains out of focus in this scene

28. “C'mon, don't you remember me? Kewt Puppy who you ever so kindly let into your home, and who later made you a junior fangirl?”

29. “Maybe these will jog your memory? *emphasizes PuppyEyes™*”

30. Guess not. Time for a bitchface

31. “Wait, what? You're telling me there are others who could potentially be junior fangirls?”

32. “Say again? Kewt Puppy didn't quite hear that...”

33. Dean gets a fangirl visitation and Puppy is jealous that his ended a long time ago. This deserves a bitchface

34. “Whut? The vamp jumped out the window before I got a chance to shoot him? Aw... *iz disappointed*”

35. Wow, why is he upping the PuppyKewtness so much lately?

36. Confuzzled!Puppy is delightfully confuzzled

37. Uh, I think it's too late to bitchface the vamp, Puppy... he's already dead. LOL

38. “Dude, what's going on? Time's a wastin'! I got another lil somethin' somethin' lined up with the fangirls tonight!”

39. “Come on, you know how important this is to me... *PuppyEyes™ for emphasis*”

40. You know what Dean's answer is... the bitchface confirms it

41. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

42. “Wow, nice place they got here...Plenty of places to stash PuppyTreats...”

43. “Hai again, Chrissy. Mind if Kewt Puppy uses your facilities? He drank a little too much coffee...”

44. Puppy shows Victor that he still knows the Gimme Paw trick

45. “Yeah, we've met. You were that Shtriga-disguised-as-Doctor Hydecker about 7 seasons ago, weren't you? You aint foolin' me, Darlin'...”

46. “Just in case you need a refresher, I'm Puppy Sam Winchester...”

47. It's the 'ScuseMe?PuppyEyes™

48. Facial Shrug #3!

49. “Now, you wouldn't happen to have any PuppyTreats around here, would you? *already craving them*”

50. Whoa, Shtriga as Daddy Victor is creeping Puppy out

51. “Huh? Drink? Uh no, Puppy's not thirsty now, no sir..... *PuppyTail between his legs*”

52. “'K, so that I can stop freaking out, can you level with me? You're not a shtriga anymore?” LOL Puppy, I think you're safe...

53. “ZOMG Dean, they're actually going to real, actual school in addition to hunting! *iz jealous*”

54. Even though he got a drinkie, Puppy is still pretty wary of Daddy Victor. Relax, Puppy... we promise we will take good care of you tonight!

55. And now it's I'mJudgingYou.Harshly.Puppy

56. WhatIsYourMajorMentalDefect,Biatch?Puppy

57. Though he concedes Daddy Victor is certainly right about Garth...

58. “Uh yeah, you're creepin' me out again. Definitely sleeping with the lights on tonight...”

59. “I'mnothere,I'mnothere,I'mnothere, I'm in my happy fangirl place... happy fangirl place...”

60. “Finally! 'Course you know this means you owe me another truckload of PuppyTreats, right?”

61. Facial Shrug #4!

62. Next morning... “Oh maaaaaan, what a night! Glad the fangirls didn't object to having our 'fangirl time' here on such short notice...”

63. *pulls the rest of the PuppyHair out from under the PuppyShirt collar*

64. Hey, it's the Dead Man's Blood/The Usual Suspects/other assorted episodes PuppyShirt!

65. “So what PuppyTreats are we cookin' up for breakfast? Waffles.. ooh, yummy...”

66. “Why look, I got a bigger waffle than you! *iz smug*” Tsk, act your age, Puppy... lol

67. “Whut? You guys are leaving already? .... Was it something I said?”

68. *decides to shut up, as it means more PuppyTreats left over for him*

69. “Dang, I made out like a BANDIT... how much do these kids usually eat?”

70. Maybe hitting Victor with some extra PuppyKewtness will get him even more

71. “Kids? Noooo, I aint got any. I much prefer the company of fangirls...”

72. “..... What?”

73. “Aw... I didn't know your kids had been killed... I'm so very sowwy. *PuppyEyes™ condolences*”

74. “Back already? But-but... *hopes they don't find the fangirls hiding upstairs*”

75. “Uh yeah, yeah, let's just stay down here and discuss those plans... down here... *failing at acting casual*”

76. Don 't know how Chrissy can remain conscious when presented with views like this... you sure she's worthy of being a junior fangirl, Puppy? “Don't worry, she'll learn...”

77. *licks PuppyDimple*

78. Aw, Dean stopped off at PetSmart afterwards and picked up some PuppyTreats! “Thanks big brother... *glomps thru phone*”

79. “Oh, Hai, fangirls. We still on for tonight?” You betcha!

80. *nibbles*

81. *carefully searches the strange van for any signs of PuppyTreats* Tsk... priorities, Puppy!

82. Babe in the woods :)

83. Puppy! Noooo!!

84. :( *glares at Victor*

85. Despite how uncomfortable he looks, Puppy is quite used to it and actually doesn't mind... course when we fangirls do it, we always use the fuzzy handcuffs ;D

86. Speaking of which... fangirl alert ;)

87. Victor barges in... “They're called fangirls, dumbass. Get your own.”

88. “Seriously?? Ransacking your own place? You are sooooooo lame...”

89. “You do realize that if you try to kill me, you'll have to answer to mah fangirls, right?”

90. *bitchface of contempt*

91. And Victor's pathetic explanation makes him bitchface even more

92. It's the Alright,You'reCreepingMeOutNow.StepAway,Biatch!Bitchface

93. Ooh, Bitchface Deluxe!

94. “Chrissy! Your lameass poser of a father is a puppy abuser! First he interrupts some fangirl lovin' and then he bores me to death with his stupid 'puppies suck and must be kicked' speech.”

95. *unbuttons PuppyShirt further*

96. Fangirls are indeed back to calm him ;)

97. “You really aint a bad junior fangirl after all... I might just promote you to full fangirl status soon.”

98. Now it's as if he's actually presenting it to us for a good nibblin'!

99. *feels faint at the sight of that PuppyHair blowing ever so slightly in the breeze*

100. “We really did alright. And you don't even have to drive too fast, Dean. Plenty of time to get back before the real fangirl festivities begin.. *nods*”

Bitchface count: 10
Facial Shrugs: 4

That's it! I doubt I'll get the next one posted before Christmas with all the preparation I have to do, but hopefully not too long afterwards I'll be able to do it. :) Until then!
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