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Puppy!Sam Picspam #168 (Supernatural)

Finally getting back to posting these :)

#8x19: Taxi Driver

Bigger picspam this time, over 120 pics. Hope you like.

1. Hi, Puppy. Whatcha doing? “Oh, nothing... just making sure mai lil PuppyFriend is okay...”

2. But Kevin doesn't seem too happy to see him. Bitchface time

3. Heh... Awkward!Bitchface

4. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

5. Kevin has made progress with the PuppyTreats ingredients tablet? The PuppyEyes™ are impressed...

6. Why the bitchface, though?

7. “Look you're gonna be okay, little guy. Kewt Puppy here will make sure the evil little man doesn't get to you.”

8. Honestly, Puppy, when you present your neck to us like that it's reeeeally hard to resist the urge to nibble. Just FYI...

9. “So what's the second divine PuppyTreats ingredients trial? Deets, please? *PuppyEyes™*”

10. Confuzzled!Puppy

11. Puppy. Because he's still worth it.

12. The sudden appearance of a snarky crossroads demon makes Puppy bitchface

13. “Sorry, sweetheart. You aint goin' nowhere till I get mah tangentially-divine-PuppyTreats-ingredients-related information.”

14. Eek! Looks like the evol superglue-wielding fangirl got ahold of the PuppyHair somehow

15. “Told ya I wasn't jokin'... *bitchface* *splashes Holy Water*”

16. Grim bitchface as Mr. Crossroads begs to be killed

17. “Hai! I'm Puppy. Mister Crossroads said you might be able to give me a ride to Hell? Y'know... just a temporary one... to pick up some ingredients for an important recipe...”

18. Fangirl alert ;)

19. Uh oh, seems that TheAwesomenessThatWasBobby was taken to Hell too! The evil little man has now invoked Puppy's wrath

20. “'Dean. The Quest for the Divine PuppyTreats is Puppy's and Puppy's alone. You can't tag along.”

21. “'Scuse me a second, I gotta bitchface mah big brother. It's the only way he'll understand...”

22. *prepares can of bitchface whoop-ass*

23. “I *won't* miss. See? I got mah trusty PuppyToy!”

24. One final parting bitchface

25. “Alright, Puppy's ready! Let's get this party started, y'all!!”

26. “And don't argue, this bitchface means business!”

27. “Actually, I'm kinda nervous... come wit me, fangirls? *begs with forlorn PuppyFace*” Aw... not that we're completely comfortable with going to Hell, but for you, Puppy, we'll do it...

28. *pets*

29. Feast your eyes upon the bouncy, freshly-washed-by-fangirls PuppyHair :)

30. “I mean, it's okay if they come, right? *ups PuppyKewtness*”

31. HominaHominaHomina!Puppy... Aww calm down hon, it's gonna be okay. We're right here :)

32. *nibbles to calm him*

33. *holds on tight*

34. ZOMGWhatARide!Puppy

35. AbsentMinded!Puppy still has that PuppyHair tucked into his jacket collar.. *tsk*

36. “OMG so many trees to choose from! Uh, hope it's not a bad time to tell you I have to go to the little puppy's room...”

37. *unbuttons that PuppyShirt a little bit more*

38. Puppy apparently bitchfaces the fact that the trip to Hell includes a layover in Purgatory

39. “Now I'll never get the divine PuppyTreats ingredients... *wibble*” Aw... of course you will, Puppy! Relax!

40. “Fine... but I wish it wouldn't TAKE SO LONG... *bitchface*”

41. ThaHellYouSayin',Gurl?!Puppy

42. “Well, if you don't wanna accompany me, JUST SAY SO. *bitchface*” Take it easy, Puppy!

43. “Fangirls? Don't leave me!!” Aw we're right here, Puppy!

44. Heh, it's Peekaboo!Puppy

45. You okay, Puppy? It looks like your PuppySense is blaring...

46. OMG PUPPY!!!

47. Nooooooooo!!!!

48. “HAH! You are no match for my PUPPY-FU!!”

49. “Take THAT, biatch.” Oooh, nice tousled PuppyHair...

50. Flashing a bit of PuppyMop there :)

51. PuppyProfilePorn :D

52. “'Kay, I think this is it. Fangirls, you with me? *beseeching PuppyEyes™*” Of course, hon!

53. *twirls long strands of Former PuppyMop around fingers*

54. Whoa.... EvilGoblin!Puppy?

55. “Boy... the lengths I go to get divine PuppyTreats...”

56. Aw... *holds him protectively*

57. “Huh? Oh, no no no, I'm not the puppy you've been praying for. I mean... I AM a puppy, but ... not your puppy. Sowwy.”

58. Um, do you really think it's a good idea to go in there, Puppy? *fearful*

59. Puppy wants to wibble upon the sight of TheAwesomenessThatWasBobby in Hell

60. Nooo!! Why did you do that, FORMERAwesomenessThatWasBobby? *glares*

61. “Scuse me?? Puppy comes all the way down here to save your dead ass and gets called nasty names?? WTF, FormerAwesomenessThatWasBobby?!”

62. “You... you... Hang on, this all happened so suddenly it's gonna take me a second to get my bitchface mojo back...”

63. “Concentrate... Feel the bitchface within.........”

64. “It's really me! Puppy!! Who else would have these? *PuppyEyes™* Huh? Huh??”

65. Awwwwwwww...

66. <3 <3

67. “Whut? 200 fake Puppies?? With no amazing PuppyEyes™ or gorgeous flowing PuppyHair?? How cruel!”

68. Fangirls are here to break up a tense moment ;)

69. “I'm here as part of the divine PuppyTreats ingredients scavenger hunt----uh, I'm here to get you out. 'Cause I wuv you, AwesomenessThatWasBobby... *nods*”


71. “ZOMG, more fake puppies! Don't trust them, AwesomenessThatWasBobby! See, they lack the patented PuppyKewtness!”

72. “Shuddup, imposter! I am the one true Puppy! You WISH you had my Puppy features!” Uh.... I'm confused now....

73. Nooooo!! Okay so it's a fake Puppy, but still... nooo!

74. “You mean you weren't entirely sure I was real Puppy? *hurt bitchface*”

75. Whoa, what's got those PuppyEyes™ blaring now?

76. “Phew! Made it back! Thanks for the in-flight entertainment, fangirls...” Anytime ;)

77. Bitchface for entertainment being over... lol, Puppy don't worry, there'll be plenty more where that came from later!

78. “Um, yeah, Ikindasortaforgottomentionwe'reinpurgatory.......”

79. “I know, but you don't understand, Bobby... these are really, really GOOD PuppyTreats...”

80. “Y'see, for me to complete this part of the scavenger hunt... I...... kindahaftasortagetridofyou......”

81. “*PuppyShrug* ......Sowwy?”

82. If that wasn't bad enough.... “Oh noes, our driver isn't here like he said he'd be! How could he snub the Puppy? :(“

83. *bitchface of frustration*

84. “I'm sowwy, I didn't know this would happen... *apologetic PuppyEyes™*”

85. *pets*

86. Oh noes, more attackers! “FEEL MAH BITCHFACE WRATH!!!”

87. “Oh, Hai, you.”

88. “Normally I'd growl and bitchface you and call you a homewrecker... But... I's glad you're here... *nods*”

89. “Huh, what's THAT supposed to mean? As if helping Puppy is such a bad thing?? *iz hurt*”

90. “Oh look, AwesomenessThatWasBobby and fangirls, our ride is here! Yay!”

91. *suddenly feels remorseful and sad for what will become of Benny*

92. *blinks PuppyTears knowing this is the goodbye to the AwesomenessThatWasBobby*

93. D'awwwwwwwww...

94. “Whoa! The AwesomenessThatWasBobby is really shiny.....!”

95. “Whut? Don't ya want sweet Kewt Puppy to give you a lift?”

96. “Hurry! Before those other vamps decide they want a Puppy sandwich!”

97. “You mean you don't wanna come with? Aww...”

98. “Coming, fangirls??” Oh sorry, Puppy... just admiring the view ;)

99. Oh yes......

100. Oh! Wait for us, Puppy!! *runs to join him*

101. Spectacular Flying PuppyHair!

102. (In Maine...) “*puff puff* Hai, big brother. Sorry we're a bit late...”

103. “Owwie!!! Dean, I'm happy to see you too, but I think you're crushing the PuppySpine...”

104. Say it with me: Awwwwwwwwwwww. :)

105. Hm... SlightlyConfuzzled!Puppy?

106. “Thanks for the awesome welcome, man.. By the way, I'm starving, got any PuppyTreats with ya?”

107. FlyCatchin'!Puppy

108. “Sowwy, big brother. Benny didn't wanna come. Puppy's trying not to take it personally...”

109. “Huh? You're not wanting to kick Kewt Puppy's ass for not dragging him with me?”

110. *so touched, iz gonna cry* Aww, don't cry, Puppy... *hugs*

111. *and does a few...other things*

112. “Bye, AwesomenessThatWasBobby!! Hope the ride wasn't too bumpy!” Aw, you're so cute, Puppy

113. Uh oh, look who's showed up. Bitchface for the evil little man.

114. You'reGoin'DOWN,Biatch!Puppy

115. So THAT'S where Puppy's facial shrugs went. Give them back, Crowley!!!

116. Puppy! Nooooo!!! *glared at Crowley*

117. “Wha...? OMG it's Sam Carter! ... Helen Magnus! Both of them....!” Oh look, Fanboi!Puppy has resurfaced

118. Wow, thanks Naomi for saving Dean and Puppy! And giving us this incredible view of the PuppyHair :D

119. *scratches PuppyNeck*

120. Puppy looks so winded... promise we'll have something extra special for you later tonight, boy :)

121. Oh noes! Puppy!!!

122. What is going on with that PuppyPaw??

123. *hugs*

124. Poor tired boy... *prepares bath salts and massage oils*

Bitchface count: 17
Facial Shrugs: 0 ('cause that wascally wabbit Crowley stole 'em!!)

That's it for this one. Hopefully I'll get the next one posted soon.
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