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Icons and ... stuff

Wow, busy day at work today... call after call after call... guess I can't complain though. The guy from the nearby body shop came by yesterday and looked at my car and then gave me an estimate. I told the workman who hit the car how much it would cost and he paid me today, so glad he was honest about that. And he actually did apologize... guess he started to feel bad (which he should...come on). Glad that's behind me now. :)

My muse decided she liked to play with icons more than fanfiction, so I'm having trouble with one of my sequel fics..can't make the words come out into something that actually sounds good... ugh. I'll have to prod her and get her attention off icons for a while. She did help me turn out some fairly decent icons though, mostly Daniel ones, but one Sam one as well. Some were were made with Photoshop Elements (version 2.0) and some with Paint Shop Pro 8. I had the help of some tutorials though I played around with them a little bit... anyhoo if you like any of them, feel free to take. Credit appreciated.

Tags: art: icons, life, stargate, stargate: sg-1: daniel

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