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Puppy!Sam Picspam #169 (Supernatural)

Got this one done earlier than I expected!

Episode #8x20: Pac-Man Fever

Shorter picspam this time, just over 90 pics. Hope you like (and apologies in advance for the rather crummy photoshopping in one or two of these... what can I say, I tried to make it work... lol)

1. Mornin', Puppy... still sleepy, huh? Don't worry, we fangirls know a sure-fire way to wake you up ;)

2. D'awwww, it's DelightfullyRumpled!Puppy

3. Bedhead!Puppy *runs fingers madly through the rumpled locks*

4. “Whut? Dissing the PuppyHair? How dare u!! *wibble*” Aw.... don't listen to him, Puppy... *glares at Dean*

5. “C'mon big brother, lay off. The fangirls and I had a late night...”

6. “WTF are you doing? I don't wanna play 'Fetch'!”

7. “I slept that long, huh... No wonder I've got the world's biggest PuppyTreats craving...”

8. ... Because he's worth it ;)

9. Kewt Puppy can't decide if he'd rather go back to bed or indulge his PuppyTreats craving

10. Facial Shrug Alert!

11. Aww... “Sleeping Beauty”... love that moniker, Dean! Mind if we use it? :)

12. Apparently Puppy isn't so thrilled with your delivery, though... see the bitchface?

13. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

14. Puppy insists his PuppyTreats craving won't get in the way of hunting... Dean thinks some agility trials are in order

15. “Dean, for the last time: Puppy doesn't wanna play; Puppy wants to hunt!”

16. I'mTooGoodForThisShiat!Puppy

17. *nibbles*

18. Sorry, Puppy, you missed! No giant stuffed gorilla this time

19. Fangirl alert ;)

20. “Huh, I have email? Could this perchance be a shipping status for mai latest PuppyTreats order?”

21. Turns out it's an email from Charlie. The PuppyEyes™ are suitably nonplussed


23. LOL... could those PuppyEyes™ possibly be any more freaked?

24. Dang... *THUD*

25. “Thanks for the greeting, Charlie, but you got it all wrong. See, a 'bitch' is a *female* puppy. Of which I am not. I'd prefer to be called 'dawg' instead. Hello...? Hello? Little PuppyLove here?”

26. Aw... Have you hugged your puppy today? :)

27. “Nice PuppyMop you got goin' there. *nods*”

28. BlessYourHeart!Puppy

29. “'Course, ya know that if ya want to enter, ya gotta leave an offering of PuppyTreats as a housewarming gift...”

30. “File that one away for future use, sister...” Ooh, I like this Sassy!Puppy

31. Oh dear, looks like the evol superglue fangirl has struck again :(

32. Fangirl under the table ;)

33. Cue fangirls screaming: “OH NOES!! THA EVOL SUPERGLUE FANGIRL ALSO CUT THE PUPPYHAIR AND GAVE HIM A BOB!!!!111 :( :( :(“ LOL, calm down, it's just Puppy's natural (although annoying, lol) tendency to get his PuppyHair tucked under his PuppyShirt collar

34. ... See?? *points to longer strand of PuppyHair sticking out over collar*

35. “What's that sound? Are those fangirls freaking out because they think I cut my hair...?”

36. “Mm-hm. You should be careful about the way you wear your hair, Sammy...”

37. “Whoa. Seriously? I have *that* much power over fangirls?”

38. “Uh... I wouldn't know. Well..... I guess I could be a fangirl, but...... not *that* kinda fangirl, if you get what I'm saying...”

39. Hey,WatchYourMouth,Biatch!Puppy

40. *bitchface of indignation*

41. Oh noes, Puppy!!

42. “Will you lay off, DEAN?! I'm still trying to shoot the target so I can win something extra special for the fangirls, 'k?”

43. Dean already hung up, but still... he bitchfaces the phone

44. “A'right, fangirls, this one's for you...”

45. *intense amount of PuppyConcentration*

46. YAY!! Our hero :D :D

47. “*sniffs haughtily* Yeah, that's right..... I'll take the blue giant stuffed doggie”

48. Facial Shrug #2!

49. (Later) “Oh, Hai! Well, didn't you know the saying 'You can't keep a good puppy down'?”

50. “What am I doing here? I'm Agent Kewt Puppy, what's it look like I'm doing here?”

51. Don't turn around, Charlie. There's a killer bitchface behind you

52. “Look, I know you're concerned. But I'll be fine. Mai fangirls are here and they're top notch. *nods*”

53. ShoveIt,Biatch!Puppy

54. What's this? Looks like Charlie is thinking about becoming a Puppy fangirl...

55. “Heh... Really? Welcome Aboard... uh.....I think...”

56. Bitchface of fear as their break-in might be discovered

57. “OMZ, what if Charlie, you know, bombs this and we get found out?? *PuppyEyes™ of fear*”

58. Facial Shrug #3!

59. Puppy hates iPads? Who knew?

60. Ah, hatred in the jealousy sense... Thanks for the info, Puppy... *begins making up Christmas list for Puppy*

61. *nibbles again*

62. It's the IamNotAmused,Biatch!Bitchface

63. Oh noes, that case of Walking TB is back!! :( *rushes to get antibiotics*

64. “Oh Hai, big brother... no everything's fine.... really......”

65. “What are the odds she's got PuppyTreats stashed in here?” Dean: “Dude, priorities...”

66. *plays with flippy bits of PuppyHair*

67. Dang, that evol superglue fangirl is persistent... need to set more traps...

68. Hee... QuotyFingers!Puppy

69. Facial Shrug #4!

70. Wow, that Former PuppyMop got long...

71. OMG Puppy, look out!!!

72. Aw... *helps him up*

73. *caresses PuppyCheek to calm him*

74. Ooh, nice Flying PuppyHair

75. And nice windswept PuppyHair look :)

76. Another Walking TB attack?? :( *administers TLC*


78. AttackDog!Puppy growls menacingly

79. One of the fangirls' worst nightmares :(

80. Meanwhile.... Puppy!! Noooo!

81. “So, that's the best you can do, huh? Aw! Is widdle baby gonna cwy??”

82. YouJustOpenedUpABigCanofPuppyWhoopAss,Biatch!Puppy

83. FlorenceNightengale!Puppy on standby in case Dean and Charlie need any medical care

84. “Your Highness”? Ooh, Snarky!Puppy

85. “Of course I'm gonna be okay! My many fangirls will see to it.”

86. Aw. *pets*

87. “Ya know, if you ever wanna come back... I make some mean PuppyTreats desserts...”

88. “.... How 'bout a huggy? Huh? Huh?”

89. Nothing like a PuppyHug to make you feel all warm and fuzzy :)

90. Wow, they're contagious!

91. :')

Bitchface count: 6
Facial Shrugs: 4

That's it for this one. I'm going to try and get the next one posted later today. If I don't get to it, then definitely this weekend. I would love to have season 8 finished up before the new episodes return on Tuesday. Not entirely sure if it's possible, but I will try.
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