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Puppy!Sam Picspam #170 (Supernatural)

Wow, I'm posting two of these in one day, I think it's a record!

Episode #8x21: The Great Escapist

This one is a bit longer, over 100 pics. Familiarity with Monty Python & the Holy Grail is a big plus. And to a lesser extent, a certain character from Revenge of the Nerds. *g* Hope you like.

1. “Rise 'n shine, little guy!” Hi, Puppy... chipper today, aren't we...

2. Kevin!! *tsk* Puppy is in no mood to play!

3. “Fine, fine, you've killed me... soak the PuppyShirt as much as you want, but spare the pretty PuppyHair plz...”

4. “And look what I'd brought you: some premium PuppyTreats! But just for all that, I'm gonna keep them to myself now!! Your loss!!!!!”

5. “*uber sarcastic glee*” Now you're just being mean, Puppy...

6. Hm, the way the PuppyEyes™ are scoping out Kevin's hideout seem a little suspicious... Puppy, are you sure you're you?

7. Verrrry suspicious... hm....... *nibbles PuppyNeck* ... tastes like him...

8. “C'mon, you can trust me. It's me, the big, kewt, fun-loving Puppy! Huh?... Huh?”

9. *dials the PuppyEyes™ up a notch*

10. Um... somewhat disturbing PuppySmirk there...

11. “You are just so precious, darlin'...” Okay you're freaking us a little, Puppy...

12. Facial Shrug Alert!

13. “Oh noes, I think the fangirls have found me out.... *bitchface*” What was that?!

14. “Special K”?? Okay, now we know this isn't you, Puppy. You specifically refer to Kevin as your little PuppyFriend/PuppyFwiend or “Little Guy”... *iz worried*

15. “See? I am SO Puppy! See how I haughtily toss the gorgeous PuppyHair back out of my face like a Pert Plus commercial?” No, that's a Vidal Sassoon commercial... now we know you really aren't Puppy!!

16. AHA!! I knew it!!! *rushes to warn Puppy*

17. Aww, how sweet. Big brother has whipped up some tasty PuppyTreats for the REAL Puppy...

18. Poor Sicky!Puppy :( *pets*

19. Silly Dean, Sicky!Puppy doesn't wanna play

20. “I'm going over my To-Do list... 1. Research, 2. Fangirl TLC time, 3. PuppyTreats devouring sampling, 4. Fangirl lovin', 5. Research, 6. Fangirl lovin'......”

21. Fangirl under the table ;)

22. MotherHen!Dean makes Puppy bitchface

23. *tsk* Dean, don't you know that's our job?? *snaps nurse uniform on*

24. *and does a few... other things*

25. “See? Told ya the fangirls would take care of it...”

26. 'ScuseMe?Puppy

27. Hmm, Dean seems to be having a little stomach discomfort... “Geez Dean, did you have to do that in here?! *PuppyNose waters*”

28. The trials for the divine PuppyTreats ingredients are changing him? Noooo :(

29. “Oh noes! Mah lil PuppyFwiend is in trouble!”

30. Aww, Worried!Puppy... *pets*

31. “In fact, I'm so worried I think it might take some more fangirl lovin' to cheer me up... mind giving us 42 minutes and coming back later plz big brother? *PuppyEyes™*”

32. *stares*

33. Meanwhile... someone appears to be practicing for the mother of all PuppyEyes competitions...

34. ... and bitchface competitions... hmm, must alert Puppy...

35. Look at that delightfully tousled former PuppyMop :)

36. Puppy, do you know how hard it is to resist when you present your neck to us like that?? *nibble*

37. “Liek, OMG dude, dis guy can help us find teh next ingredients for teh divine PuppyTreats!!”

38. “I'm, like,so stoked!! Can we go find him pleeeeeeeeze? *begs with PuppyEyes™*”

39. “NO?!! You suck....”

40. “You want kewt Puppy to get better, don't ya? *PuppyEyes™*”

41. IneedDivinePuppyTreatsAndINeed'EmNOW,Biatch!Puppy

42. *twirls strand of long former PuppyMop around finger*

43. Come on, Dean, how could you say no to this face??

44. “OMG you did it again. Dean, take some Beano already? *PuppyEyes™ water profusely*”

45. “*sprays disinfectant* *takes deep breath* Ahhh, that's better. Don't do that again, plz? *PuppyEyes™*”

46. “*SIGH* No, DEAN, I'm not in the mood for the 'Gimme Paw' trick right now...”

47. *bitchface*

48. “Gah, I've got a headache coming on. And the only cure for it is...” We know, Puppy... We're all upstairs in the hotel room waiting for ya ;D

49. Antsy!Puppy just wants the fanfare over so he can get up there already

50. FangirlsLyingInWait!Cam

51. “Fangirls! I thought you said you were upstairs!” Oh, we are... most of us, anyway ;)

52. “Dean, hurry up and sign the freaking register already..... *PuppyPout*”

53. Meanwhile... Hmmmph, stupid Fake!Puppy

54. “Whut? No PuppyTreats on this list? I'm hurt...” Yeah, pretend all you want, faker, but we know you're not the real Puppy!

55. “Ah, thanks fangirls... I needed that... My throats a little dry now, just going to have a drinkie-poo....”

56. Fangirls still keepin' him company ;)

57. No comment :D

58. But something ruins it... “Ah geez, Dean. You said you were gonna take the Beano.....”

59. “GAH! If it weren't for the fangirl-induced endorphins flooding my system right now I'd put on a gas mask and bolt from the room”

60. “Aaaaah.... *still affected by endorphins* Fangirls, little help here?” Okay, Puppy, relief comin' right up... *unleashes Lysol spray arsenal*

61. “Seriously Dean, that was brutal...” Dean: “*shrugs* What can I say, dude. Ever since I've been experimenting with cooking at the bunker I've been eating a richer diet...”

62. “If I have a little dain bramage, you'll know why.... *softens the blow with some PuppyKewtness*”

63. *runs fingers through the PuppyHair*

64. Puppy? You okay, sweetie?

65. “It still stinks in there... I'm gonna go get some fresh air...” Wait for us!

66. Puppy, you really don't look well :( *pets*

67. “Wow, look at all those books... wonder if any of them have PuppyTreats recipes...”

68. Fangirl alert :)

69. Aw... *fingers the clammy sweat-soaked former PuppyMop*

70. Puppy! Nooo!!

71. IceBath!Puppy? Dean, this isn't one of the fangirl-approved remedies... but if it works...

72. Rise and shine, Puppy! How's that for a fangirl wakeup call? ;)

73. Whoa... better than we'd anticipated...

74. “DEAN! Seriously, you had to interrupt this fangirl moment?”

75. Puppy growls at Dean for intruding... Aww, but he is trying to help, Puppy

76. *tries to contain bitchface*

77. *fingers the wet PuppyHair*

78. Okay, you can show him, Puppy. But how about drying off first? Heh, he shakes himself to get rid of the excess water, as puppies are wont to do ;)

79. Meanwhile, THIS guy is still trying to pass himself off as the real Puppy... *tsk*

80. I must say, the REAL Puppy enjoyed that rub-down, PuppyHair-blowdrying, dry-off session given by fangirls... may take him a bit of time to recover from that...

81. “They just have a way with aromatherapy... and scalp massages!... It's incredible, Dean!”

82. “Hey, remember when you used to pop in the 'Monty Python & The Holy Grail' video and let me watch it with you?” Huh, Puppy's in a nostalgic mood suddenly?

83. “Heh, that movie was AWE-some.”

84. “*starts singing* 'We're knights of the Round Table...'”

85. “♫ We're opera mad in Camelot/We sing from the Dia-phragm-a-loooot....♫”

86. “I especially enjoyed the 'Tale of Sir Galahad' part. Now THERE'S a guy I really identify with...”

87. Fangirl Alert! “.............See?”

88. “Heh... You could say that 'Fangirl Palace' back at the bunker is my own Castle Anthrax...”

89. “I really... really... REALLY wanna go back to Castle Anthrax again... *gets emotional*”

90. “That's what this quest is all about, Dean. Instead of the Quest for the Holy Grail, it's the Quest for the Divine PuppyTreats Ingredients. And in the end I will be rewarded with not only the bestest PuppyTreats of all time, but with endless fangirl time in Fangirl Palace!”

91. *iz giddy just thinking about it*

92. And now Puppy wants a kissy

93. Dean scoffs. Bitchface time

94. Whoa, what has those PuppyEyes™ so shocked?

95. BoogerAngel? WTF are you pointing that thing at Dean and Kewt Puppy??

96. Aww, BrainFreeze!Puppy... you shouldn't have eaten that ice cream so fast, hon

97. Random bitchface for BoogerAngel

98. “What the...? I'm 'resonating'?? Fangirls, have you noticed this?”

99. BoogerAngel is not making a good first impression. It's the PuppyGlareofDeath for him!

100. It's the Don'tHaveTimeForYourShiat!Bitchface

101. “So, no hints about the divine PuppyTreats ingredients??! *epic bitchface*”

102. *epic bitchface continued*

103. MahLittlePuppyFwiend'sDead'CauseOfYOU,Biatch!Puppy

104. “OMIGAWD, you saved mah lil PuppyFwiend? I'm so sowwy for bitchfacing the hell out of you, BoogerAngel!”

105. “Dean? Mind if I skip out for some much-needed fangirl time? *PuppyEyes™*”

106. “Wait... Third trial? You mean the divine PuppyTreats recipe is almost complete??” Oh, boy...

107. Whoa Puppy didn't see that one coming... Please be careful, Puppy :(

Bitchface count: 9
Facial Shrugs: 1

And that's it! I hope to get the next one posted ASAP. Like I said on the last one, I'd love to have all of season 8 done before the new episodes return, though I'm not sure if I'll succeed. I'll try.
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