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Puppy!Sam Picspam #171 (Supernatural)

Okay I know I've been spamming these like crazy, but I promise I will let up after I post the S8 finale one, lol. Trying so hard to get this season wrapped up before the new episode on Tuesday.

Episode #8x22: Clip Show

Another slightly smaller picspam, a little over 90 pics. Hope you like.

1. Hi, Flashback!Puppy! Aww... seeing that PuppyMop makes me all nostalgic...

2. Back in the present... D'oh, Dean just has to interrupt a fangirl visitation, doesn't he

3. *runs fingers through PuppyHair*

4. WhatChooTalkin'Bout,BigBrother?Puppy

5. Oh noes, BrainFreeze!Puppy strikes again

6. Facial Shrug Alert!

7. “How'm I feeling? You just interrupted Fangirl Time, Dean. How d'ya THINK I'm feeling?”

8. *moves PuppyHair strands away and nibbles PuppyNeck*

9. PuppyHair-Stuck-in-Collar disease also strikes again ;)

10. *pets*

11. “The only thing that's gonna make me feel better – besides the fangirl lovin' of course – is tasting those divine PuppyTreats.” The PuppyEyes™ scold Dean for asking such a silly question

12. And look who's here... “Heh... you can't seriously be asking for another Bitchface competition... Need I remind you who is the rightful Bitchface Princess here?”

13. “Curses. You are strong, Puppy Winchester... *offers bitchface, but not as good a bitchface as you-know-whose*”

14. Fangirl under the table!

15. “And don't even think about challenging THESE, sista... *emphasizes PuppyEyes™*”

16. “Really. You firmly believe that *these* do not stand a chance...”

17. ICan'tBelieveYouJustAskedMeThat!Puppy

18. Puppy is a bit underwhelmed by Chef Dean's latest PuppyTreats offering

19. The PuppyEyes™ beg for more satisfying ones

20. Uh oh, Dean doesn't have any... bitchface time.

21. “Hey, turns out we have a Room 7B. Think we could check it out? It might have a secret treasure trove of PuppyTreats...”

22. “I thought 7B was 'Fangirl Palace'...”

23. “Nooo, that's 7C-F. So can we check it out? *PuppyEyes™*”

24. With each nook and crannie that's checked and found empty, a little bit more of that PuppyHope seeps away :( Still, those PuppyEyes™ perservere

25. Dean's love of dungeons makes Puppy bitchface

26. Facial Shrug #2!

27. MovieBuff!Puppy hopes there will be some info in this Men of Letters home movie about the divine PuppyTreats ingredients

28. “OMZ, I think I saw a bag of PuppyTreats in the corner with some faint glow around them. Tell me you didn't just see that!”

29. Aw, look at those PuppyEyes™ all wide and filled with hope

30. *stares*

31. “We are goin' to talk to this priest about those possible Divine PuppyTreats. And that's that. *PuppyEyes™*”

32. “Hai, Father. Um, there's no easy way for me to ask you this so I'll just come right out with it...DivinePrettyGlowyPuppyTreatsFromYourHomeMoviesNaoPLZ?? *PuppyEyes™*”

33. “Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaze?? You wouldn't let a sweet, kewt Puppy with awesome PuppyHair down, would you?? *PuppyEyes™*”

34. Uh oh, it's PuppySneeze time! *gets Kleenex ready*

35. PuppyTongue!

36. *pets*

37. Meanwhile... “You don't understand. I want pie. And I am the Bitchface Master. Contrary to what a large, long-haired puppy named Puppy Winchester might say.”

38. “WTF Dude??”

39. “Mah bitchface/PuppyEyes™ rival is gone. But on the upside, mah PuppyHair is lookin' fine, thanks to this new shampoo suggested by the fangirls...”

40. “'Scuse me, Dean? Did you say something. The PuppyEyes™ got distracted for a second, there...”

41. “Now, if I'm reading this right, I need 1/3 cup of yak milk....” Getting deeper into that recipe, huh, Puppy?

42. “I gotta say, this recipe is a bit hard to follow... y'know, with all the demon screaming in the background. Would've helped to have some film footage to see how exactly they're measuring out some of these ingredients...”

43. Uh oh, the dictation of the recipe has stopped... it's a cliffhanger! Oh noes, the PuppyEyes™ are freaking just thinking of it

44. *runs hands through pretty PuppyHair*

45. “Whoa. I think I've got it now, Dean. I've...I've got the key to find the last remaining PuppyTreats ingredient and the whole recipe.......”

46. The PuppyEyes™ confirm they are ready to take on this task

47. “WTF? Are you suggesting we use *Crowley* as part of the PuppyTreats ingredients?... Eww.”

48. “Oh, you meant Abbadon. Still... Eww.”

49. The PuppyEyes™ could not possibly be any more squicked

50. OMG, is that PuppyMop I spy??

51. Aw, false alarm :( LOL, Puppy wishes some of these ingredients could be a little fresher...

52. The stench is offending the poor PuppyNose...time for a bitchface

53. Surgeon!Puppy was not cut out for this....

54. “We didn't resurrect you 'cause we like you... You're just part of a needed ingredient in mai wonderful divine PuppyTreats recipe, biatch! *bitchface*”

55. Ooh, PuppySmirk... *ded*

56. *taunting bitchface*

57. Guess it's time for another Parade of Bitchfaces...

58. *bitchface*

59. Hee!Puppy

60. BabyGonnaCry?Puppy

61. *smoldering bitchface*

62. “Do you MIND, annoying evil little man?! I was on a bitchface roll here!! *bitchface for Crowley*”

63. Ooh, nice bit o' Flying PuppyHair

64. “Tommy Collins? We saved him from a wendigo back when I was younger and smaller and... had PuppyMop!”

65. Fangirl alert ;)

66. “Oh noes! Tha biatch whom I had such fun bitchfacing is gone!”

67. Confuzzled!Puppy

68. The PuppyEyes™ insist they have to save Crowley's next victim.

69. EwwwIckyCharredJenny!Puppy

70. “'Moosie'?? *iz hurt*”

71. “Make the evil little man stop, Dean. He drones on and on and on and ON....”


73. Why the bitchface? Did she mock the PuppyHair?

74. D'awwwww, KewtFlashback!Puppy, complete with pretty PuppyMop :)

75. We fangirls can really identify ;)

76. “Don't ya recognize me? Okay, so I've changed and mah PuppyHair is a lot longer, and I grew out teh PuppyMop, but I still got the PuppyKewtness! And these! *gestures to PuppyEyes™*”

77. Awwwww, Kewt Puppy fears for her life so terribly.... *pets*

78. “So. You've got lapsed fangirl membership. Thinking about reactivating it?”

79. “Don't worry, sweet Sarah. Kewt Puppy is gonna make sure the annoying, evil little man doesn't snuff out that precious light that is your life. *nods*”

80. Aww, let's give that Puppy a huggy :)

81. He begins Operation Kill with Kewtness to convince her of the seriousness of the situation

82. *sees wedding ring* *iz sad* Aw don't be sad, Puppy... don't forget you've got plenty of us :)

83. Facial Shrug #3!

84. *licks PuppyDimple*

85. “Huh? Was that a subtle dig at the PuppyHair?” LOL, sorry Puppy, even though we love your current PuppyHair, we also agree with Sarah ;)

86. “Is that the annoying, evil little man? Come and get it, biatch!! *preps bitchface*”

87. As Sarah dies, Puppy howls in desperation

88. Nice view, Puppy. Thanks :D

89. *Sarah dies* I'm sorry Puppy :( *cuddles*

90. *wishes that was my hand running through the PuppyHair*

91. “*wibble*” Aw. :( *more huggies*

92. Defeatist!Puppy? Don't talk like that, hon... come get ready for Fangirl Time... we promise we'll make everything look better

93. “Aw..... Okay.” That's our boy :)

Bitchface count: 11
Facial Shrugs: 3

That's it. I have to go to a dinner meeting tomorrow evening, so if I don't get the finale picspam posted before then I will have it posted on Tuesday before the new episode. Until then. :)
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