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Some Christmas stuff...

I got some pretty nice gifts for Christmas, but one in particular that arrived in the mail on Christmas Eve is hard to top:

Try to ignore the fact that I look drugged or something, LOL. Just focus on the gorgeous man next to me. :D
The funny thing is I had emailed Chris at Creation the day before asking about the photos.  Then I headed over to GW and one gal who had the same problem said she'd heard from him, and to tell everyone at GW that their photos will be arriving shortly (something about him doing three different shows at once and he got behind).  I'm just glad that it arrived.  But wow, what timing. *grins*

Anyway, I had a nice Christmas with my family.  On Christmas Eve we went to mass at 4pm, then got some dinner at a nice restaurant/pub called E.B Elliot's.  It's on a seaside strip called The Nautical Mile.  Nice views and the food was good.  The weather wasn't too bad either.  No snow, and not very cold.  Needless to say we didn't have a white Christmas.  It was quite bright out and around 45 F.

Among the gifts I received were a few sweaters, pairs of socks and a pair of gloves.  On DVD I got Doctor Who series 3 and Ghost Hunters season 3 part 1. Got a couple of jazz CD's, ghost hunting book by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson (from GH), the Supernatural novel "Witch's Canyon"...  um a couple of calendars as well - for my desk at work one with tropical seascapes and for home a Supernatural calendar.  Also got a pack of blank DVD-R discs and a 4GB pen drive for my computer.

Spent Christmas day with my parents, grandmother and uncle.  It was a nice, quiet day for the most part.  I do have some pics to share from Christmas morning... hope I am doing this right:

Pics 1-3: my beagle Penny getting presents out of her stocking
Pics 4-8: Penny at the tree being nosy (pic 5 has me and my mom)
Pics 9-10: lying around... the Santa hat my mom got for her back when she was a puppy.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. :)
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