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Puppy!Sam Picspam #172 (Supernatural)

I'm going to a dinner meeting later so I thought I would get this posted now.

Episode #8x23: Sacrifice

Shorter picspam again.

1. Hi, Puppy... On a conference call with the annoying, evil little man? Okay, we'll wait...

2. Hm... *nibbles*

3. Poor uneasy Puppy :( *pets*

4. “Uh Dean? Would this be the wrong time to say I need a bathroom break? Seriously dude, I can't help it, there are so many trees here for me to choose from...”

5. Nice windswept PuppyHair...

6. “Nice flying hair, Dean... but it will never be as good as THIS... *notes Flying PuppyHair*”

7. “'Course it's gonna work. It's the Divine PuppyTreats, FGS. Tell ya what, lil guy... I'll make you mah official taster..... after I've had 6 or 7 dozen, of course...”

8. “Ah really am worried 'bout your welfare, mah lil PuppyFwiend... please promise Kewt Puppy you'll be okay??”

9. *pets*

10. *runs fingers through delightfully wind-tossed PuppyHair*

11. “You're gonna DIE, annoying evil little man! *bitchface*”

12. “DON'T lose it... half of mah divine ingredients are on here...”

13. Slowly, huh? *begin striptease music* Yeah Puppy, take it off!!

14. Aw, you stopped!!! *fangirls pout*

15. Oh, my... all this PuppyHair Porn..... *iz weak*

16. *stares*

17. Nuh-uh,IGotDis!Puppy

18. Nice PuppyPout/Bitchface combo for the annoying evil little man

19. Ooh, the Former PuppyMop is trying to rebel! Heh, just snip a few inches off and it's full-fledged PuppyMop!!

20. “Crowley, you trick me and you'll have to answer to mah fangirls. And you wouldn't like them when they're angry. *nods*”

21. “Heh... let that be a lesson to you... Can't always trust the Kewtness that is Puppy!”

22. “Whoa. Nice bitchface, Dean. I've been teaching you well...”

23. “Mah PuppyTreats recipe, thankyouverymuch?” And of course, this time Puppy has a right to be a Mr. Grabby Hands :)

24. “Ya hear that? You're our bitch, biatch!”

25. Getting all the divine ingredients ready...

26. “I feel like we're gonna win. The Divine PuppyTreats, big brother... they're so close I can just taste them!”

27. “...And let me tell ya, they are YUMMY.”

28. “Whaddaya mean? The PuppyBlood is as purified as driven snow!”

29. Puppy seems a little tense... *nibbles to calm him*

30. “Your confessional ideas suck, Dean. *bitchface*”

31. “Wha...? Ya got amnesia or somethin', Darlin'?”

32. “Forgive me for bitchfacing excessively, for thinking only of PuppyTreats when there were more important things going on, and for letting fangirls drag me into very unbecoming behavior.... actually scratch those last two...”

33. “'Scuse me? What's this now? You're saying I need help with this? Look, I know I'm no Chef Puppy, but I can whip up a mean batch of PuppyTreats.”

34. “You don't trust Kewt Puppy's culinary skills? *wibble*” Aw. :(

35. It's the You'reGoingDOWN,Biatch!PuppyEyes™

36. “Are you seriously checking me out? Ew....”

37. *killer bitchface*

38. OMG, Glowstick!PuppyArms! Please be careful, Puppy :(

39. Meanwhile... “Say I am the Bitchface Master, Young Tran! SAY IT!!!!”

40. “Seriously? This shit again? *eyeroll*”

41. “I may have told Puppy Winchester that I forfeited all future competitions and let him remain the champion. But... I LIED! Mwhahahahahahah....”

42. “.........”

43. “Wow... it's been 30 minutes since I had PuppyTreats... not sure how much longer I can hold out..” Come on, Puppy, you can do it!

44. Ooh, it's an apoplectic bitchface!

45. Puppy! Noooo!!

46. NOOOO!!! How dare you take a bite out of Puppy!! BAD CROWLEY!!!

47. “You BIT me, biatch!!! *howls in protest*”

48. “You've just opened up a huge can of Puppy Whoop-ass!!! *punches*”

49. Aw :( *gets antiseptic and snaps nurse uniform on*

50. There, all nicely bandaged up and good as new... and a little fangirl TLC thrown in :)

51. “I'd bitchface you again, but I don't know if I have the energy.... meh, here goes... *little bitchface*”

52. Aw, but your PuppyArms are still all glowstick-y! :( Maybe this will help? *more fangirl TLC*

53. ... and fangirl lovin' ;)

54. “Whoa... thanks fangirls... I feel refreshed...”

55. Huh...Fishface!Puppy?

56. “But-but you CAN'T escape! I mean... Divine PuppyTreats! You are the last ingredient! *starts freaking*”

57. “OMZ! It's the OTHER evil biatch!!! I'm double-teamed! Fangirls, little help here??”

58. *twirls flippy bits around finger*

59. “Eat lead, biatch!!!!! *epic bitchface*”

60. Puppy!!!! Nooooo!!


62. “Hey, Darlin'. Didn't count on Pyro!Puppy, did ya?!!”

63. Puppy can't decide whether to watch in horror or to roast marshmallows over Abbadon

64. *scratches PuppyNeck*

65. “So! Ya admit that Puppy's not just a harmless little big fuzzball, eh? Big of you, evil little man...”

66. Aw... *makes plans to draw up a nice, soothing bath for Puppy after this is all done*

67. “'K. Your monologue is creepin' me out now, bro...”

68. ThaHELLYouSayin'?!Puppy

69. “Huh? Did you say something? Can't hear ya over the sound of me being so kewt...”

70. “Now for the final step. I shall read aloud to you the Divine PuppyTreats recipe. 'Ingredients...'” Crowley: GAAHHHH!!

71. “Don't interrupt, biatch!!!”

72. PUPPY! Are you absolutely sure you need to slice the PuppyPaw like that? :(

73. “Eep! Big brother! Fangirls! What are you doing?? I'm just getting to the good part...”

74. Meanwhile... “I shall confront you with a bitchface of epicness for all your crap, Naomi. I.... *sees dead Naomi* Oh.....”

75. “But-but-but I CAN'T stop, guys! Not with teh PuppyArm all glowstick-y and those Divine PuppyTreats just within reach...!” Trust us, Puppy, you really should stop...

76. “What??? You mean I can't have Divine PuppyTreats????”

77. Puppy barks his objection

78. “*wibble*”

79. Some fangirl lovin' to make him feel better

80. “*shocked PuppyEyes™*ZOMG Divine PuppyTreats cause DEATH?? Why didn't anyone tell me?!”

81. “But-but PUPPY TREATS! Yummy, gooey PUPPY TREATS!” Sorry hon, we know you crave them, but we'd rather have you alive

82. Puppy, you're breaking our hearts here... :(

83. Aw... *pets*

84. *huggles*

85. :'(

86. Aw... Dean, we would've preferred to do that... but go ahead :)

87. *sniff* :)

88. YAY! The glowstickiness has disappeared! Hope you're back to normal now, Puppy

89. Some fangirl lovin' in celebration ;)

90. Oh nooooo :(

91. *such an urge to nibble*

92. Please be okay, Puppy :( *cuddles*

Bitchface count: 7
Facial Shrugs: 0

I've finally wrapped up season 8! *collapses in a heap* Again I'm sorry it took so long. I had setback after setback last year thanks to Hurricane Sandy, my stressful work situation and my stressful medical situation. Now that things are better I hope to be more on top of these. Not sure when I will get to start season 9, but hopefully soon.
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