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SPN #9x13 The Purge (episode review)

Some thoughts on this one... eye candy. Um. Yeah. I think that's all I can use to sum this one up.

LOL okay, maybe that's not it after all. I'm not sure why, but I found this one a little sad overall. I mean don't get me wrong, the eye candy was yum but first of all, the hint of static still between Sam and Dean when they were doing this case. Not that I would expect anything else of course. But the way Sam said it'd just be business between them.

The lady cop made me think of Fargo and Frances McDormand's character. I was almost waiting for her to say "Oooookie dokie, thanks a bunch."

The beings that the girl and her brother were...not sure how to spell that, but the "fish taco" things as Dean said... Nice red herring thinking that first the guy who lost the hot dog eating contest had something to do with the murders and then the girl & her husband running the spa...and it was her brother all along. Felt kind of bad for her just wanting to help people and feed at the same time (though she kinda reminded me of those changelings back in season 3, the way they feed). And of course felt bad for the people who wanted to lose weight, especially when the cop was talking to them about why she joined the spa.

And again the ending was heartbreaking to me. And oh my gosh, it hurt when Sam said he wouldn't do the same for Dean if he were in that position. Gah it hurt. :( I almost wonder if Sam was seems that he's a bit different since the beginning of S8 especially and I wonder if that will ever be addressed (though probably not). Or maybe he wasn't lying and thinks he really would do this, but if push came to shove he actually wouldn't?

Maybe I'll post more about this after I've had time to digest it more. No new episode for a few weeks. As for the preview...heh I'm not sure what to think. All I know is that it will be airing on my birthday. So I hope it won't disappoint too much.
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