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SPN #9x14 Captives (episode review)

So, new episode on my birthday. Yay, right?


At least for the angel part. Honestly, I don't know how much less I could give a crap about the different factions fighting and Bartholomew and etc etc etc. The two different plots in this one didn't seem intertwined at all and IMO it would have been better for both to get their own separate episodes. Maybe the fact that they were discussing Metatron is part of the myth arc, but still the two plots didn't fit together seamlessly. Maybe other people don't care and I'm just too critical but it just irks me. Bart was killed off, meh I was not attached to him anyway. And we learned that there are angels willing to follow Cas ( or at least they tell him that).

As for the other half...well I just need to say this upfront first....

In the bunker in the beginning..... Sam's hair!! Looking all long and bouncy....thanks SPN for the birthday hair porn :D Though I wish it'd been that nice for the whole episode. The scenes in the storage unit...did he use Vaseline as shampoo or what? LMAO, seriously hair dept, use the opening scene as a guide and keep his hair like that for each scene this season. I mean for reals, his hair in most of the preview for next week nearly made me weep (though it looks glorious in one of the promo pics). Be nice to the hair please, kthxbai. (I know I'm too obsessed...please don't mock lol)

*cough* okay as far as the rest of that thread...I honestly did think that Kevin's mom was alive the whole time. Nice to see it confirmed. Sam and Dean's interaction is at least civil through this case, if not a little frosty (like in the summoning Candy scene). Not that that isn't expected at all. And as expected,  Dean is still feeling really guilty for Kevin's death.

So the guy keeping Kev's mom captive is a shapeshifter working for Crowley. Why does the actor look so familiar to me? He looks like he was in another episode in the past, but I can't put my finger on it. Nice that Mrs. Tran got her revenge for Kevin's death and was the one to kill him. I liked her scenes with Sam. And the look on his face when she wanted them to bring her to her son.

Kevin is reunited with her at the end and actually tells the boys to knock off the fighting and drama. And as kinda expected, Sam leaves the room as Dean's about to say something. It's way too soon for them to just call a truce like that and it would be the easy way out. Sam goes into some other room...can we assume that he's got his own room too now? Or did he go into some different type room? Dean goes into his room and listens to his music like he did in the beginning. Has he resigned himself to the fact that they can't just mend fences yet or is he just trying to put it out of his mind? I wonder what it will take for them to get back on better terms, something really big? Or is it something that will just happen gradually? Guess we'll find out.

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