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Puppy!Sam Picspam #173 (Supernatural)

Sorry I've taken so long to start this season.

Episode #9x01: I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

Exactly 100 pics in this one. And my caps are pretty crappy as I'm making them off my own DVD recordings (because I am still too chicken to download them :P). But hope you like it anyway.

1. Hi, Puppy... Uh we're kinda confused, can you fill us in on WTH just happened?

2. Hmm it's the Somethin'You'reNotTellin'Me,BigBro?PuppyEyes™

3. “Okay um, Kewt Puppy is, like, really confuzzled about a buncha stuff going on atm... can I have some deets, pleeeeeease? *PuppyEyes™*”

4. *fingers the wavy PuppyHair*

5. “Come on, Dean. You know you can't lie to the PuppyEyes™. *nods*”

6. Even shrouded in almost complete darkness, that PuppyHair is magnificent :)

7. “Um. 'Scuse me? Kewt Puppy is just sittin' here, giving some exposition on the final moments of our cliffie, and suddenly he's the PROBLEM? IDGI Dean...”

8. Puppy's DYING??? Nooooooo!! *fangirls scream in agony*

9. “Shuddup, biatch. 'Tha hell you doing, trying to freak out mah fangirls like that?”

10. ZOMG, it's true!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO....... *fangirls desperately try to think of miracle cures*

11. *nibbles PuppyNeck, hoping it'll somehow help*

12. *runs fingers through PuppyHair & gently kisses six five forehead*

13. “We're doing everything we can. By the way, what is with the huge contingent of slightly crazed looking women that keep hanging around here?”

14. “Uh.... Yeah. They're cousins... second, third and forth, sometimes once or twice removed.... We got a big family, man.....”

15. “*nods* Oh. Okay. Well..... Just as long as they don't get in the way if emergencies occur and that they're aware of the posted visiting hours...” Yay, thanks for saving our bacon, Dean. :) *hugs*

16. :'(

17. Ohhhhh I get it, we're inside Puppy's grapefruit. Hm.... Skeptic!Puppy

18. “Yeah, I KNOW we're not really in the car, sweetheart. Know how I know that? Because if we WERE in the car, it'd be stuffed to the rims with PuppyTreats! *sets jaw angrily*”

19. Fangirl Alert! Heh... okay so maybe it doesn't really count in Puppy's head, but still... why not?

20. “ZOMG!! AwesomenessThatWasBobby, how'd YOU get inside teh PuppyGrapefruit now??”

21. Ooh, bitchface for Dean's apparent nitpicking

22. “Pleeeease stop trying to explain it, man? Puppy's got a sick headache now.....”

23. “So I really am in a coma? Oh noes.... think of all the PuppyTreats I'm missing... all the time in Fangirl Palace..... *sad*”

24. Puppy howls mournfully

25. Blurry bitchface for both Dean and TheAwesomenessThatWasBobby's nonstop bickering

26. Aw... *pets*

27. “Whoa. Thanks for the lift, AwesomenessThatWasBobby. I love mah big brother and all, but... I really had to pee... *stares up at all the trees*”

28. “OMG I've never seen so many trees all in one little place before! This is such a tough decision and I really, really gotta pee....” AwesomenessThatWasBobby: “Just pick any. They're all the same, ya idjit...”

29. “Well gee, ya don't have to yell... *bitchface of indignation*”

30. “I WANT to help your puppy brother! I have also heard the fangirls' prayers. They spoke of how important he is to them. How they adore caring for him. Believe it or not, Dean, I understand. I have had my own fangirls...”

31. “Uh..... Okay...?”

32. “I wanna fight, AwesomenessThatWasBobby, really I do. I miss devouring all those delicious PuppyTreats, and all the wonderful fangirl favors, the way they'd feed me, and bathe me, and wash and brush and braid style my hair, and the massage therapy, and...” AwesomenessThatWasBobby: “Alright alright, I've heard enough.......yeesh...”

33. *Has a mini fangirl moment just thinking about it*

34. Bitchface that it wasn't an actual fangirl moment

35. It's awfully hard to resist the urge to nibble when you do that with your neck, Puppy...

36. “Um, that's all well and good, AwesomenessThatWasBobby, but what good is dyin' if I don't have teh fangirls?”

37. Somewhere in the deep recesses of the PuppyBrain: “Must..... fight........ need.....fangirls.......... and PuppyTreats.... dang I'm starving............”

38. “Hm. Yes, he is badly banged up. And he is saying something about... PuppyTreats?”

39. “Uh, long story. So can you help or not?”

40. “Dean? How is your puppy brother doing? Might he be up for another competition? *is practicing PuppyEyes just in case*”

41. “???? ....Okay ya know what, I'm just gonna pretend I didn't hear that...”

42. “Ooh look at this place... must make a mental note of where it is for possible future fangirl time getaways... if I ever get out of this, that is...”

43. Puppy looks a little nervous... *pets*

44. “Bye, AwesomenessThatWasBobby. I will miss your companionship... but not your insistence that Puppy must play dead for reals...”

45. PuppyEyes™ wide in terror thanks to the mystery sniper who took out TheAwesomenessThatWasBobby

46. “Dean, you KILLED him??? LIKE, WTF, BIATCH?!!”

47. The PuppyEyes™ are actually bitchfacing Dean now

48. Oh noes! Puppy, you're pretty and you're kewt and we love you, but PLEASE don't ever talk like that, okay???? :(

49. “You killed mah friend. *bitchface*” Let it go, Puppy... come back to us!

50. Noooooo!!!! But still... someone's gotta get through to him, as much as it hurts to see...

51. Ooh, lookit the PuppyMop...

52. Okay Dean, I think you've made the point now...

53. Bit 'o PuppyProfilePorn

54. “The thing worth fighting for is in there!!! A future fangirl time getaway!!”

55. “Will you SHUT UP about the stupid fangirl crap for once?!!!!” Uh oh, bad Dean...

56. “Whut? Now you're actually trying to equate fangirls with death??”

57. “S'okay, Dean. The fangirls have my best interest at heart. They won't result in my death...”

58. “But if I am gonna die, I want it to be with the fangirls.” Puppy, you're not making any sense. Just come back with us, okay?

59. Dean of course is having a hard time accepting this. So Puppy tries to placate him by administering the PowerfulPuppyTouch

60. “*Suddenly feels very alone* Fangirls????” We're here, Puppy. Come back...

61. *pets PuppyHair to soothe him*

62. Aw. :( *huggles*

63. “Ooh, nice place... lots of room to store PuppyTreats and lots of room for fangirl fun....”

64. Whoa, Death is a Puppy fangirl... er, fanboi? Who knew?

65. Puppy's coding??? Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!

66. Come on, Zeke, help him!! You said you had fangirls of your own, so you understand us, right??

67. “Look um... I think it's flattering that you want to be a fanboi and all, but.... Sorry, I'm just finding it a little squicky...”

68. Come on out, PuppyTongue, don't be shy! ;)

69. “I just need to know one thing... If I leave, what will happen to mah fangirls?” Seriously, Puppy, you even have to ask???

70. Ex-SQUEEZE me, Puppy?!! You want to leave and never come back... Are you trying to give the fangirls a heart attack here?!!

71. Huh, they're having a staring contest...

72. “I mean.... I can't take them with me??” Tsk, you really are naïve, hon. And no amount of flashing the PuppyEyes™ will make up for that

73. You're breaking our hearts, Puppy :(

74. “'The hell you doin', man?? You actually want to give up your fangirls for HIM [Death]?!!”

75. Aw look, a fangirl lovingly moved some strands of the former PuppyMop over Puppy's six five forehead

76. Let's get a closeup of that :)

77. “Oh. It's YOU. *bitchface*” Hang on, Puppy. Give him a chance. He's on our side!

78. “What's goin' on? Are the fangirls okay? Please tell me they're okay...” Puppy, why don't you just come with us and you'll SEE that we're okay

79. Perhaps this might persuade you a little in our direction? ;)

80. *fangirl visit ends* “.... Damn, I missed that...”

81. “I really miss it... I want it back... *starts to tear up*”

82. *nibbles*

83. *caresses PuppyCheek*

84. *huggles*

85. “There aint no me if there aint no you... and there aint no fangirls. Think about that!”

86. *wibble*

87. Come on sweet Puppy, please say yes and come back with us! *dries PuppyTears*

88. Yay!! Thank you, Puppy! And since Puppy administered the PowerfulPuppyTouch to Dean a little while back, Dean decides to return the favor

89. *Dean/Zeke transformation* “Uh... WTF?”

90. Eep, I'm scared... fangirls, help??!!” It's okay, Puppy. Trust us!

91. Whoa. Um.... Cadaver!Puppy? *shivers*

92. Yeah, this Zeke!Puppy is creeping me out a little.... wake up soon, Puppy?

93. Zeke!Puppy bitchface for some reason

94. Ooh, nice bit o' Flying PuppyHair there. Which reminds us... Zeke, heal Puppy as much as you can, and please keep the PuppyHair looking nice!

95. “To heal your puppy brother, I must have sustenance. This body really seems to crave these so-called 'PuppyTreats' right about now...”

96. Mm... got such an urge to nibble, but I'd rather wait till the actual Puppy wakes up

97. Aww, Sleepy!Puppy...

98. Yay, it is actually him! Welcome back, Puppy, we missed you :)

99. And here's a little somethin' somethin' to celebrate ;)

100. “Ah, that's more like it... missed ya, fangirls. Can't believe I slept for a whole day and missed our fangirl time...”

Bitchface count: 8
Facial Shrugs: 0 :(

That's it for this one. Hopefully I'll get the next episode's picspam up sooner.
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