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SPN #9x16 Blade Runners (episode review)

Just a few thoughts on this one...

So Snooki was a Crossroads demon. I found her annoying, but I guess she's supposed to be that way (honestly I've never watched that show she was in, I've just heard how annoying she was on it in passing).

Magnus guy was played by Kavan Smith who appeared in an earlier episode (Time Is On My Side back in season 3 I believe) and played Major Lorne in Stargate Atlantis! As soon as I saw him I was like "Lorrrrrne!!" Lol sorry, it's the Stargate fan girl in me... *cough* Anyway, it was interesting to delve further into the Men of Letters storyline, though he is a pretty creepy guy. He wanted to keep Dean as part of his collection along with the first blade? Eep.

Which reminds me...we see again how Dean still feels it's up to him to keep Sam safe when Magnus starts cutting Sam with the knife and telling him he will torture him. Dean is supposedly under that spell where he loses the will (or whatever it was), but he leaps up and beheads Magnus in one fell swoop. Oh and we also still see glimpses of Sam being worried about him when he's held by Magnus and Sam separated from him. The way he runs up to Crowley and tells him the guy has Dean, and even teams up with him to conjure up that spell to get back inside to Dean. He also looked a bit worried when Dean was holding onto the first blade almost mesmerized by it. The way he kept begging Dean to drop it and trying to get through to him.

Speaking of Crowley, he and Sam made an interesting little team, I liked seeing them interact again. And don't ask me how but I knew he was going to take the first blade from them. I just knew it. The Abbadon faction is really after him. And poor Dean after seeing what they did to Baby, lol

So, nice seeing them revisiting the MOL storyline, though they got rid of that guy pretty quickly.
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