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SPN #9x17 Mother's Little Helper (episode review)

Just a few thoughts on this one...

Interesting backstory on Henry and Josie. She begged Abbadon to possess her and not Henry because she loved him? Wow. That whole unrequited love thing, I guess.

I still love Crowley. And we see Dean starting to really feel the effects of the Mark of Cain. Drinking again? Where have we seen that before? Lol. By the way, is anyone else seeing any similarities to Sam getting hooked on the demon blood & Ruby preparing him to take on Lilith? Except we've got Crowley wanting to get Dean ready to take on Abbadon. Though it seems both boys are going to team up and be on the same page from what we saw at the end. She's harvesting souls for the demon war. I so knew they would bring up Soulless Sam. Yup

One last thing, the old woman Sam talked to (can't believe I already forgot her name), was the actress in 8x12 As Time Goes By? If not she really looked like the woman who was in that episode.
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