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Puppy!Sam Picspam #174 (Supernatural)

Eep, I'm sorry I took longer than I wanted to getting this one out. Family issues had me really occupied, plus the website I run for another fandom had its server hacked and I had to deal with a lot of crap from that. *sigh* Anyway I know, enough with the excuses, here we go...

Episode #9x02: Devil May Care

Image heavy (as in more than 110 pics). I hope you like. And again apologies for my crappy quality screencaps. I know there are sites that have really good ones, but I have this obsession with making my own & still very cautious/paranoid over downloading the episodes lol...

1. Hi, Puppy... “WTF dude? How can you just lie there when there are PuppyTreats sales to take advantage of???” Oh, boy....

2. *wishes those were my hands in the PuppyHair*

3. “Kinda bored without the fangirls around... Yoo hooooo, fangirls, where are youuu?” Tsk, silly puppy, you know we're right here!

4. Oh noes, the evol superglue wielding fangirl is back!! :(

5. “Whut? You mean you heard from mai PuppyEyes™/Bitchface rival? He's not challenging my title again, is he?”

6. “Aww, that is so kewt and precious of him... I'm so touched, let me wipe away the single, shining PuppyTear from mah cheek...” Whoa, dial back the sarcasm a little there, Puppy...

7. Wow, Dean's admission of bigger worries shocks the hell out of the PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkles for some reason

8. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

9. “Any word on the evil annoying little man? I thought I'd tortured him enough with mai reading of the Divine PuppyTreats recipe, that he'd.... ya know... offed himself...”

10. Facial Shrug Alert!

11. Whut,YaDon'tThinkKewtPuppyIsCapableOfKillingThaAnnoyingLilBastard?!Puppy

12. Well,WhatHaveWeHere?!!Puppy

13. “Wait wait wait... So, we've driven past a record 127 PetSmarts ... yet there are NO PuppyTreats in the trunk, just Crowley??”

14. “Kewt Puppy's having a hard time understanding your rationale here, Dean...”

15. And now he tries to shame Dean with the PuppyEyes™

16. “The fact that this trunk is not taken up by bags and bags of PuppyTreats, but rather one annoying evil little man..... *wibble*” Aww Puppy, don't be upset. You know we have a huge stash for you!

17. Back “home”... “Hai! Turns out there WERE PuppyTreats in the trunk! The annoying evil little man was hiding them in his pockets. I'm sure you can guess what followed...” Heh, we'll take your word for it, Puppy...

18. “Well, if it isn't mah lil PuppyFwiend!! How ya doing, little guy? Kewt Puppy was worried about you...”

19. Huh, Kevin didn't return the greeting... therefore he gets a bitchface

20. “A'right, biatch, talk. Where are the rest of mah PuppyTreats?”

21. Heh, Puppy's going over his To Do list... “Eat PuppyTreats, Harass Crowley, Fangirl Time, Eat more PuppyTreats, Harass Crowley, Shampoo and Massage with Fangirls, Eat still more PuppyTreats...”

22. “Look Sweetheart, it's getting dangerously close to mah Fangirl Time, so let's get down to business...”

23. Yup, those PuppyEyes™ really mean business

24. ZOMG, is that a little bit of PUPPYMOP that I see?!!!

25. Silly Crowley... you should know better than to mock Puppy! You deserve this bitchface

26. ... And this one!

27. Fangirl alert ;)

28. Heh, it's the BowDownToMyRegalPuppyness,Biatch!Bitchface

29. “Ha, joke all ya want, Darlin'. But I would blow your mind in a pair of stilletos and a bustier, mark my words...” Uh okay, I don't want to know...

30. “... But no, because you are an annoying evil little biatch, you won't get the pleasure of seeing it. *stern bitchface*”

31. “Sweet dreams, sweetie... *turns to walk away*”

32. “Don't worry, mah lil PuppyFwiend. Kewt Puppy won't let the annoying evil little man harm you. Promise.”

33. “Would these PuppyEyes™ lie to you??”

34. “......”

35. “Whut? Don't tell me you're doubting the integrity of the tried & true PuppyEyes™...”

36. “*iz hurt*” Aw don't be hurt, Puppy. That's not what it is. He's just under a lot of stress right now...

37. “Okay, I think we get the point, DEAN. *bitchface*”

38. “Dang. Looks like the PetSmart website changed its configuration... can't find that backdoor anymore!” Tsk, one track mind...

39. Agent Puppy. Because he's worth it ;)

40. Puppy, you're cute when you're trying to be all stern and official-like. But do you really have to bitchface? LOL

41. Wow. That PuppyHair is looking exceptionally flicky today... *twirls flickies in between fingers*

42. “'Scuse me? You wanna kick Agent Kewt Puppy off this case? There'd better be a darn good reason!”

43. Oh my... PuppySmirk.... *feels faint*

44. Agent Puppy. Again, because he's worth it :)

45. “Um... big brother... seeing those trees back there has suddenly given me the urge to go... *crosses legs*” Tsk Puppy, you should've gone before we left the bunker!

46. “Fangirls? Help?” LOL come on boy, we'll take you back there. Be back in a flash, Dean...

47. Come on, Dean, he really has to go. Ooh, he's even bitchfacing you with the PuppyEyes™ now!

48. “Please, Dean? Puppy really don't wanna piddle right here in the street... it's unprofessional...”

49. “What's wrong, biatch? You got a problem with mah lil PuppyFwiend---er I mean... mah awesome boss?! *cold bitchface*”

50. “I'm just gonna go and claw your eyes out, Sweetcheeks. *another cold bitchface*”

51. ... Back from the instantanous bathroom break! “Ahhhhh thanks fangirls, I really owe ya one. *melts into a puddle of relief*”

52. Facial Shrug #2!

53. Huh, Kevin's trick seems to have freaked out the PuppyEyes™ mucho

54. Still, it worked... “Alright! I knew he'd come through for us! Way to go, mah lil PuppyFwiend!!!!!! *thumbs up*”

55. Ooh, nice bit o' Flying PuppyHair :)

56. “This case is kinda tough. It really confuzzles me. What I wouldn't give for a nice kissy to make me feel better. *starts to pucker up*” Oooo I'll volunteer :D

57. Flying PuppyHair, Part Deux

58. Fangirl Cam ;)

59. Uneasy!Puppy... Aw :( *pets*

60. *nibbles PuppyNeck to calm him*

61. “Oh, Hai! Kewt Puppy is here to rescue you...”

62. “Gee I'm just tryin' to help! No need to be sarcastic! *bitchface*”

63. “You're Tracy, right? I'm Puppy Sam Winchester. Ever thought of becoming a fangirl?” I don't think this is the right time, Puppy...

64. Nope, she doesn't appear to be interested. Bitchface time

65. Some fangirl lovin' to cheer him up ;)

66. Lucky girl, having a big kewt Puppy as backup :)

67. WTF?? Hey, no manhandling the Puppy!!!!

68. “Wow. You're, like, the ANTI-fangirl ...”

69. “No, I think you're mistaken, ma'am. Kewt Puppy would never do such a horrific thing as killing your family. *nods*”

70. Geez, way to make the Puppy feel like Puppy Chow, Tracy. *glares*

71. Mind pulling that shirt up just a little, Puppy? ;)

72. “'Scuse me? Now YOU'RE doubting the Puppy, Irv?? *iz hurt*”

73. ThaHellYouSayin'ToMe,Darlin'?!Puppy

74. It's okay, Puppy. Calm down. *scratches Puppy under his neck*

75. “Oh noes, don't cry, Irv. I understand you were corrupted. Yeah, we're in deep shit now, but Kewt Puppy always forgives. *nods*”

76. *Irv shot* “Kewt Puppy shall avenge your death, Irv! Ya hear me?? .... Uh, never mind. *aims at demons*”

77. More Flying PuppyHair as he beats the hell out of Dodge

78. Thanks for the view, Puppy :)

79. And for this one, too ;)

80. Oops, commercial break time! “Hai! This is Puppy and Dean reminding y'all that if you're on a long road trip, and you really need to satisfy your PuppyTreats craving, make sure you have a designated driver.” Dean: “That would be me. *nods*”

81. “Please? Kewt Puppy cares about you. *pleading PuppyEyes™*”

82. And now back to our show ..... Puppy! Noooooo!!

83. Poor Puppy... *pets*

84. Ooh, nice PuppyMop...

85. *stares in awe*

86. Noooooo!

87. Puppyyyyyyyyyyyyy :(

88. ZOMG!!!! Puppy?

89. “That's PuppyZeke to you. You just opened up a big can o' whoop-ass, biatch!!! *bitchfaces* *flings demon across room*”

90. Wow, PuppyZeke is all glow-sticky... Please don't hurt our Puppy, Zeke!

91. *iz speechless*

92. “Sorry, Dean. Your brother is a Marmaduke. A Cujo was needed to finish off these guys...”

93. “I also hope you don't mind this. Your brother's naturally-styled hair is too pretty for me. This day forth I shall be using a grooming regimen that involves Superglue and a flat iron, so helpfully supplied to me by an unnamed fangirl.”

94. “WTF? Well, I don't give a crap, but the rest of his fangirls will. Better watch your back, Zeke...”

95. Lurking!Fangirl POV ;) Gah, I have such an urge... Better wait till Zeke is asleep, though

96. “Puppy-Sam will not remember any of this. If he questions the difference in his hair's appearance/texture, do NOT say anything. Just.. use the Superglue fangirl excuse...”

97. “I will still try to imitiate your puppy brother in other ways. See the way I tilt my head to the side as he does? Like all inquisitive puppies do?”

98. “And the way I use the PuppyEyes™?”

99. Later, Real!Puppy awakens, with the help of some fangirls ;)

100. “Whoa, what was that? I mean... I've had fangirl wakeup calls before but this one was extra good...” Why thanks Puppy!

101. *stares*

102. “Oh hey, I thought I felt a little bit of weird residue in my hair... kinda like Superglue? Any idea what's up with that?”

103. Facial Shrug #3!

104. “Wait, so you're NOT the anti-fangirl now? *bitchfaces in confusion*”

105. “Whoa. Mah lil PuppyFwiend did all that to you, annoying evil little man? Dang, he's good.....”

106. *twirls extra long strand of former PuppyMop around finger*

107. Bitchface for Crowley... just 'cause

108. *unbuttons PuppyShirt further*

109. What's with the prissy bitchface? Don't feel like toasting, Puppy?

110. Fangirl alert ;)

111. “Actually I'm happy with my life! I'm happy with all the PuppyTreats, and the fangirl attention, and Fangirl Palace, and...”

112. “Speaking of which, we've got a little somethin' somethin' planned in a few minutes. Don't wait up, Dean. *hint of rakish PuppySmile*”

Bitchface count: 16
Facial Shrugs: 3

That's all for today. I really aim to get the next one done sooner.
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