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Not Another Sam/Daniel Meta! Part 3

Sorry I've had to break these up into separate posts.  As I mentioned, the whole thing ended up being 14 pages long (after I tried to shorten it as much as possible... *blushes*), and there would be no way I could include it all in one post.  There are some vague spoilers for Ark of  Truth later on in this post, but hopefully nothing that will ruin it for anyone.

Season 9 and Beyond

Sadly, this part is going to be quite short because there hasn't been a whole lot of nice Sam/Daniel interaction in recent times, especially compared to Seasons 1-8. But, I will try my best to highlight that which we do get.

The first five episodes we don't get any Sam/Daniel interaction since Sam doesn't appear in any of the episodes (since AT was out on maternity leave). But apparently they did talk during that time. When Sam comes back in Beachhead, she mentions this (that she'd talked on the phone with Daniel several weeks prior about the bracelets that linked him and Vala). Also of note in this episode, it is Daniel who welcomes Sam back and says it's nice to have her back. In the next episode, Ex Deus Machina, Sam is moving her things back into her lab and Daniel helps her. They get into some discussion in her lab, and we see the invasion of personal space again as Sam touches his back and Daniel gets close to Sam when he reaches around for something. The two of them later share a grin when Cam “officially” welcomes them back to SG-1 by giving them their patches.

For the most part, their interaction in Season 9 was sadly few and far between. We saw a lot of Daniel/Cam and Sam/Cam interaction, which I suppose makes some sense as the character was new and they wanted to show him interacting with everyone. None of the S/D interaction that WAS there was especially bad, though. There were a few times that Daniel seemed to be channeling Jack that annoyed me, where Sam was concerned. One of these was Prototype, when Sam and Walter found “bumps” in the Stargate logs, which were some sort of anomalies. I can't remember the exact conversation, but after one of Sam's explanations, Daniel replied with a sarcastic “Oh, well that explains it.” Sam rejoined with “ ...Actually, it might.” I guess it's not really Earth-shattering, but it irked me somewhat because I don't ever remember Daniel being that sarcastic to Sam. He always seemed more understanding of her when she'd get into her scientific explanations.

Another one was in Ripple Effect, first in the briefing room when Sam was trying to come up with an explanation for what was going on and Daniel just took off his glasses and pinched his nose, looking like her babble was grating to him. I don't know if he was just bothered by the whole situation, or if she found him annoying. Hopefully it's the former. And second, when they were all in the control room and she was explaining about how they were going to try and fix the situation, Landry looked confused; he looked to Daniel who sort of dismissively shakes his head. At first I took this as a sign of disrespect, and again I'd never seen Daniel react this way to Sam. It seemed almost Jack-esque. If anyone else has a different view on it, I'd love to hear it. No, really. Because I tend to obsess and read into things way too much where this show is concerned.

In Ethon, we see Daniel worrying about Sam when the Prometheus was blown up and considering what they were all in the middle of on that planet. When he spoke to her on the phone, he told her it was good to hear her voice. Just a small, quiet moment of relief that spoke volumes of how they care for each other (even if it's only as friends).

Flash forward again to Arthur's Mantle, where Sam and Daniel resumed their Science Twins roles again. When Daniel figures out how to get both her and Cam back into phase, he only succeeds in bringing Sam back – or so he thinks. I love his “Sam?” and her gleeful “Daniel!” exchange. Then they learn they were both taken out of phase. When Sam tells him “on the up side, you're here now” (since he can read the Ancient on that device), the little shrug and grin Daniel gives her is very cute. I like how Sam tries to help him in any way he can, even though she can't read Ancient. And of course, I love the fact that Sam gives credit to Daniel at the very end.

There were a few blips of nice interaction in Camelot as well, including Sam checking on Daniel as he was reading in the archives and bending over his shoulder.

Season 10 sadly saw another, more marked, drop in Sam/Daniel interaction. So much to the point that it almost seemed as if their friendship was strained. At the very least, it was pretty one-sided, with most of the care/concern coming from Sam's end. In Flesh and Blood, she demonstrated how much faith she had in Daniel when he was feared dead. She told Cam “you don't know him like we do.” When Daniel made radio contact with her, she had a huge smile on her face, saying she knew he'd made it. Sadly it was all business on Daniel's end, telling her where he was and what was going on. Before this episode aired I was hoping to see some relief on his end. If he didn't know Sam was floating out in space, I would think he'd at least worry about her fate with all those Ori ships out there. I know he couldn't show it considering he was under the gun at the moment, but it still was somewhat disappointing.

Morpheus gave us some nice team interaction (well, team minus Vala). We got some nice little glances, eye contact, etc. from Daniel to Sam and vice-versa. Daniel stayed with Sam while Teal'c and Cam checked out the caves. They both tried to revive the doctor with no luck. We see the care coming from Sam when she told Daniel they couldn't take the pills anymore to stay awake and simply had to rely on each other. She patted his shoulder and let her hand linger there for just a moment. We then see Daniel reciprocating when Sam collapses on the ground and he pleads with her to hold on just a little while longer. They are about to succumb to sleep when a hazmat team rescues them. Back at Earth, they share their experiences when they were about to become unconscious.

The Pegasus Project gave us a very small, quiet, but sweet moment of friendship between the two. In the beginning when they are about to arrive on Atlantis, Daniel stares thoughtfully at the city. Sam can tell something is up and asks him what's wrong. Daniel replies that he wished he'd gotten the opportunity to visit Atlantis under different circumstances. Sam gives him a warm smile.

Episode 200 bugged me somewhat because it had been advertised as “something for everyone.” Clearly it was only something for the Sam/Jack shippers, Daniel/Vala shippers, and Sam/Cam shippers...with a bit thrown in for the slashers. Sam/Daniel got barely a nod. Although, they did share a nice moment in the “InvisiJack” scenario. Sam is supposedly talking to an invisible Jack in her lab, when Daniel enters, asking who she's talking to and saying Jack is no longer around. Seated in her lab, they talk a bit about the situation. That was about it.

Daniel and Sam interacted as co-workers basically in Memento Mori (suprising that they interacted at all, given it was a Daniel/Vala episode), but at least he didn't ignore her totally.

The Sam/Daniel interaction bugged me for the most part in In the Company of Thieves. Sam had been taken hostage on board the Odyssey and had watched Emerson die. When Daniel and Vala met up with her, it was like everything was hunky-dory, Daniel greeting her with a flippant, amused, “Hi, Sam!” I've been told that they didn't want to show any concern in front of the hostage-takers, because it could put them into further jeopardy. I guess that sounds plausible, but IMHO it's no excuse for the exchange (or lack thereof) when the three are alone. It's Vala who asks Sam how she's holding up. Daniel doesn't say a peep. Does he even look concerned? At least at the end we had the team together, something that was missing from most of the S9 and 10 episodes. Sam and Daniel shared a concerned look when Cam says that they've declared war on the Lucian Alliance.

We did get a bit more intereaction in The Quest Part 1. Daniel goes to Sam for info on the place that Vala dreamt about (where Merlin's weapon is supposedly located). When they meet up with Adria on the planet and she threatens to kill them all, starting with Sam, Daniel immediately yells, “Alright!” (in agreeing to work with Adria for the time being). He protectively edges a bit in front of Sam, as if covering her slightly with his weapon. Finally nice to see. Part 2 was mostly Daniel/Cam/Vala with Sam and Teal'c dealing with Baal. I did like how Daniel tried to reassure Sam as much as he could while he was holding Adria off so they could get to the gate. Her “We're not leaving you here” and his “I'll be right behind you.” I know this episode mostly showed Vala being concerned/upset about Daniel (with a bit of Cam as well), but we did see how Daniel's dilemma was affecting Sam at the end. She looked quite upset and looked like she wanted to say something to Vala, but was too upset to do so.

Even though Daniel was absent from The Road Not Taken, we had Sam asking about him quite a bit. He was the first person she'd asked for when she landed in the other reality. Speaking of which, I'd love to see a fic that takes place after this episode sometime, where Sam and Daniel talk about their experiences in AU's. Getting back to the episode, when Sam returns to our reality, she asks again if they've gotten any word on Daniel the whole time she's been gone. Shows how concerned she is for him. We see that concern again in The Shroud. When Daniel appears on board the ship, she slowly approaches him, asking, “Daniel?” She and Teal'c are quite close to Daniel during the interrogation. Sadly we don't see any one on one scenes between them that give us an idea of whether or not Sam trusts him. She does say back at the SGC, “Still, it's Daniel.” Apparently later on he gives her information she needs related to the ship. And when he “depriorizes,” she catches him in the chair and puts her hand to his head. I wished she'd been in the sick bay with everyone else when he wakes up, but I was glad she asked how he was doing.

Since Daniel and Vala are not attached to each other in Bounty, I was hoping to see more interaction between him and Sam. They were off in their own little threads sadly. There was a nice bit of concern coming from Daniel though when Landry told him that Sam and Teal'c had been targeted by the Bounty Hunter.

That is about it for the whole season. They mostly stuck to the formula of having Daniel paired up with Vala, while Sam was either with Cam and Teal'c (or just Cam), or off on her own. Amanda herself has lamented this and how it meant hardly any Sam/Daniel interaction. It seemed as if TPTB were showing them drifting apart, that they aren't as close as they once were.

Which at last brings me to Unending. I already had huge problems with this episode, as anyone who knows me should know. *grin* I've been told I should be happy that I and other Sam/Daniel fans got one scene between them in the episode. Maybe I should be. But it didn't seem as if it was “my” Sam and Daniel in that scene. It seemed to show that these two don't know each other so well anymore. Would Sam really ask Daniel why he's still at it, knowing the info from the Asgard archives is just going to die along with him? Does she remember how Daniel acted in Torment of Tantalus? If anything, this scene made me sad because it did seem as if the closeness and ease and great familiarity was gone. It was like they were two strangers. And it was way too short. If this was a true team episode, they would have showed everyone trying to help Sam find a solution. But she was working totally on her own. You would think we'd get some kind of tribute to “The Science Twins,” with Daniel even giving her some kind of hint that would help her in some fashion later on. Something she could come back to.

A few sympathetic souls told me “at least you have two movies to look forward to.” Well, I have at least one which, I hope, doesn't let me down too much. Ark of Truth has been leaked and I've heard a great deal about it so far. I'll hide the info for it behind a cut so as not to spoil unintentionally. But let's just say that Sam and Daniel don't interact at all, from all I've read.

Sam is off in another thread of the movie the whole time, apart from Daniel. They are on the Odyssey in the beginning and then reunite at the end, but apparently no interaction between them. Sam is stuck on the Odyssey with Cam dealing with a double agent or someone affiliated with the replicators (I'm a bit confused here), while Daniel, Teal'c, Vala and Tomin are searching for this elusive Ark. Despite the supposed team reunion at the end, the Sam/Cam shippers get something yet again as Sam gives Cam macaroons and a kiss on the cheek.

This movie was written by RCC. This brings up an interesting theory: does RCC have some problem with Sam/Daniel interaction? Is he allergic to it? He wrote and directed Unending and took great pains to keep Sam and Daniel apart, even as friends. And it seems he has done so for this movie as well. Does he think that long time fans will just know the friendship is there since it was shown in the past and thus doesn't need to be shown anymore? Because some more recent fans of Stargate are proving this to be false. I've met very new fans who ship D/V and Sam/Cam and wouldn't dream of seeing anything, even friendship between Sam/Daniel because they've never seen it. So they don't know anything about it. I'd suggest they go and watch the old episodes, but some people just stick to absolute onscreen canon to dictate how they should ship, as it evolves. If Sam and Daniel had nice chemistry in the past, well that is the past and there's no sense to even think of shipping them (or supporting the friendship) if they act like they don't even know each other anymore. Or at least if Daniel acts like he hardly knows Sam anymore. Does RCC think that Sam is only an interesting character if she's paired with someone? And since he's paired Daniel with Vala, he can only pair her with Cam since Jack is off the show? If that's the way he thinks, it's such an insult to the memory of Sam's character. Although, I've heard he hates showing much interaction between Daniel and Jack because it might look like slash. *rolls eyes* So I guess I shouldn't put this past him.

Again, comments/thoughts/speculations/additions to the discussion are always welcome.  Provided they are civil, of course. ;)  I wrap this whole discussion up in Part 4: The Brother-Sister Thing.  
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