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SPN #9x18 Meta Fiction (episode review)

Here are some of my thoughts on this episode...apologies in advance for any bitchiness, thanks to the crappy rainy weather my bad shoulder is giving me trouble & I've got a headache :P

Um okay so I still don't care all that much about the stupid angel war. Awesome to see Gabriel again and his interaction with Cas was interesting (I guess it was kinda the way it was back in Changing Channels), but he wasn't even back for real, was he? I mean, Lucifer killed him back in season 5, how on earth would he come back? Unless Metatron somehow brought him back, and I guess he did as he was writing this whole thing. But still, none of that stuff was real, and.... I don't know, I was a little confused by all of this. Maybe it's the headache but maybe someone can set me straight here about this?

Nice concern from Sam about Dean in the beginning there. And it was cool to see Gadreel's original vessel back, I like that guy. But ugh, the scene where they had him captured and he was taunting Dean, telling him that Sam had always thought that way about him (that he would never save him). He had to have been saying that to piss Dean off. If it were totally true, then why was Sam so desperate to save Dean from going to Hell and then trying to bring him back (as was shown in IKWYDLS)? Just as a warning to anyone commenting, please let's not turn this into a Sam vs Dean thing, I feel crappy and I'm not in the mood for it.

Metatron is still a bastard and it looked at the end like what he was writing was playing out with Cas (during that musical montage) though I do like that apparently Sam and Dean capturing Gadreel wasn't in his plans. There is a chance that something they do down the line will come as a surprise to him. Or maybe I'm just sounding Pollyanna-ish.

I'm still trying to digest this one. Still indifferent to the whole angel wars thing, though it guess we see the lines have been drawn...Metatron and Gadreel (and whomever is following them) against Sam, Dean, Cas and supposedly the angels who want to follow him.

Oh and how could I forget? Shower scene with Dean......mmmmmmmmmmm. :D Also on the shallow side, Sam's hair puzzled me. A few times it looked like it shrunk in the wash, LOL. Like in the final scene with the boys talking to Cas. Maybe it was humid or something and Jared's hair got curly...something I'm all too familiar with myself. Looking forward to next week's, it looks interesting.
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