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SPN #9x19 Alex Annie Alexis Ann (episode review)

Just a few thoughts on this one...

First impression, I kinda liked this one. I know it was essentially a "filler" ep and I know there are people who don't like those, but I sometimes consider them a nice break from all the heavy myth arc stuff. And the angel war stuff I haven't been all that interested in, so that's why I consider this a nice break.

Jody... She's still awesome. Did anyone see she was dressed similar to Sam and Dean? I guess she's a bonafide hunter now, lol. Liked how she took out that young vamp who was intimidating, I will just refer to her as A I think. ;) And I was so glad that she wasn't killed off at the end, with the rate the boys have lost friends and allies.

Oh, did anyone notice the voiceover in the Then part, the one about vampire lore being crap? That was Dean, but didn't John originally say that back in Dead Man's Blood? Or was this something different? Just something I noticed...

So Jody took to A and her mother instincts came out, as the death of her family (especially her son) back in S5 still hurt a lot, as you would expect it to. A started annoying me at first with the whole defiant teenager shtick although I guess it makes sense why she acted that way. I'm glad she softened later. The whoe concept of this vampire family using her as bait to feed off people just seems so skeevy (no, not "sleeve", @&$@ iPad auto-correct, lol) to me, and then we learn that the mom went through the same as Jody, losing her child. Nice to see Jody kind of get through to her for a second, allowing A to stab her like that. So I'm assuming that A is getting cured the same way Dean was cured of his vampirism back in S6?

Nice little bit of banter between the boys at the end when Sam brought up Dean calling the one vamp guy (that he beheaded) "bitch", and we see some concern over Dean's attitude of killing the guy and enjoying it coming through too. Does this remind anyone else of Bloodlust a little?

I wonder what will happen with Jody and A now... Will Jody take her in or try to find a family for her? Hmm. I actually am curious about this, which is a nice change from not giving a crap what happens to side characters at the end. I wonder if it'll be like the girl from Bitten last season, though...just straying off int the sunset without a word.

So getting set for the spinoff next week. Not sure if I will be interested in this show but I will give it a chance I guess.
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