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SPN #9x21 King of the Damned (episode review)

Not a whole lot to say about this one, but here it is, for what it's worth...

Honestly, it would be nice if they finally wrapped up this whole angel war storyline soon, though I kinda doubt that will happen. It still bores me. Though I do wonder if Gadreel will actually be on Cas' side or if he will double cross and stay with Metatron, now that we know he will probably be the big bad they'll go up against in the finale (unless Crowley will factor in too somehow? Just speculating).

I noticed that Sam didn't say all that much to Cas when he asked him what it was like to be "possessed" by Gadreel. Sam insisted he wasn't, that he was still him but it was as if Gadreel was just in there somewhere. And that he thought everything was okay but obviously not, as he killed Kevin. I think he didn't say all that much because it still bothers him greatly, but at this point it's not his main concern.

I liked Crowley's son Gavin appearing. Little family drama or whatever you want to call it. Maybe it's just because it's different from the angel war thing, which, by the way, did I say it bores me? LOL. You can tell there is still a little shred of humanity in him concerning his son's fate. As far as him and Abbadon go, for a second I almost thought he was in league with her against the boys, till the Poughkeepsie thing. And eep, Dean keeps that from Sam. Because he thinks Sam will stop him from using the blade. And I know you're thinking "how could he, after what he said to Sam in 9x19 (about how he wouldn't do the same for him)?" I am wondering though if it has to do with those scenes flashing in his head when he was sitting alone at that desk. Where he was flashing back to touching the blade in 9x16. Those flashbacks included Sam's voice getting through to him and telling him to put it down.

Dean's actually getting a little scary now concerning the blade. And Abbadon is dead now. Am I the only one who thought it was a bit...anti-climactic? I don't know, it just seems like it happened too soon or something. It did do a good job showing us how Dean is possessed by the blade, though, and what it's doing to him. His eyes... *shudder* And it looks like Sam got through to him again. That scene actually reminded me a bit of the one in the S8 finale when Sam was about to finish curing Crowley when Dean ran in and yelled for him to stop. And here Dean did stop and drop,the blade. And, uh, he actually looked a little lost for a while IMO. Though it is clear that the blade is changing him and who knows if he will be able to come back from the brink? Sam really seems to be getting concerned about it, even wanting to lock it up somewhere, but Dean refuses. It's almost like an addiction. Eep...

On the shallow side, I have to admit that even though it was a little scary, Dean's intense look was kinda hot too...heh. And Sam's hair all wind blown when he finds Dean killing Abbadon...Yum. I had a crappy day today and this helped immensely. So thanks for the eye candy, boys ;)
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