jessm78 (jessm78) wrote,

Um ... stuff...again.

Yeah have no idea what to title this, lol...

Today was a pretty good day. Since the auto body shop had my car overnight I was able to sleep in this morning and get a ride in to work later (my mom was the only one I could ask and she didn't get a break from work til after 9 am). Guy from the body shop called at 11, my car was done and he was bringing it over. New paint job on the bumper, new tail light and he washed it up nice too. Not bad. Though now one of my blinkers is out... and I'd just gotten it replaced a couple of months back at the car dealership (Chevy place since my car is a Malibu)... *sigh* Hopefully it's covered under the warranty.

Tech guy came in this afternoon also and fixed our computers so we don't get the darned Windows "genuine notification" every 5 minutes. The desktop I use needs a new hard drive, but that isn't a big problem either.

I've made some fic progress finally. A friend from Gateworld has been doing some beta work for me (though she doesn't consider it that...but she is very helpful). The last fic I posted here - Waterfall's Magic - will be redone a bit soon as well. Looks like MGM has changed their Stargate site. It's now a community type thing like Myspace and you can make your own profiles there. Here is mine if anyone wants to see. There are a lot of videos there for you to add to your profile - only thing is that the majority seem to be Daniel/Vala vids... :p I'm hoping I don't get ridiculed or flamed or anything for my pairing over there. I'm thinking the site itself might be a little D/V biased 'cause most of the ads for saving the show have pics of Daniel&Vala (aka Vaniel). Oh well if I'm thrown off the site, guess I'll know why. *rolls eyes*

Speaking of Vaniel... one of my friends posts her fanfics at and she said she got some email from some person asking her to post some D/V fics there so that they outnumber all the other ship fics and they become the "one true pairing." She then decided to post another one of her Sam/Daniel fics there but the site wouldn't accept it because it wasn't Daniel-centric enough. As far as the email goes, I think it's disgusting that these people feel there needs to be competition. What does it matter how many D/V fics there are - if other ship fics outnumber them? Please...

So that's about all for tonight. Have some fic betaing to do myself before I turn in...
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