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SPN #9x23 Do You Believe in Miracles (episode review)

My thoughts, and as a warning I really don't want to get into any brother vs brother arguments, so please just skip on by if you are thinking about this...

I totally called it. I knew that Dean would become a demon. I KNEW IT. One of my theories was that he'd get into it with Metatron and either be wounded badly or killed, and that Sam would find him and be crying on his shoulder. The only thing I got kinda wrong was how soon Dean would turn into a demon.

Anyway, it seemed the recap with Carry On My Wayward Son was a little longer than usual, eh?

So freaking glad Metatron got his and ended up in Heaven's jail. Dude was so freaking smarmy and annoying. Though I wonder if he will be involved in any way next season. I guess what's going to happen with Cas is up in the air too, especially as far as his angel grace goes and all of that. I'm kinda sad that Gadreel killed himself though, I kinda liked him.

In the beginning when Sam and Cas put Dean in the bunker dungeon, I noticed his nose was bleeding and all...symptoms of withdrawal from the Blade/killing addiction? I figured he'd try to summon Crowley.

I liked the brotherly scenes we got, although, IDK, that first one confused me a little when Sam met Dean & Crowley by that trailer/camper or whatever it was, not sure why...almost like something was missing from it...but he told Dean he agreed they had to stop Metatron and that Dean was the one to do it. That line about how "we're doing it together" reminded me of his "If we're going down, we're going down together" line from season 3's The Magnificent 7.

Also nice little brotherly scene out by the Impala where Sam asks Dean if he's okay, but I knew Dean wouldn't let him help...he is way too focused on taking Metatron out alone, though if Sam had come maybe Dean wouldn't have been killed...though maybe Metatron would have killed Sam.

Oh gosh, Sam's faaaaaaace when he sees Dean having been stabbed (and totally shallow and probably not very appropriate given what's going on here but I don't care, LOL....his wind blown hair in that scene..yum. I think it was the best it looked in the whole episode :D More nice, natural wind blown hair next season, please? *grin*). :( And the way he kept going "no no no no..." Totally brought me back to Mystery Spot. And then Dean's "I'm proud of us, Sammy...." *snifs* :(

And then we have Drunk!Sam trying to summon Crowley. And then Dean with black demon eyes. Eep. Jensen wasn't kidding when he said it'd be a real eye opener. That was another thought that had crossed my mind before this aired...that he'd be in league with Crowley. It will make for an interesting dynamic next season I think. Dean and Crowley together and then Sam with....hmmm...Cas? Maybe he would ask for Cas' help to try and get Dean back somehow? Or would Dean actually work with Sam as a demon?

The other chilling thing was Crowley placing the Blade in Dean's hand. As a demon, is Dean still going to be influenced by the Mark and need to kill everything in sight? I don't know if I could take a whole season (or even a part of it) showing him hulking out in every episode, they'd have to tone it down a little. I assume the Blade could be like that blade that Ruby had?

Also so curious about how exactly the new season will start. I kinda doubt it will pick up right where this one left off, like this season did from the season 8 finale. Maybe a few weeks or so will have gone by though I doubt they will do a big time jump like they did for seasons 6 and 8. Guess we will see.

Still trying to digest all this... Liked the brother moments very much, found the Metatron/angel stuff a little predictable, and wow, demon!Dean is certainly someplace they've never gone before. Curious to see how it plays out and when he'll return to good old Dean (or if...though I hope he will).
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