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04 January 2008 @ 09:45 am
Joe Mallozzi the Evil Genius?  
Yes, you've guessed it: the fan girl has too much time on her hands again.  This really needs to stop.

I've noticed that in some threads on Gateworld, Joe Mallozzi is referred to as the "Evil Genius." It seriously boggles my mind, because I have no clue what that's about.  And I am curious.  Anyone here who might know what I'm talking about - can you fill me in?

I don't want to turn this into a JM bash or anything, but...  *looks around warily*  I really don't view the guy as a genius, despite the fact that I kind of like SGA this season (with the huge exceptions of Elizabeth and Carson not being there). 

So this "evil genius" thing. Does it have anything to do with his blog? Does it have to do with his shipping preferences for SG-1? Or his being a PTB of SGA?

And while we're at it, someone told me he said something related to the SG-1 movies.  Something about Sam and Cam having a brother/sister thing, as well as Sam and Daniel.  While I haven't seen this quote personally it does sound like something he'd say since he ships D/V and S/J.  But I'd still like to know where he said this.  Was it at his blog?  ETA: I ventured over to his blog and I saw the Sam/Cam comment, but I haven't seen the S/D one. Anyone have a link to that?

If it was I feel so compelled to comment on it and either tell him he needs to review the first few seasons of the show (for S/D) and LITS (for Sam/Cam...not that I ship them but I don't think the brother/sister thing really applies to them either), with a stronger pair of glasses; Or ask him to explain why these characters are siblings to him.  Is it because they get along quite well so that makes it boring and too "sibling like"? There are no sparks of tension flying? Not that he'd answer me, of course.  Three times I posted on his blog asking about Sam/Daniel interaction for Unending and for the movies and all three times he ignored me.

As if I haven't ranted enough about the brother/sister thing... *sigh* 

And now for something totally unrelated... okay maybe not totally:

I have to wonder how the Daniel/Sha're, Daniel/Janet, Daniel/Weir, Jack/Sara and Sam/Martouf shippers feel.  If you are no longer given anything you can squee over, do you feel that you can keep shipping your pair? Do others who are getting shippy stuff for their pairings give you a hard time?  Because I think Sam/Daniel is starting to go in your direction as well, as the "ships that should be technically extinct because they don't get anymore onscreen nods."  How do you handle it? Do you just keep going back to the older seasons, enjoying them and writing fanfic? Do you just ignore the D/V and other shippers who are having a field day?

Just some random ponderings... one of my friends at the SDR group on Yahoo was talking about the Joe Mallozzi thing and Ark of Truth - and said that it's not a big deal if S/D aren't given any scenes anymore.  It just prompted some questions from me.
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discodiva76: Ruffleddiscodiva76 on January 4th, 2008 12:55 pm (UTC)
My own personal opinion of JM is he loves to shit stir and his blog gives him the perfect opportunity to do it....and of course, many fans rise to his bait....

As far as ship goes...well my pairing won't actually ever get a "proper" resolution *snortle*...although they have teased the public a tad in S10...*I still squee at that hair ruffle and knowing now that it was totally an "RDA special ad lib" makes me realise he's a very, very, mischievous man!* ....*winks*....

I just read my J/D stuff and have fun with it....how it relates to the series now doesn't really come into it.....the Jack and Daniel in my mind are who they are and whether or not they bear any canononical (is that a word?) resemblance to the series now is irrelevant to me....I just read the stuff and if it's really good then I'll let the author know....I tend to skip the truly bad stuff but wouldn't dream of flaming anyone as it's their perogative to write THEIR J/D as they think fit....I also think that the majority of J/D slashers are pretty laid back about other pairings too.....we're more interested in the stories than the fans - although there are some exceptions!!...

And this is my take on the other ships too....I may not read them but I believe that every author has a right to portray their characters as suits them and not get flamed for petty reasons....

Deeds xx

Edited at 2008-01-04 03:55 pm (UTC)
jessm78: jack/danieljessm78 on January 4th, 2008 01:41 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the "pep talk", Deeds. ;)

That's sort of how I see the whole thing. I've read some of his responses to comments and was taken aback by how OTT his sarcasm can sometimes be (and I'm usually a very sarcastic person myself, lol), almost mean. There does seem to be a lot of shit stirring over there.

I love how you have fun with it (oops - I totally forgot to include J/D in my list up there! *blushes*). I think that's a good attitude to have. I've noticed that most of the J/D slashers I've met are pretty laid back about other ships. I suppose ever corner of fandom has their own bad apples, but I tend to find the most obsessive ones in.... well, I'm sure you know which corners. ;)

I feel the same way... ship/slash and let ship/slash. Everyone has a right to see things the way they want and squeee as much as they want in whatever form. *grin*
discodiva76: Jack/Daniel Teamdiscodiva76 on January 4th, 2008 01:57 pm (UTC)
Thanks (((Jess))) - glad you liked my comments....oh and the boys don't care about being left out - they're usually too busy to notice!...*winks and giggles*...

Yep it's gotta be fun or else I'd give up.....as for JM's blog, he can be a sarky git as much as he likes with his fangirls and boys.....I just let them all fight it out between themselves....keeps them well away from me and my friends!...*snerk*

Deeds xx
jessm78: jack/danieljessm78 on January 4th, 2008 05:57 pm (UTC)
No problem, hon. :) Hee hee... point taken ;)

Yeah I only posted 3 times on his blog in the past and then just walked away. No sense getting in the middle of all that!