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SGA #4.11 Be All My Sins Remember'd (Episode review)

Wow, there was just so much happening in this episode...

We got the Replicators, we got the Wraith - as in getting them to help us fight the replicators. 

We got Lairyn (sp?) from Travelers. 

We got Rodney tinkering with making replicators and finally making a human form one. 

We got Caldwell. 

We got Teyla spilling the beans about her pregnancy finally. 

We got Rodney-babble (hee!). 

We got Rodney/Radek banter and John/Rodney banter.

And we got RepliWeir.

Wow, this ep was just packed with.... stuff.

Let's see if I can elaborate a little here.  Hmmm...

Okay, it was nice of Sam to defend Rodney a bit when that Ellis guy (from the Apollo) was being a hard-@$$ to him in the beginning (though I thought the "you're now questioning my manhood??" line was kind of funny).  It's probably just me, but Rodney's behavior early in that scene reminded me of the old Daniel Jackson.  The way he just prattled on about the stuff he was working on and its implications, in that sort of excited tone, even when people were expressing doubts and so forth.  Noticed that he and Sam got into a bit of finishing sentences and catching on to each other's thoughts, like she used to do with Daniel.  That made me feel a bit sad.  Though IMHO it still wasn't to the same extent as she'd done with Daniel.

Liked Rodney's reaction when the wraith guy almost threatened to feed on him... and mumbling that "I'll just work over here in this corner."  Heh.  The Rodney/Radek banter was pretty good... liked when Rodney thought he'd finally figured out the replicator whatchamacalit and Radek said something like "Rodney McKay is back!" to which he answered "Will you stop saying that? I never left!"  I liked when he was telling everyone about his plan and said "this is my chance to shine!" It's kind of fun seeing Rodney get all excited.  I know sometimes we can feel like we're O.Ding on Rodney, but I thought those bits were pretty fun.

And maybe it's just me, but that part where Lairyn had John tied up in the chair kind of reminded me of SG-1 Prometheus Unbound where Vala had Daniel tied to the chair on the Prommie.  Not a lot, but just a tad.  Though I kind of like Lairyn.  I guess it's possible we'll see her again given the way she said she knows where Atlantis is now.

As I mentioned Teyla has finally spilled the beans about how she is pregnant. Did anyone catch the name of the father? I didn't hear it at the time but I know she said it wasn't anyone on Atlantis.  The way John reacted upon finding out, especially since she'd just been stunned, shows his level of concern even if he was a bit brash about it.  Just the way he immediately had her removed from active duty.  Ronon was cute the way he told Teyla about "Ronon" making a nice name for a boy or girl. 

I just knew Sam would have reservations about Rodney creating a human form replicator.  Even though it was about 3 years earlier, the whole RepliCarter thing still has to be something of an issue for her.  Not something you could get over easily.  Liked the naming of her (the replicator) as "Fran" because she noticed Rodney and Radek had names so wanted one as well.  I also liked how it seemed to be bothering Rodney just a tad about how dedicated "Fran" was to her mission and that she didn't care about what was going to happen to her.

I have to say that the whole coalescing (for lack of a better word) of wraith material into that metallic liquid on the planet just reminded me of the Terminator (or Terminator 2)? Again just a tad. 

RepliWeir.  Wasn't quite expecting to see her show up.  But then I guess that is the point.  Well I was expecting her to show up at some point down the line, but I guess not yet (as in this episode).

Still really miss Elizabeth. *sigh*
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