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Puppy!Sam Picspam #175 (Supernatural)

Guess who's back! Finally!!

Episode #9x03: I'm No Angel

I know it's been way too long since I posted these... it's just been one thing after another as far as RL. *sigh* I'd like to try and finish up the season before the new one starts. We'll see how it goes. I have the eps through 9x08 capped, just have to get all the coding etc set up and finished. Also, since I have the S9 DVDs now, my caps for the remaining episodes will look better. Nice long one this time, over 120 pics. Hope you like.

1. Morning, Puppy! Gone for a PuppyTreats run already, hmm?

2. “I dunno what it is, Dean, but I feel really GOOD! Kinda like... a BIONIC Puppy...”

3. “I also found this really interesting shampoo. It's got some kind of polymers in it... not sure but almost sounded like glue. I just had to get it, I felt like I was... drawn to it.” Oh, no.... :(

4. The PuppyEyes™ are taken aback by Dean's incredulity

5. “Whut? Puppy can't go for a nice long run in the local dog park?”

6. “You know me, always up for some exercise. And thanks to the wonderful stay in Fangirl Palace last night, I feel more motivated than ever... *knowing grin*”


8. YourShitIsCrackin'MeUp,Sweetheart!Puppy

9. Uh oh Dean, you better lay off... I believe that's a bitchface he's trying to stifle

10. Yup, bitchface time

11. Whoa... so I guess the bitchface is some kind of Zeke signal, almost like a bat signal?

12. “I am quite enjoying the bitchfaces for which your brother has such a penchant. Good exercise for the facial muscles...”

13. *bitchface for emphasis*

14. “I believe I am fully turning him on to the new hair care regimen as well: Superglue shampoo followed by a bacon grease treatment. What do you think?”

15. “A work in progress, of course, but in time I will have him looking like a complete, unfeeling automaton with an unmovable helmet of hair.”

16. “........Wow. You're a d!ck.”

17. “And yes, I am fully aware that the fangirls may resist this, but I assure you, they will learn to accept it...” Um, no, Zeke. You have a lot to learn about us.... *begins researching Superglue/bacon grease antidote*

18. “And they will still fall for these, will they not? *emphasizes the PuppyEyes™*” Oh boy...conflicted....

19. Okay, I know we can't trust him, but..... that face..... *fans self*

20. Eep, so conflicted...especially when he's got the Goa'uld eyes going---oops, wrong show...”

21. Yay, he's back!! A little fangirl lovin' to celebrate :)

22. “Why thanks, fangirls! To what do I owe the PLEASURE?? *iz giddy*”

23. Aw, look at the sweet, Confuzzled!Puppy tilting his head as all confuzzled puppies do :)

24. The PuppyEyes™ beg for clarification

25. “OMG I think I've finally cracked PetSmart's website!” Priorities, Puppy, you're straying again...

26. *scratches Puppy on his neck*

27. “Aw, fangirls, why'd ya stop? Keep going!” Sorry Puppy, hand cramps...

28. Agent Puppy looking a mite distracted... Heh, sorry Dean, we didn't know when you'd be back so we kept him company ;)

29. *runs fingers through the still somewhat restrained, though silky-looking PuppyHair*

30. Amused!Puppy at that fact that Dean doesn't get an easy movie reference... plus it looks like the PuppyHair is starting to bounce back to life!! Yay!

31. How could you not get that, Dean? Apparently you deserve this bitchface...

32. “WHOA... Oh Hai again, fangirls! Didn't expect to find you under the seat like this...”

33. Ooh, looking very GQ there, Agent Puppy...

34. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

35. Facial Shrug Alert!

36. Hm... Random bitchface time, I guess?

37. “Ooh, whatcha got there, Sir? Might there be any PuppyTreats within that evidence?? *hopeful PuppyEyes™*”

38. I hearby decree that Agent Puppy's tie needs to be loosened as much as possible... who's with me?

39. “Wow... Hey, ya think he has some podcasts of the local pet show, focusing mostly on the care & feeding of puppies?? *more hopeful PuppyEyes™*”

40. Facial Shrug #2!

41. Fangirl Alert ;)

42. Bzuh?Puppy

43. “This guy is glorifying CATS? Heathen! *bitchface*”

44. Hmm, it seems like our rehabilitation of the PuppyHair is starting out quite nicely :) Let's enjoy, before Zeke notices.


46. Hi, PuppyTongue!

47. Seems like “Reverend Cat” has a lot of fans worldwide! This calls for another bitchface

48. Oh noes, seems like Zeke actually noticed and has punished the PuppyHair again! :(

49. “Whut? You think I did WHAT to my hair??”

50. Puppy, you know it's hard to resist a nibble when you present your neck to us like this, right?

51. *sigh* We love ya, Pupster, but you really are in need of a hair intervention. Just FYI.

52. This guy is being too evasive, so Puppy howls at him to extract more info

53. IDon'tGetYou,Man.Puppy

54. And the hair intervention is going well. We fangirls work quick, no? :)

55. Puppy himself is so pleased with it, he wants a kissy! Anything you say, boy ;)

56. “Sugar free PuppyTreats?? What IS this crap?!!” Puppy, he didn't read the label. It's not a big deal. We've got plenty of the good stuff when you get back here :D

57. *grins in anticipation of returning to Fangirl Palace*

58. Nice bit o' Flying PuppyHair :)

59. Ooh, AttackDog!Puppy goes GRROWRRRRRR!! to the mysterious stranger stalking them

60. ... And howls in interrogation

61. “Meh, do whatever you want with him, big brother. I gotta be in top form for my little somethin' somethin' later on...” Dean: “Will ya SHUT UP about the stupid fangirl time?!!” Uh oh, bad Dean...

62. “*ignores Dean* Anyway, you suck. I'd bitchface you, but it's not worth it... *barely squeezes out a bitchface*”

63. SoWhoseLeashAreYouOn,Biatch?!Puppy

64. “Seriously, you are REALLY messin' with my plans tonight, Sweetheart...”

65. *bitchface*

66. Ooh bitchface deluxe as Dean ends the troublemaker

67. “Yeah, that's right... Serves you right for wasting Puppy's precious time, dumbass...”

68. Later... Again?!!! Geez Zeke, you really need to lay off the PuppyHair... *glares*

69. Facial Shrug #3!

70. And look, Zeke is influencing Puppy to hide his hair in his shirt collar again!! Tsk...

71. Facial Shrug #4!

72. “Uh, why are you & the fangirls looking at me like that, Dean? I didn't do anything out of the ordinary to my hair... that I know of...”

73. “Are those COMPLAINTS I hear??” Oh boy...

74. “Alright, look. You're pissing off the fangirls big time by messing with my brother's hair...”

75. “Tough kibble. Your puppy brother must have obedient hair for me to carry out my plan...” Oh boy, I really don't like this...

76. “I still do a good impression of a puppy, do I not? *demonstrates*”

77. Meanwhile: “You think you are powerful. But you have nothing over me. For I am the BITCHFACE MASTER.” Uh oh......

78. “ZOMG! It's my PuppyEyes™/Bitchface rival!! And he's been KILLED!”

79. OMG Puppy, watch out!!

80. “You'll pay for what you did to mah brother, biatch!!! *unleashes deadly bitchface*”

81. PUPPY! Nooooooo!!!!

82. Aw :( *helps him up*

83. “See? You're gonna have to answer to mah FANGIRLS!”

84. “Well, look at that... he's still dead...” Tsk, you're being mean now, Puppy...

85. “Okay okay, sowwy... You're right. Even though he was annoying and threatening my titles constantly, he still doesn't deserve this...”

86. “On another note, how do you like my windswept PuppyMop?” Ooh very nice... *misses PuppyMop so much*

87. *ded*

88. “Anyway.... Awwww poor lil guy... :(“

89. “HAH! Fooled you! I'm not Puppy, I'm ZEKE!Puppy!!!” *gasps* I KNEW it!!!

90. “... And I think this guy might just be the Bitchface/PuppyEyes™ Master. So I'm giving him another shot at the competitions! *heals*” OMG blasphemy!!!!!

91. “GAH! This... actually nice-looking PuppyHair is depleting my energy!! Must.... take 5...... *collapses*”

92. “Uh, fangirls? Little help here?” Hm... Can we be sure you're Puppy?

93. “Um yeah... What are you talking about?” Ummm never mind! *nibbles*

94. D'awwww, poor Confuzzled!Puppy

95. “Well Howdy Ho, rival... Glad you're ok. Would you be interested in a truce... at least for now?”

96. “Perhaps, Puppy Winchester. Just testing these out to make sure they are in sufficient working condition.. *flexes PuppyEyes*”

97. “Yeah whatever. You know you can't beat me... but anyway, lets kiss 'n make up, 'k?”

98. *still somewhat freaked* Awww, Puppy... *pets*

99. WhatChooTalkin'Bout,BigBrother?!Puppy

100. “I's one big confuzzled Puppy, aint I?” You sure are! Come here, boy.. *hugs*

101. And here we are, home sweet home! Ooh is that a new PuppyShirt? :)

102. “I am really enjoying this place! I'm particularly interested in the area marked Room 7C-F...”

103. “Uh uh uh, trust me, mai former (for now) rival – you don't want to go in there. There is stuff that someone like you would never understand. There are many more interesting rooms for ya to check out... *makes mental note to secure Fangirl Palace more tightly*”

104. *tail stuck between legs*

105. “I understand what you're saying, Puppy Winchester. There were many devices in that room that confused me greatly.”

106. “Uh... Sure. As they undoubtedly would.”

107. “..And some that will quite possibly give me nightmares...”

108. *assumes challenging stance* Honestly Puppy, let it go. He doesn't understand...

109. Facial Shrug #5!

110. D'awwwwLookAtYou.You'reJustSoPrecious,Darlin'!Puppy

111. Dang, Puppy really is having too much fun with his former (?) rival here!

112. Facial Shrug #6!

113. “Actually, you're starting to creep ME out now, bro. Guess we're even...”

114. “How dare you. We are back on. I will prove once again that I am the Bitchface Master. *bitchface*”

115. “.... YOU'RE ON.” Wow, that ended quickly...

116. *bitchface*

117. Facial Shrug #7! (wow, he's getting' the mojo back)

118. Oh noes, Zeke is back! Should've known with the PuppyHair stuck in the shirt collar again

119. “Dammit, those dastardly fangirls have made that PuppyHair pretty again! I must find ways to stop them!” Dean: *siiiiiiiiigh*

120. “How many times do I have to say I NEED PLASTIC, MOLDED KEN DOLL HAIR!!”

121. “WHOA. Okay, look, just calm down, I'm sure the fangirls can work something out...”

122. “I will not negotiate with fangirls!!!” Oooooh, them's fightin' words, Zeke!! That's it, we will foil you at every turn! You will not do long-term damage to the pretty PuppyHair!!!

123. *sniffs haughtily*

124. “Uh wait... Still you can trust me. I do wanna heal your sweet kewt Puppy...” Um.... ugh, he called us out but we still need Puppy to be healed... conflicted...

Bitchface count: 15
Facial Shrugs: 7

That's it for this one. I really hope to have the next episode posted soon. :)
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