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SPN #10x01 Black (episode review)

Wow... Um okay, here are some of my thoughts after watching this...

I see they are still doing the separate threads thing in this... Sam looking for Dean, Dean and Crowley doing their thing, and then Cas and Hannah/angels, which may just as we'll be a whole separate storyline. Maybe it's just me, but it feels like there is way too much stuff in here, and it doesn't really give enough time to each part...almost like it feels too "busy". Anyone know what I mean? Maybe it's just me, and it bugged me part of last season as well.

Dean, or "Deanmon" is really getting into the debauchery, isn't he? I gotta say, the off-key karaoke was pretty good for a few laughs. Not too sure what I think about the hair. I like it longer on top like that, but it seemed a bit like a muffin top to me at times, lol please don't kill me. ;) I did really appreciate seeing him shirtless, though. When he and Crowley did the "bitch...jerk" exchange, part of me was like "Noooooo, that's for him and Sam! :(" I do think he and Crowley are pretty funny together but that still felt a bit off to me. Then again, Dean is just off altogether now. Which makes me think that when (hopefully not "if") he ever gets back to his real self, it'll be sweet. If does seem that the Mark of Cain is still playing a big part here. Crowley seems insistent that it be fed. Hmm. I think that when/if he is saved, the Mark will probably still come into play in some way.

And now to Sam. Ah, so they explained what happened to his shoulder - a demon did it. And he's trying to find Dean so badly. The look on his face when he finds that "Sammy, let me go" note. And aww when he tells Crowley that he will save him or die trying. Got me right in the feels. He tells Crowley that Dean's not his pet. And then military guy knocks him out and holds him hostage. Is it me, or does Sam look really HOT as he's strapped to the chair and at this guy's mercy? Yum.

And Dean breaks my heart when he tells military guy he won't go to Sam because he's a man of his word. Again it shows just how NOT Dean he is. Speaking of military guy, he apparently has some past with Dean and wants revenge, if I got that right? I might've missed something because I was too busy ogling Hot!Sam all tied up there.

And now Cas/Angels. Is it sad that I still couldn't care less about the angels and the BS about their squabbling and different factions? The only thing noteworthy is that Cas seems to be in bad shape with his grace running out, and Hannah still seems interested in him. I wonder if she will give him her grace eventually. I read somewhere that Hannah means "grace," though don't quote me on that. Maybe it doesn't mean anything in this context but I guess we will see. This part of the episode almost seemed like a whole new show, like a spinoff... I dunno *shrugs*

Wow, that was the shortest "next week" promo I think I've ever seen.
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