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14 October 2014 @ 10:27 pm
SPN #10x02 Reichenbach (episode review)  
Some thoughts on this episode...

I think I liked this one better than last week's. I think the threads felt a little more...intertwined or not as separate. I can't really describe it, but it didn't really turn me off as much as the previous ep.

So we finally learn what Cole's beef is with Dean. Back in 2003, Dean apparently killed his dad. Was it said why? Was he possessed by a demon or something? I did notice that Flashback!Dean was wearing The Leather Jacket!! Well okay, it's not THE leather jacket, but it looked pretty close. *sighs wistfully*

Ooh, nice fancy escape artistry, Sam, getting away from him like that (though ouch, did Cole try to wrench his injured shoulder there? *winces*

Not sure what to make of Dean now. He's told by Crowley that he has to kill to feed the Mark. Crowley wants him to kill this guy's wife who cheated on him, and get his soul. But it doesn't quite work out that way. Wow, the guy is a real loser. He watches Franklin and Bash? *snicker* Dean says he's a loser and kills him instead of his wife. Crowley is pissed off and Dean goes after him. Crowley says that the way he didn't kill the wife makes him wonder if he is human. So what exactly is driving Dean? I guess it's mainly the Mark?

Still kinda bored by the Cas/Hannah stuff, but not as bored as I was last week. Actually I like them together and think they might even do good as a spinoff, lol. The scene with him and that woman's little girl was cute. And ah, Metatron, the angel we love to hate. He's lost a little weight, natch being locked up all this time. And yeah, I really think he is lying. I do wonder what Hannah will do now though. You can tell she cares for Cas a great deal.

The scene between Sam and Dean in the bar....it was so heart-breaking. Sam telling him "You're my brother and I've come to take you home." Ouch, gets my heart strings. And Dean being all mocking, double ouch. Though it sounds like he was trying to protect Sam in a way, the way he told him he wanted him to let him go, he wants to kill, etc. Almost like he wants to avoid killing Sam.

And then of course Cole shows up with the smoke bomb and knocks Sam out. Dean whups him good and then Sam gets the demon handcuffs on Dean... "It's over."

I actually had to laugh at Crowley staring at the cheesy pic of him and Dean n his phone while "Hey There Lonely Girl" plays in the background.

Sam remarks how dirty the car is, which goes with how different Dean has become. Dean's words to Sam at the end there were pretty chilling. Eep.

Last but not least, the shallow report: SPN stylists, the greasy/flat helmet hair look is NOT a good one for Sam. Please ease up on that. Though there were times where it looked much better (cindyls did you see where it was flying free in the breeze when he was on the phone earlier on...with Cas I think? Yum...). Dean's crazy Deanmon hair seemed a bit more tamed and more like he usually has it...and his smug smiles did have me a little weak-kneed... *grin*
cindylscindyls on October 14th, 2014 10:35 pm (UTC)
I read your review and I haven't seen the episode yet, lol. But I don't mind spoiling myself. I am looking forward to the flying hair though! Also, what did Dean say to Sam at the end that has you going eep? Argh. I know I won't like it, I am tired of the conflict, but my hopes that they would always be united against a foe were dashed several seasons ago ;-)
jessm78: Jared Padalecki: Mar 11 Van Airportjessm78 on October 14th, 2014 11:51 pm (UTC)
Aw, well that's good! Yup, I just rewatched it and it's a little scene where he's talking to Cas on the phone about Dean. He basically said "Sammy, what I'm going to do to you...", I can't remember the end if it, but it was chilling. I don't really think he'd be able to kill Sam though. And yeah, I totally know what you mean. ;)
Glass Housesglasshouses on October 14th, 2014 10:43 pm (UTC)
I haven't seen it either. 2003? Sam was in college and Dean would have been 24 or so. Interesting.
jessm78jessm78 on October 14th, 2014 11:52 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it was pretty interesting. Still not sure why Dean killed his dad.
percysownerpercysowner on October 15th, 2014 02:36 pm (UTC)
I think we will find out why Dean killed the dad, if he did, later. It is also possible that the dad was killed by a monster Dean was hunting and Dean had followed it there and walked in after the monster killed the dad. We just don't know yet.
billysgirl5billysgirl5 on October 14th, 2014 11:26 pm (UTC)
One thing really quick...Dean killed Cole's father, not Cole.

I also liked this episode more than the premiere...it felt like it flowed better.

I think Dean controls himself; he just hasn't realized it yet. Either that, or the Mark will kill him without the blade. Or maybe, just maybe he can do a withdrawal-kinda thing since he no longer has the blade.

I liked the scene at the bar between Sam and Dean. To me, it seems a bit forced on Dean's part, so maybe Sam was actually getting through to Dean, despite the Mark.

I actually thought that Crowley was a bit pathetic at the end. Although, I'm not sure he ever really had a friend so maybe that's why he was trying so hard to hold onto Deanmon.

That line about baby just being a car...that was probably the most un-Dean-like thing he has said or done.

I think that Deanmon will have no problem with hurting Sam...I just don't think that he will be able to kill him.

Shallow report commentary: I think that went with the story line...he wouldn't stop and worry about his hair while trying to get to Dean. Probably only worried about cleaning up a bit and making himself presentable. I like Deanmon's hair better than Dean's...looser, freer, basically, like he doesn't care. Oh, and I looove, these smug/cocky smiles. Fits Deanmon much better than Dean.

Edited at 2014-10-15 03:26 am (UTC)
jessm78jessm78 on October 14th, 2014 11:48 pm (UTC)
D'oh! I meant to say "Dean apparently killed his dad", not "killed him"... I'm posting this via my iPad & it's so cumbersome. Thanks for catching that. I went back & edited it.

Yes, that's exactly what I thought. I think it really made a difference.

I kinda got that vibe, so I could see it being that way. That's an interesting thought, and I wonder if he will be going through some kind of withdrawal without the blade now.

Yeah, some of Dean's bravado did seem a bit forced, so it's possible Sam started getting through to him. I guess maybe we'll see in the next ep?

Ooh, good point about Crowley. That would make sense.

Yeah, that line really stood out to me (though I forgot to mention it...). Really shows how un-Dean he is here.

Yup, I do think that's a line that Dean wouldn't be able to cross.

It does make sense given the storyline (no matter how much it irks me, lol). And I do agree that Demon Dean's hair did suit his personality. Which kinda makes me wonder why it was a bit different this episode. And since the next ep was the first one they filmed, is it going to be back to that with no rhyme or reason (I didn't see it too closely in the promo to be able to tell)? Oh yes, absolutely!
thursdaysistersthursdaysisters on October 15th, 2014 10:03 am (UTC)
Yeah Dean mimicking Sam's puppydog voice in the bar was a great moment, Jensen's obviously having fun with this character.
Amy Cooperamycooper on October 15th, 2014 01:40 pm (UTC)
I'm bad. I read your review before watching the episode. Well, all of the episode. I've scene the first half.

I'm going to reserve any meaningful comment until I'm done but I will add that while it doesn't look as good, Sam's hair makes a lot of sense. I mean, realistically, when would he have last washed it let alone comb it. I'd assume proper hair maintenance will resume once he gets Dean back to being human.
Yellowbulmayellowbulma on October 15th, 2014 06:58 pm (UTC)
Haven't seen the ep but I know what's happened by reading reviews etc.

Loads of people going on about how Demon Dean is "protecting" Sam make me laugh. Like really we all know he will be chasing Sam round the bat cave with an axe in the next episode.

Also everyone loving Demon Dean for killing that sexist guy after what he did to the stripper and Ann Maire. -__-

Sorry it's just I'm pretty meh about the whole Demon Dean storyline to begin with BUT seeing all the love and "OMG he's so hot" comments when Sam got/get's hate for less drive me nuts.

Also everyone loving Cole after what he's done to Sam. Yes I get why he's angry (His dad must have been possessed or something, it's pretty dumb Dean didn't at LEAST try to explain himself to kid Cole.) but after what he did to Sam he can go Fuck himself.

Castiel/Hannah again if it's not about the boy's I don't give a shit. Give the angels a spin off Caver if you love them so much. Waste of screen time. NEXT

Yeah Sam was more shocked by Dean's words about the Car, then his words to Sam. >.>;;

I don't mind Crowley BUT god how many times as one of the boys said "next time I see you your dead." etc etc I mean since season 6 Crowley as been screwing over the boy's (sometimes helping SOMETIMES) more and more. Just kill him already!!! If I where Sam and Dean forget the next big bad, Crowley would be my main target. They always go for him and in the last second "no we will get you next time." -____-;;;

Sam was a freaking bad ass!! He took on Dean with a broken arm.

Though he is breaking my heart poor baby needs some tlc badly.

Yeah I guess he hasn't got time to wash his hair yet!! XD

darkdreams1222dreamsofspike on October 16th, 2014 03:38 am (UTC)
I thought Cas with that little girl was ADORABLE. We so rarely get to see him smile, and that smile he gave her just... GAH MY HEART <3

Crowley's lucky to have gotten off so easy. :P Dean was absolutely chilling.

I absolutely LOVED this episode. :)
tarienemrys: Brothers Jerk/bitchtarienemrys on October 18th, 2014 02:03 pm (UTC)
I really like the flash back and Samulet! Oh my heart! I also believe it's the mark. He was rather violent back in season 9 too.I wonder how they will handle it. Sam can cure Dean's demonic side but how are they going to get rid of the mark? the scene at the bar was heartbreaking. I don't like the emotional Crowley that much :D He's just too annoying for me! I like the occasionally evil and cunning Crowley more :-)
tracys_dreamtracys_dream on October 19th, 2014 10:59 am (UTC)
I liked this episode even more than the first!
I am quite liking demon Dean but not when he's saying mean and scary stuff to Sam, especially at the end - eek!
Loved it when Dean pushed Crowley, lol.
I'm feeling sorry for Sam and all the whumping he's been getting. That sucks.
I wonder what Crowley will do with the fist blade...
Although I do love Cas I found the Cas / Hannah scenes boring too.
I can't stop watching the 10.03 sneak peek. Roll on Tuesday!
tracys_dreamtracys_dream on October 19th, 2014 11:01 am (UTC)
Ooh and I forgot to say... I don't think Dean killed Cole's dad. I think he killed the thing that killed him. I hope we find out what did happen.