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SPN #10x02 Reichenbach (episode review)

Some thoughts on this episode...

I think I liked this one better than last week's. I think the threads felt a little more...intertwined or not as separate. I can't really describe it, but it didn't really turn me off as much as the previous ep.

So we finally learn what Cole's beef is with Dean. Back in 2003, Dean apparently killed his dad. Was it said why? Was he possessed by a demon or something? I did notice that Flashback!Dean was wearing The Leather Jacket!! Well okay, it's not THE leather jacket, but it looked pretty close. *sighs wistfully*

Ooh, nice fancy escape artistry, Sam, getting away from him like that (though ouch, did Cole try to wrench his injured shoulder there? *winces*

Not sure what to make of Dean now. He's told by Crowley that he has to kill to feed the Mark. Crowley wants him to kill this guy's wife who cheated on him, and get his soul. But it doesn't quite work out that way. Wow, the guy is a real loser. He watches Franklin and Bash? *snicker* Dean says he's a loser and kills him instead of his wife. Crowley is pissed off and Dean goes after him. Crowley says that the way he didn't kill the wife makes him wonder if he is human. So what exactly is driving Dean? I guess it's mainly the Mark?

Still kinda bored by the Cas/Hannah stuff, but not as bored as I was last week. Actually I like them together and think they might even do good as a spinoff, lol. The scene with him and that woman's little girl was cute. And ah, Metatron, the angel we love to hate. He's lost a little weight, natch being locked up all this time. And yeah, I really think he is lying. I do wonder what Hannah will do now though. You can tell she cares for Cas a great deal.

The scene between Sam and Dean in the was so heart-breaking. Sam telling him "You're my brother and I've come to take you home." Ouch, gets my heart strings. And Dean being all mocking, double ouch. Though it sounds like he was trying to protect Sam in a way, the way he told him he wanted him to let him go, he wants to kill, etc. Almost like he wants to avoid killing Sam.

And then of course Cole shows up with the smoke bomb and knocks Sam out. Dean whups him good and then Sam gets the demon handcuffs on Dean... "It's over."

I actually had to laugh at Crowley staring at the cheesy pic of him and Dean n his phone while "Hey There Lonely Girl" plays in the background.

Sam remarks how dirty the car is, which goes with how different Dean has become. Dean's words to Sam at the end there were pretty chilling. Eep.

Last but not least, the shallow report: SPN stylists, the greasy/flat helmet hair look is NOT a good one for Sam. Please ease up on that. Though there were times where it looked much better (cindyls did you see where it was flying free in the breeze when he was on the phone earlier on...with Cas I think? Yum...). Dean's crazy Deanmon hair seemed a bit more tamed and more like he usually has it...and his smug smiles did have me a little weak-kneed... *grin*
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