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SPN #10x04 Paper Moon (episode review)

Okay, some thoughts on this one...

So even though this was a MOTW episode, it was one story, not three separate threads, like the previous episodes were. That alone made me like it more. Maybe it's just personal preference but I almost feel like I have whiplash when there are a few separate threads in a tv episode and they're not forming one coherent story. *shrugs*

Loved the teaser with Warren Zevon's Werewolves of London. Still miss the rock & roll so much.

That opening scene, OMG. Boys! Sitting back relaxing and wearing sunglasses!! Sam especially wearing sunglasses! And his hair looked pretty there too. They almost killed me in this scene. This looks like the same place they were when Jared did the ice bucket challenge, doesn't it? Anyway, Sam thinks it's a good idea for Dean to rest but Dean just wants to keep at it. Typical Dean, I'd say. Similar to the way he acted after John's death and even when he told Sam at the beginning of S3 how he had a year to live so why don't they kill some demons and raise a little hell.

Nice to see the boys in disguises other than Fed uniforms. The beginning of this episode felt a lot like an old school, S1 type episode and I really liked that.

So we're back to Kate and they think she is behind the killings, but it's not her. She seems to be like Lenore the vampire from Bloodlust. It turns out her sister is a werewolf also and has a little werewolf family that is killing people. And it turns out that Kate herself had turned her sis out of desperation to save her. She couldn't live without her. She also believes she can save her sister (from killing people). Hmm, does this sound familiar to anyone else? In the end, Kate does kill her. She escapes and I wonder if she will stay clean, aka not kill people. Think she will show up again in the future?

I had to sigh when the boys were arguing in the car. Dean questioning why Sam wanted Dean to take it easy and bringing up the thing with Lester. I guess I expected it. It's obvious Sam is concerned that Dean could hulk out, especially so soon after being "cured" (though I still doubt he is totally cured), plus with the Mark still being in play. Dean seems to sidestep it and just brings up the Lester thing. He mentions others and Sam immediately says there were no others. I thought he had to be lying and it turns out he was. It just shows the dark path Sam went down after Dean died and vanished. I wonder if they will revisit this in flashbacks at some point. My heart broke when Sam said he saw Dean die, he carried his corpse to his room and then he disappeared. They talk about the note Dean left. I didn't hear much of this part because my dad yelled at one of the dogs *eyeroll* but I did like how Dean said this was kinda nice, I guess getting back into it, or relaxing? Again I didn't hear...

I guess that's about it. Again, I liked that there weren't multiple threads in this one, and it felt more like an old school type of episode, especially in the beginning. As for this week's shallow report, like I said earlier, the beginning with boys hanging out wearing sunglasses killed me. Both of them looked great pretty much throughout the whole episode. Sam's hair again looked better, when it wasn't all smoothed back anyway, lol.

As for the 200th ep, I won't spoil but I'll just say it looks like it has the potential to be either very good or very facepalm-worthy. I guess we'll find out for sure on Nov 11 (we're skipping a week already? Does this have to do with the World Series?).
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