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SPN #10x05 Fan Fiction (episode review)

Okay, I hope my thoughts on this one make some sense...

Honestly, I was torn between going "awwww, I love this" and "Oy, cringeworthy!" at various times during this episode.

The good things:

I liked how they started it with the Pilot cover title written by Kripke. I also liked how they showed all the different title cards, even the special ones like the ones for A Very Supernatural Christmas, Frontierland, Clap Your Hands If You Believe, Monster Movie...oh and that weird Metatron one. Anyway, that was a nice touch.

I liked that the first scene after the titles had music! Okay, so "Sundown" by Gordon Lightfoot might not really fit as classic rock, but still, it was good to see it again. Dean with Baby and then Sam comes out to tell him about a possible case. Boys in one layer of clothing - Nuff said. This needs to occur more often. *nods*

I did enjoy the boys' "WTF?" reaction to the Supernatural musical. And their thinking that the "BM" as in "brotherly melodrama" refers to "bowel movement." I also thought Sam geeking out over the technical stuff in the control room and playing with the lights was cute. And Dean bopping his head to the music at one point was good for a chuckle. I also liked the shoutout to Kim Manners when Dean told those girls to "kick it in the ass!"

Even though I thought some of their songs were cheesy (heh, I'll get to this later), the end with the rendition of Carry On My Wayward Son was actually pretty nice. And the looks on the boys' faces as they're listening. Awwwwww.

And even though I wasn't crazy about the kids so much (again, more on this later) I did like how they were insistent on Dean having the Samulet. I liked how the one kid gave Dean the play version of it (& he told her he didn't need an object like that to symbolize how he feels about his brother), but she insisted so he took it anyway. I loved the end scene with them driving away, and although Dean isn't actually wearing the fake Samulet, he's got it right there and kind of pats it at one point. And Sam seems to acknowledge that. The girl Sam says something about it being them against the world and actual Sam says to Dean "...What she said." :) They ride off down the road and it's just as Jensen said in that pic of them he tweeted on the last day of filming that episode (with him and Jared in the car), where they belong. So I do like the way it ended. Oh yeah, and the surprise appearance from Chuck in the theater was a nice touch.

Stuff I wasn't crazy about:

The MOTW... Um, what exactly was going on with that? She just wanted to be entertained by the story before she killed them? I found it a tad anti-climatic that they just ended up in the school basement, but I guess it had to go with the whole episode being light-hearted. I do like that Sam killed her and saved the day (and Dean killed the scarecrow thing on stage).

The premise and some of the specifics... I don't know, but it seemed like they were borrowing a bit from The Real Ghostbusters, from the boys' reaction to their lives up for public consumption, to the real-life couple (was a couple of guys in TRG, and in this one it was a couple of girls), to the thing about subtext (here they mentioned Wincest and Destiel, while in TRG the convention guy said something about a talk on homoerotic subtext).

Things that kinda made me cringe:

The way those two girls in charge acted, at least until the end. They just seemed so over the top at times, it made me roll my eyes. And some of the songs also made me cringe a little, like the "I'll wait here" song that the Cas girl sung. Maybe it's because I've never really been into the whole genre of shows like Glee, eh I don't know. But like I said earlier, I did like how they did the song at the end, especially with the ones playing John and Mary singing.

So in the end, I found some parts of it very good, others meh, and a few others cringe-inducing. On the whole, maybe not quite what I was expecting/hoping for a 200th ep celebration, but it did have some things I really liked
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