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SGA #4.12 Spoils of War (episode review)

Beware! Spoilers within!

Some highlights...

- One wonders if Daniel Jackson has rubbed off somewhat on Rodney.  He's totally using Daniel's "I have no idea" catchphrase and at times he just reminded me somewhat of Daniel, at least the older (er...that would be "younger" I guess) Daniel. *snerk*  Actually maybe even a mixture of Daniel and Sam.  Anyhoo...

- Wow, what tension there between John and Teyla.  And before they started we had Rodney patiently sitting there, only to be dragged away protesting "But I wasn't going to....!" Heh...  So, John and Teyla... she says he hardly talked to her since the time she told him she was pregnant. I can totally understand him being concerned and not wanting her to be on active duty in her condition.  Yet she is so determined to prove that she can still be on the team even though she is pregnant (can easily see this in the scene where she's on the exercise bike and Ronon wonders if she should be taking it easy).  Like the way John tells her she didn't have to prove her worth to the team, that she was a member from the very beginning.

- Confirmation that the Wraith helping them is named Todd! Heh... John admits he knew a guy by that name in school.  Have to wonder what name Rodney would have picked for the guy.

- Supreme squickiness in that Wraith "farm"... those oozing things, the snake-like things surrounding the Wraith queen as she sat on her "throne"... ugh.  And that "metropolis" of pods.  And the queen herself was pretty nasty/icky. 

- The little scene between Teyla and Lorne was cute - that little bit of small talk where he congratulates her, talks about kids and how he thinks she will make a good mother. 

- Ooh boy, the queen was going to choose Rodney as her first victim! Good thing she didn't get that far.  Props to Teyla for helping them (John, Rodney and Ronon) escape by taking control of the queen's mind like that, especially considering the risk to her unborn child.  How lucky she was in the way everything happened, that John shot the queen before she could harm/kill Teyla's child.

- Nice scene at the end between John and Teyla.  A sort of apology there.  And an acknowledgment from Teyla that it would be best if she did take it easy from now on.  She realized what a threat she was exposing her son to, and you can tell it's shaken her up a bit.  Nice hug there.  Scene almost reminded me a bit of the one in SG-1's Singularity between Daniel and Sam when they were watching Cassie cough in her sleep (and I almost wish that scene had ended in a hug... but might have been too heavy-handed... Oh, well).

- Final thoughts: So, what did happen to Todd at the end? Did he make it? Was he captured? Killed? Perhaps we'll find out in a later episode?
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