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SPN #10x06 Ask Jeeves (episode review)

Just a few thoughts...

This one really had an old school feel to it, more like a season 1-3 type episode. And shape shifters! And the nice brotherly scene with banter at the beginning. *sigh* Love it. Dean's annoyance at the itty bitty cup of coffee, "glazed donut" flavor. And Bobby mention!

I kinda liked the murder mystery aspect of this one, kinda like Clue, in which we're trying to figure out who the killer (and, eventually the shapeshifter) is. Though I had a feeling about the maid, at least since the part where she was found in the bathroom with the cop who drowned in the toilet...or maybe even back to the part where Dean found her in that room.

The actor who played the butler looked really familiar. Was he the same guy who played the faith healer Roy way back in S1's Faith?

That family was pretty insufferable, though I liked when Dash told Sam that they hate each other, like most families do and Sam replied "not my family." :) Though of course he gets stuck with the women flirting with him while Dean investigates, lol. I giggled when Dean came back and Sam was seen playing cards with them. And then later when he's sitting on the couch with them... Did anyone else have flashbacks to S3's Red Sky At Morning when the old lady was flirting with him? Heh. One of them was running her fingers through his hair (a job I'm sure a lot of fangirls would love, though his hair irked me at times in this ep, kinda made me think of a department store mannequin', don't shoot me, I said "at times" ;)). I loved Dean's reaction and then Sam's bitchface and funny little snort/horse sound thing. LOL!

And of course the shapeshifter locks them both away so they won't be of any help to the family. Sam tells her that being a monster is a choice, but she tells him she didn't have one. Apparently she really wanted to kill Bobby because he had killed her father? Dean kills her and seems to really relish it, the way he took those extra shots. This reminds me do the way Sam killed Jake back in AHBL Part 2. I think it's obvious that the Mark is affecting him.

And of course Sam notices and addresses it as they're driving away. And Dean denies that anything's up, it was his first kill after "being back." Yup, he's keeping something from Sam obviously and he turns on the radio so he doesn't have to talk about it. The closeups on Sam looking at him, he looked like such a concerned puppy...and the look on his face as they drive away during that extended shot of the Impala driving along the road... Aww. :(

So I liked that this one had more of an old school feel to it, another scene at the beginning of Dean with Baby (it's almost like he's doing penance for neglecting her so much when he was Demon!Dean, lol), brotherly scene with a bit of banter, and an old-fashioned case with no complicated myth arc stuff. The family itself, I didn't really feel much of an emotional attachment to them, I guess mainly because they were so annoying lol.
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