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SPN #10x07 Girls, Girls, Girls (episode review)

Some thoughts/first impressions upon my first viewing...

Wow, so many different things jam-packed into this episode. It almost felt like there was a bit too much going on, what with this witch vs demons thing, and then the Cas/Hannah thing, and then Cole making an appearance. I mean, I guess it could've been worse, but my first impression upon seeing all these threads was to groan. Although when I thought about each one separately, I guess it wasn't as bad?


So Dean is on a dating app. And not only is he using his real name, but also the location of the bunker, apparently. Is this really wise? Or is he just past the point of giving a crap? We get some funny little brother teasing from Sam, lol, though it would have been even better if his Prince Valiant hairdo in that scene wasn't such a distraction (though it did seem better in the rest of the episode, particularly at the end when he was pointing the gun at Cole & looking hot....mmm sorry got distracted there again, lol).

Am I the only one who knew that girl would say to Dean "your soul" when she said she wanted just one thing from him? I swear, I said that aloud about 5 seconds before she did. So the demons have this girls thing set up, and Crowley doesn't seem too thrilled with the idea.

And then this witch just suddenly gets in on it. Rowena seems like an interesting character. I like her accent, although I was a bit confused at first and thought it sounded like it was going back & forth between an Irish and Scottish accent. Maybe I just have a shitty ear though, lol... It did seem obviously Scottish in the end. Anyway, so she just pops the hex bags into people's hands and says a spell? That's...different.

The Cas/Hannah stuff bored me, especially in the beginning. The whole scene where she undresses in front of him to tell him she's taking a shower seemed pointless. I guess she was trying to gauge his interest or something, but still. And then she decides she'd rather go back to being human, especially after her husband shows up. She expels her grace. Hmm, wonder where it went & if someone else will end up being possessed by her. Then again, this whole angel storyline is pretty boring IMO anyway. But we see Cas looking up stuff about his vessel, so I assume that will be addressed at some point...

Cole. Okay, so he just shows up. Dean levels with him about why he killed his dad, saying something about loved ones bringing Dean himself back from the brink. And then he says that he's beyond the point of saving. Um, gee. And Sam's reaction when he says that. They do convince Cole to go back to his family which is good, though I wonder if he will ever pop up again. At the end, Sam asks Dean about what he said about being beyond saving, and Dean says he was just telling Cole what he wanted to hear. Really? Does anyone think that's just it? Could he actually be talking about the Mark?

And then we get the big reveal. Rowena is Crowley's mother. Honestly, I have to say I'm not too surprised. I mean, it fits. We learned earlier that his mother was a witch. Plus the Scottish accent fits, her whole charm and the way she does things seems to fit as well. So I wonder what will happen with these two now?

Next week's ep...I won't spoil, looks like it could either be good or a dud. And Sam's hair is back to looking weird.
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