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OMG.... *snicker snicker* ... Bwahahahahaha........

A friend over at S/D Portal gave me the heads up on a new Daniel Jackson action figure.  By Diamond Select Toys.  The same ones who make the SGA ones (have to order those!). 

Dr. Jackson, Report to Gate Room!

Diamond Select Toys is ready to reveal the next in the ongoing line of twelve-inch Stargate SG-1 figures will be none other than the Kleenex-loving, allergy-afflicted know-it-all, Daniel Jackson!  Each figure will feature 26 points of articulation and fully-detailed cloth outfits based on the record-breaking Sci-Fi Channel series.  Series-accurate accessories will also be included with each figure.


As a Daniel fan, is it wrong that I burst out laughing as soon as I saw the picture? Doesn't look like Daniel to me, even the Daniel of S9 and 10.  Looks like they tried to copy him from the S10 promo pics but didn't quite get it.

I'm sure it's not easy to make 100% accurate sculptures of people and I applaud those who really try, but seriously, he looks more like Dan Aykroyd than Michael Shanks.  Wonder if the glasses come off...

Heh heh heh.... *sighs* *wipes tear out of eye*  God, that was entertaining...
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