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SPN #10x08 Hibbing 911 (episode review)

Apologies in advance for any extreme snark or ranting about silly, minute details. I spent the past 2 days at a wake & funeral and I'm still on an emotional overload. Anyway, just a few thoughts on this one...

This one wasn't quite as Sam & Dean lite as I was expecting it to be and I thought Donna and Jody worked well together. Definitely a marked difference in personalities with Jody being all no-nonsense and Donna still like the cop from Fargo lol, but it did work. Donna's ex is really an ass. Kind of reminds me of my ex when he'd act in a similar way. :P I like that Jody defended her and I felt sad when we got the flashback to her first appearance when her son killed her hubby.

So vampires. I knew there was something up with that young girl when she appeared in the beginning & Jody helped her out. And the sheriff guy was apparently a vampire with a conscience. Of course they had to kill him. How did I know that Dean would break free and take care of them? I liked that Donna helped out too.

On the shallow end... Is it me or did Dean's hair look extra spiky this week? And I still hate Sam's department-store-mannequin hair. It's getting distracting. Seriously, PLEASE do something about that. I hope it starts looking better in the later eps (if Jared's hair at recent con appearances is anything to go by). I'd rant more, but I'll spare you all and make a post at my Sam hair community instead, lol

Dean tells Sam at the end that when he was killing those vampires, "I felt like me again." And Sam wonders if that's good. And Dean kinda fidgets with his arm. Yeah, it's obviously the Mark. And I wouldn't doubt if that really comes into play in a big way very soon.

And I won't spoil but the preview for next week looks pretty crazy...eep.
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