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SPN #10x09 The Things We Left Behind (episode review)

Some thoughts on this one...hope they make sense...

Hmm...with everything going on, Cas with Claire, Dean and the Mark, Crowley & his Mummy...this episode felt a little "busy" to me. Though I do wonder if they were trying to make some parallel between Crowley/Rowena and Claire/Cas, especially with the kids resenting their respective parents. Crowley's got Mommy issues, but he saves her in the end when Gerald starts strangling her.

Unpopular opinion maybe, but I didn't really feel too emotionally attached to Claire. It's totally understandable that she's be really pissed off at Cas for taking her dad away. And I actually think it's a shame that Jimmy is actually no more. It's also a shame what happened to Claire, that she's living such a life. But, she really doesn't interest me.

This one was pretty Winchester-lite. Their first scene though in the bunker with Dean watching The 3 And Sam is looking a bit unnerved by the Mark, but also watches along with Dean. Oh and Sam's hair still kinda bugs me, though I disliked it even more last week. Not sure why...

And then when the 3 of them in the bar and the boys start telling Cas about John. I dunno, I have to digest that again to decide what I think. They did say that John didn't want them to "like" him, but that he wanted to raise them right...and he did. I did think it was kinda sweet how Sam & Dean were kinda reminiscing about that time in NY. Especially with Sam looking all excited/amused as Dean's telling some of it (and helpfully filling in some details). And hey, shoutout to my area of LONG ISLAND!! Woo-hooooo!! Although Boo to John for hating the Yankees! *grumbles*

Some parts of this ep just felt anti-climatic in a way. Like loan sharks gunning for Randy? Attacking Claire until Cas comes in (though she still manages to beat the guy)? Yawn. Dean gets punched by those thugs till flashbacks of the Mark, ie the Mark's power takes hold of him so he hulks out and kills those guys. I kinda expected that, based on the flashback at the beginning right before Dean wakes up. I did like how Sam is in the car & suddenly knows something's up so they run inside. And the way he runs up to Dean, his hands on Dean's face as he begs him to say he did it because if it wasn't them, it was him (that would be killed).

And then that's the end.

So i guess we may pick up on this? Dean told Cas that he didn't want to be that thing again. Will they try some kind of detox on him? Will he try to get rid of the Mark somehow? And what about Crowley & his mother? He did say he needed her for something, wonder what.

Maybe I was being a little too harsh & my opinion will change if I watch it again. But I guess the "busyness" of it bugged me a bit at first and also, based on what people had said about this episode earlier, I maybe expected something a little more. SE Hinton was on set around the time they filmed this one, or maybe directly before & had scene the script...but she said there was supposed to be a big twist and then fade to black. Not sure what that was? Unless she saw an earlier version & that part had changed. I'll watch it again though & see if I like it a little better...
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