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SPN #10x10 The Hunter Games (episode review)

Okay, here are some thoughts on this one, and apologies in advance if they're not as glowing as you hoped...

So we're basically picking up where we left off last time. And last time we had all those separate threads, which annoyed me last time and still annoy me now.

I'm sorry, but I really am not all that interested in Crowley's mommy issues. I do find his mom to be an interesting character & I love her accent lol, but ... Is it me, or did Crowley come off as a bit stupid here? She was able to see that Dean wanted Crowley to get the first blade for him, then she lies to Guthrie so he could get it, then she kills Guthrie & lies through her teeth to Crowley. He actually looked like he was starting to believe her. I actually groaned and said "Oh, come on, please don't tell me he's this stupid." Maybe I missed something & need to rewatched, but I hated to think these mommy issues are making him stupid.

I also am still not interested in Claire. I yawned through the scenes of her with those friends of hers, and her whining to Cas was getting on my nerves. I hope this is the last we see of her. The only thing that chilled me a bit was when she was plotting to have her friends kill Dean. I was a bit surprised though that it just took Claire begging him to stop and seeing her face for him to leave her friends be & not end up killing them.

So back to what little we see of the boys...heh. Dean is angsting over the Mark and wants it gone. Sam (whose hair is looking quite a bit better than that disaster he's had most of this season so far, lol) says they can't find anything in the lore and then Cas fetches Metatron. They have him restrained in the dungeon and try to get info. Sam is there first, looking really pissed and not making things easy for Metatron, reminding him about how he killed his brother. Dean enters and is looking pissed as well. Metatron wants them to cut him some slack and Sam says he's a dickwad. Metatron says "But I'm YOUR dickwad!" Heh. Anyway, he tells them they need the first blade.

Later on Dean visits him to find out what the next step is, but he won't give Dean any further info without a cost. Dean locks the door, grabs an angel blade and threatens to torture Metatron. He punches him and actually starts cutting him with the blade when Sam & Cas realize he's missing, run down there & Sam demands that Dean open the door, hitting & kicking it to try & open it. Just as Dean is slicing Metatron (who says something cryptic about a river), Cas explodes the door with um...angel mojo? Has he ever done that before? Sam grabs Dean and Cas goes to Metatron, saying he needs to get him back to heaven.

There was a nice broment scene after that, Sam and Dean sitting having a beer, wondering what Metatron meant with that cryptic phrase of his. Sam suggests that they find Cain, that he still has the Mark and was able to live with it. Hmm, I suppose they will try to pursue this?

I guess Claire & Cas sorta reconcile at the end, but again I really don't care about her and wouldn't be upset if this is the last we see of her. To be honest, most of her scenes felt like they belonged in a spinoff to me.

So that's about it. Again it kinda bugged me to have so many different things crammed into one ep, though it did seem like they tried to bring them all into the main idea...that being the Mark and it's effects on Dean/wanting to be rid of it. Couldn't really care less about Crowley's mommy issues, though I do wonder how he's going to act around the boys now; and again the Claire stuff didn't interest me.
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